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The Farmer’s Dog Food Review

May 12, 2022


The Farmer’s Dog Food Review

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We all know that eating healthy is the secret to long-term health and wellness. In fact, it’s not much of a secret at all. But if it’s common knowledge that a healthy diet is so important, why hasn’t it become standard practice among pet owners?

The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food company that believes dogs deserve a healthy diet just as much as people do. They deliver nutritionally balanced, freshly made pet food right to your door.

Not only does The Farmer’s Dog take the hassle out of feeding your dog well, but they offer custom nutrition plans to ensure your dog gets the exact right number of calories each and every day.

There are more than a couple of fresh dog food companies out there these days and they all make similar promises. So, how well does The Farmer’s Dog hold up their end of the bargain?

After testing and in-depth analysis, I think The Farmer’s Dog is an excellent choice and I’m happy to tell you why. Read on to learn everything I love about The Farmer’s Dog and to gain some insight into the potential downsides of fresh dog food subscriptions like this one.

At A Glance: The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviewed

The Farmer’s Dog Food
Overall Score
  • Recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog with customized calorie content.
  • Formulas are packed with wholesome nutrition and free from fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
  • The food is prepared fresh with wholesome, natural ingredients and shipped frozen within days of cooking to negate the need for preservatives.
  • Fresh food is generally more expensive than kibble and may not be affordable for everyone to feed The Farmer’s Dog exclusively.
  • The Farmer’s Dog only offers three dog food formulas which is less selection than you’d get from an in-store pet food brand.
  • Recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog with customized calorie content.
  • Formulas are packed with wholesome nutrition and free from fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
  • The food is prepared fresh with wholesome, natural ingredients and shipped frozen within days of cooking to negate the need for preservatives.
  • Fresh food is generally more expensive than kibble and may not be affordable for everyone to feed The Farmer’s Dog exclusively.
  • The Farmer’s Dog only offers three dog food formulas which is less selection than you’d get from an in-store pet food brand.
Weekly Price
Ingredient Quality
Recipe Variety
Options for Customization
Environmentally Friendly

Overview Of The Farmer’s Dog Brand

The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh pet food company that believes, “you shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy.” As such, their products are made with natural, whole foods including human-grade meat and veggies without any fillers, by-products, or additives.

The story of The Farmer’s Dog began with a puppy named Jada who struggled with severe digestive issues. Her owner, Brett (co-founder of The Farmer’s Dog), tried every specialty diet on the market with no luck. That’s when he tried homemade dog food.

The simple but nutritious diet Brett came up with transformed Jada from a sick, struggling puppy into a happy and healthy dog. Realizing the power of what he’d discovered, Brett teamed up with Jonathan (and his dog, Buddy) to build the fresh pet food company they’d wished existed for their own dogs.

Thus, The Farmer’s Dog was born.

Not only does The Farmer’s Dog seek to improve the quality of canine diets, but they manufacture everything in USDA kitchens to ensure the safety of their products. What really sets them apart, however, is that the send the food directly to the consumer and everything is catered to your dog’s specific nutritional requirements.

To ensure their recipes provide for your dog’s nutritional needs, The Farmer’s Dog works directly with veterinarians and in accordance with AAFCO standards for canine nutrition. The Farmer’s Dog’s personalized nutrition plans include meals that are pre-made and pre-portioned for your dog’s calorie needs so he gets the quality nutrition he deserves and the calories he needs.

What Dog Food Products Do They Offer?

The Farmer’s Dog currently offers three different dog food recipes, each featuring a real source of premium animal protein as the first ingredient. Unfortunately, you can’t view the recipes this company has to offer without going through the process to create a custom nutrition plan for your dog.

There are a number of fresh dog food companies out there and most of the ones I’ve reviewed dedicate a page on their website to their recipes, allowing customers to preview their products before going through the subscription process.

You’ll get to see The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes before you submit your billing and shipping info, but it would be nice to be able to view the recipes upfront.

Each of The Farmer’s Dogs recipes deliver complete and balanced nutrition through the use of wholesome, natural ingredients like USDA-certified human-grade meat, whole vegetables, and fish oil. Every formula also contains The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend which contains essential vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition.

Here are the three recipes The Farmer’s Dog currently has to offer:

Recipe Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Calories (kcal/kg)
Beef Recipe 11% 8% 1.5% 72% 1,590
Chicken Recipe 11.5% 8.5% 1.5% 75% 1,300
Pork Recipe 9% 7% 1.5% 75% 1,370

All three formulas are formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. Your dog’s meals will be customized according to his calorie requirements and dietary preferences then delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Where Is The Food Made?

The Farmer’s Dog consults with numerous board-certified veterinary nutritionists on the formulation of their products and all of their meal plans are vet-designed. Three of the nutritionists who play a role in The Farmer’s Dog formulas are Dr. Catriona Love, Dr. Alex Schechter, and Dr. Jonathan Block.

This company prepares their recipes in USDA kitchens using a gentle cooking process and low temperatures to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. Each batch is quickly frozen at the peak of freshness and delivered to your door within days of preparation.

Because The Farmer’s Dog believes in quality, their products never contain any artificial preservatives. This means your meals will arrive frozen, but only to preserve the freshness. You’ll need to transfer the food to your freezer as soon as it arrives and thaw a package or two at a time for feeding

How To Get Started With The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog aims not only to create pet food that is better for dogs, but a product that is easier for dog owners. Their vet-developed nutrition plans help you find the diet that is ideal for your dog and their perfectly-timed deliveries take the hassle out of shopping for pet food.

To get started with The Farmer’s Dog, you simply complete a quiz to provide basic information about your dog such as the following:

  • Your dog’s age, weight, and spay/neuter status
  • His breed or combination of breeds
  • Your dog’s body condition and ideal weight
  • His activity level and eating style
  • Your dog’s health issues or food allergies
  • Info about your dog’s current diet

After providing this information, The Farmer’s Dog will present you with your customized nutrition plan including recommendations for recipes and calorie recommendations with 2 weeks of food.

In filling out the quiz to test The Farmer’s Dog, I was pleased to see a few things I haven’t seen from other fresh dog food companies.

Most fresh dog food companies ask for your dog’s sex, age, and weight, and most ask about your dog’s body condition and/or activity level. What I appreciated about The Farmer’s Dog is that their body condition scale included an option between ideal and overweight – their four options are: too skinny, just right, rounded, and chunky.

My test dog, Archie, is a 3-year-old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who weighs somewhere between 30 and 35 pounds. He’s big for his breed, but certainly not obese. I chose the “rounded” option for his body condition which was described as, “waistline disappearing, difficult to feel ribs, broad back.”

Once you complete your dog’s profile and select your recipes, you’ll be taken to the checkout page to fill in your billing and shipping info to start your subscription.

Testing The Farmer’s Dog Food

farmers-dog food reviews
I’m sure Archie could also smell the food before I opened it.

To write this review, I did some research on The Farmer’s Dog brand and tested the products on my dog, Archie. Overall, I was very impressed with the ordering process because it was quick, clear, and easy. I also received a great discount on the two-week trial order.

When I received my order, I was glad to see that the meals were portioned out by the day with clear instructions printed on the label to indicate how many servings each bag contained. While larger dogs may only have two servings per bag, each of Archie’s bags contained four servings so I only had to thaw a package every two days.

I also loved that my order was protected by biodegradable insulation. Many fresh pet food companies are making an effort to make their packaging biodegradable, but The Farmer’s Dog was my first experience with insulation made from plant fibers that dissolves in water.

By the time I opened the first bag of The Farmer’s Dog fresh food, Archie was already going crazy. He’s learned by now that most of the deliveries coming to the house are for him and he’s always eager to try the surprises that come in those boxes.

When it came time for feeding, I couldn’t put down the bowl fast enough – Archie was ready to eat. He started eating immediately and didn’t stop until he’d licked the bowl clean. He seemed to love the flavor and I liked that I could see the real ingredients in the food.

Clearly, The Farmer’s Dog was a hit.

I will note, however, that I’ve now been feeding Archie The Farmer’s Dog almost exclusively (aside from testing other brands) for months now and he seems to be a little bored with it. He’s less eager to chow down, but I honestly think it’s because he’s always more interested in what the cats are eating.

I’ll also say that Archie didn’t seem to care much for the Chicken Recipe which is actually a somewhat new addition. When I first reviewed The Farmer’s Dog, they offered beef, turkey, and pork recipes.

Recipe Spotlight

The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Product Info

  • Crude Protein: 11% Min
  • Crude Fat: 8% Min
  • Crude Fiber: 1.5% Max
  • Moisture: 73% Max
  • Fresh USDA beef as the first ingredient
  • Contains nutrient-rich beef liver
  • Limited number of main ingredients
  • Rich in moisture to support your dog’s hydration
  • Carbohydrate content is under 10% as fed
  • Higher calorie content than other recipes
  • Contains several plant ingredients
Overall, this Beef Recipe from The Farmer’s Dog is a protein-packed formula that is rich in moisture and low in added carbohydrates.

I love that this recipe starts with USDA beef as the first ingredient and I appreciate the inclusion of USDA beef liver as well. Not only is beef liver a supplemental source of protein, but it provides a rich source of nutrients and flavor as well.

This is a grain-free recipe made with sweet potato and lentils as the primary carbohydrate additives. I generally don’t love legumes and pulses as main ingredients in dog food, but since there is only one (lentils) I don’t have a big problem with it. Plus, the estimated carbohydrate content is still under 10% (as fed.)

Though this recipe includes natural sources for key nutrients in the form of fresh veggies, there is still a need for synthetic supplements. I do appreciate, however, that the minerals are chelated – this means the molecules are bound to protein molecules which helps increase absorption.

The only somewhat negative thing I really have to say about this formula is in regard to the calorie content. It’s a much more concentrated source of calories than the other two recipes, so Archie’s portion for this recipe was noticeably smaller than for the other two.


USDA Beef, Sweet Potato, Lentils, Carrot, USDA Beef Liver, Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend (Tricalcium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Taurine, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Potassium Iodide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6), Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid).

How Much Does It Cost?

Though expensive dog food isn’t always good, good dog food is almost always expensive – at least in comparison to your run-of-the-mill kibble. The Farmer’s Dog offers fresh dog food made with human-grade ingredients and prepared in USDA-certified kitchens, so it’s bound to be a little pricey.

When it comes to the cost of The Farmer’s Dog, the price is broken down for you by day and by week. If you’re used to shopping for kibble, this will be different than the typical price per pound.

Archie’s two-week trial order came to a total of $68.92 but I was given a 20% discount as a new customer. That brought my total price down to $55.21, or about $27.60 per week. To break it down further into a price per day, that came to about $3.94 per day.

After my two-week trial, Archie’s regular weekly price was set at $34.46 which comes to about $4.92 per day.

At nearly $5 per day, The Farmer’s Dog is by no means cheap, but it’s important to remember that you’re paying not only for high-quality ingredients but for the convenience of pre-portioned meals sent right to your door. Shipping is always free, and you can adjust your dog’s meal plan at any time.

Check below to see how The Farmer’s Dog stacks up against other dog food brands for cost:

Fresh Dog Food Price Comparison

Food Type Brand Average Price Price Per
Premium Dry Food Canidae Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food $74.99 for 24lbs. $0.20 per ounce
Premium Wet Food Instinct Original Grain-Free Wet Dog Food $22.14 for 6 (13.2oz.) cans $0.28 per ounce
Raw Food Subscription Raws Paws Signature Blend Complete Beef for Cats and Dogs Roll* $10.99 for 1lbs. $0.68/ounce
Raw Food Subscription Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Biologics Raw Dog Food $36.55 for 1 week $0.46/ounce
Fresh Food The Farmer’s Dog* $45.57 per week $6.51 per day
Fresh Food Nom Nom* $48.51 per week $6.93 per day
Fresh Food Spot and Tango* $47.59 per week $6.79 per day
Fresh Food Ollie* $58.00 per week $8.28 per day

*Subscription price based on a 40-pound, neutered male dog 4 years of age

Pros And Cons

There’s a lot to love about The Farmer’s Dog, but every dog is different, so it may not necessarily be the best choice for you. You have to consider additional factors such as cost and convenience as well.

Every dog food brand has its pros and cons – here are some of the things you need to know about The Farmer’s Dog before you make your final decision:

Pros For The Farmer’s Dog:

  • Recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog with customized calorie content.
  • Formulas are packed with wholesome nutrition and free from fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
  • The food is prepared fresh with wholesome, natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and shipped frozen within days of cooking to negate the need for preservatives.
  • You can customize your dog’s diet as needed or change the delivery schedule at any time.
  • Your dog will enjoy the benefits associated with a high-quality, nutritious diet including improved digestion, healthier skin and coat, strong immunity, and more energy.

Cons For The Farmer’s Dog:

  • Fresh food is generally more expensive than kibble and may not be affordable for everyone to feed The Farmer’s Dog exclusively.
  • The Farmer’s Dog only offers three dog food formulas which is less selection than you’d get from an in-store pet food brand.
  • The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t offer any grain-inclusive recipes at this time.
  • You’ll need to thaw The Farmer’s Dog before serving it to your dog, so that requires a little planning – the food must also stay refrigerated after thawing to keep it fresh.
Hmm can I have more…

The Final Word

Overall, I’m a fan of The Farmer’s Dog. In fact, it’s what I choose to feed Archie on a daily basis. I have full faith in the quality of their products, and I love the convenience of pre-portioned meals and regular deliveries. I also appreciate how easy it is to change my delivery schedule when needed.

In terms of pricing, The Farmer’s Dog is fairly pricey but that’s to be expected for fresh food. It’s on par with other brands like Nom Nom at roughly $5 per day for Archie at 35 pounds.

Though I love The Farmer’s Dog, there are a few things worth mentioning.

First and foremost, The Farmer’s Dog only offers three fresh dog food recipes while competitors like Ollie And Nom Nom have four. They seem to have replaced their turkey recipe with a pork recipe which may be a better option for dogs with poultry allergies. Archie likes both the chicken and pork, but the beef has a somewhat crumbly texture.

It’s always a bit of a toss-up what your dog will end up liking, so it’s worth doing a trial-run of The Farmer’s Dog to see if your pup likes it and to determine whether it’s within your budget.

If you want to increase the quality of your dog’s diet and avoid the hassle of shopping for pet food, I can heartily recommend The Farmer’s Dog as a solid choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has The Farmer’s Dog ever been recalled?

No. Since the brand was founded, The Farmer’s Dog has not had a single pet food recall. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the brand is less than a decade old.

Is their packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes. The Farmer’s Dog packages their products with the environment in mind. Every shipment comes with a biodegradable food storage container and the food is packaged with BPA-free materials. Everything comes in a recyclable cardboard box with biodegradable insulation.

Is The Farmer’s Dog food grain-free?

Yes. The Farmer’s Dog offers three fresh dog food recipes, all of which are grain-free.

Is The Farmer’s Dog food raw?

No. The ingredients The Farmer’s Dog uses to prepare their foods start raw but the food is cooked to improve safety. The food is cooked at a much lower temperature than commercial kibble, however, to preserve more of the nutritional value.

How many calories per cup for The Farmer’s Dog food?

The calorie content of The Farmer’s Dog fresh food varies from one recipe to another. The highest calorie content is in the Beef Recipe which contains 1,530 kcal/kg. The lowest calorie content is in the Turkey Recipe which contains 1,170 kcal/kg and the chicken recipe contains 1,300 kcal/kg.

Where can I buy The Farmer’s Dog food?

The best place to buy The Farmer’s Dog fresh dog food is online through the brand’s website. In order to ensure your dog gets the right amount of food, you’ll need to complete a simple quiz to start a monthly subscription.

Can I cancel my The Farmer’s Dog subscription?

Yes. You can reschedule, adjust, or cancel your deliveries at any time by logging into your customer account on The Farmer’s Dog website.

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    This was very helpful, I just pray my dog likes it and she'll do well on it.

  2. Gina

    My dog loves it but he started losing weight after 3 weeks and is now in the "too skinny" range. I notified customer service and they upped his calorie intake 15%. I really hope he puts the weight back on quickly!

    • Kate Barrington

      That sounds like an appropriate increase! Just keep an eye on his weight the next month or so and adjust as needed. Some high protein treats could also help him gain lean mass.

  3. Hawkhandler

    I've been searching all over their website and emailing their customer support to get those cal/kg numbers and they are being very cagey about it. This is incredibly helpful. How were you able to get them?

    • Kate Barrington

      Hi Hawkhandler! I had to fill out my dog's information through the Get Started link. It's a little tedious just to get that info, but at the end it'll show you the recipe options with detailed information about nutrition, ingredients, and calories. You don't have to check out if you don't plan to purchase the food. Hope this helps!

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