183 Awesome Hedgehog Names

Mar 14, 2020


183 Awesome Hedgehog Names

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These days you can make anything your pet. People have more than just the choices of cats, dogs, and parrots. Now, pet owners can choose pet animals like lizards, chameleons, ferrets and even hedgehogs.

Your pet hedgehog is a precious friend. For that reason, anything precious should have a unique name attached to it. Naming your hedgehog is a very important task because whatever you give it, that’s how you will refer to it.

Check out these unique and popular names down below.

Top 100 Names for Your Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs names
Hedgehogs are nocturnal which means they tend to sleep (often curled up in a ball) during the day and can become very active at night
  1. Spiky – The most relevant name you can find for your pet hedgehog.
  2. Joy – These little creatures are very lively so a suitable name like Joy works.
  3. Huffy Puffy – Hedgehogs are known for being cuddly and puffy.
  4. Quill – This is great because your hedge is as unique as Peter Quill.
  5. Thorn – This is a self-explanatory name.
  6. Turbo – These little troublemakers can run very fast, so it should suit your hedgehog well.
  7. Slayer – These little things can hurt you pretty bad if they are offended.
  8. Skipper – This is a cute name for your jumpy cute hedgehog.
  9. Penny – A pretty name for a pretty hedgehog.
  10. Hazel – For your beautiful brown skinned pet hedgehog.
  11. Chika – A good name for a female hedgehog.
  12. Zuri – A ninja-like name for your energetic and athletic hedgehog.
  13. Pippie – This name sounds suitable for a squeaking little baby hedgehog.
  14. Clover– A classy and simple name, especially for a lucky hedgehog.
  15. Piper – This is a pretty name to give to any hedgehog.
  16. Cocoa – This name fits your sweet little hedgehog perfectly.
  17. Chip – It is a simple name that fit well.
  18. Nicky – Your hedgehog better sing like one
  19. Twix – Because your adorable hedgehog looks as delicious and sugary as a twix
  20. Pepper – Your hedgehog must have a temper if you are going to call him this
  21. Peanut – Perfectly suitable for a tiny one
  22. Hedgy – What is a hedgehog? Hedgy! Why not call your hedgehog what he actually is
  23. Periwinkle – An appealing name for your hedgehog
  24. Pincushion – Because they are hard on the outside and mushy on the inside
  25. Butterball – Perfect name for your buttery skinned hedgehog
  26. Dizzy – Fits perfectly if your hedgehog makes you run after him a lot
  27. Spike  – Perfectly relevant and unique
  28. Needles – Because we all know why you named your hedgehog needles
  29. Prickles – Just don’t prick your finger on him else it is a smart name
  30. Sonic – Will suit your noisy hedgehog perfectly
  31. Annabella – Not sure why anyone would name their hedgehog after a haunted doll
  32. Maddie – Your hedgehog must have a diva in him
  33. Kella – sweet and innocent
  34. Zoey – Sounds like an obedient name
  35. Eddie – For lazy hedgehog.
  36. Bonnie – Feed your pet hedgehog well if you going to name him that based on his physique
  37. Willow – One of the most popular names for a hedgehog
  38. Allie – Simple, cute and attractive
  39. Franky – For a rebellious one
  40. Brooke – For a drama queen type of a hedgehog
  41. Tex – Unique and uncommon
  42. Kirra – Perfect for your girl hedgehog
  43. Tiffany – This one must play hard to get
  44. Pip – Funny and concise
  45. Leo – For a brave pet hedgehog
  46. Gracie – For the little obedient ones
  47. Bruno – An edgy and vibrant name
  48. Patrick – An interesting and smart choice for a name
  49. Bubbles – For your ever smiley and jubilant hedgehog
  50. Brisby – For the serious and lonely types
  51. Bumper – This one must like to hit things with his head
  52. Buck – For the friendly type
  53. Rudy – Don’t mind his indifference he`ll get along
  54. Sid – For the funny ones
  55. Peaches – For the extremely adorable ones
  56. Manny – A good name for a healthy pet hedgehog
  57. Casper – Popular name adapted from children`s cartoons
  58. Cotton – Because they are very soft
  59. Ginger – A perfect complementing the color
  60. Luna – Catchy and simple
  61. Obie – Something new for your precious hedgehog
  62. Pixie – For the little jumpy ones
  63. Griff – For the grumpy ones
  64. Popples – Made up name from popular shows
  65. Snuggles – Because you like to snuggle them always
  66. Walnut – Perfect name to compliment the color
  67. Wizzy – For the noisy ones
  68. Zippy – Perfect name for your active hedgehog
  69. Zen – A mysterious name
  70. Zoe – Cute and appealing
  71. Skittles – A fetching name with great appeal
  72. Nutty – Because your hedgehog looks like a giant loveable walnut
  73. Hokey pokey – They poke you, but you still love them
  74. Cactus – Funny reference to their physique
  75. Snoopy – For the ones who snuck around
  76. Hoggy – Quite catchy and complementing their nature
  77. Ashley – Catchy and popular for a lady hedgehog
  78. Rebel – For the rebellious nature of your brave hedgehog
  79. Jazz – For your music loving hedgehog
  80. Almond – Witty reference to your hedgehog`s appearance
  81. Ace – Because your hedgehog is number 1
  82. Hoglet – Creative and rare
  83. Buzz – Strong reference from kid`s cartoon characters
  84. Mario – Quite chic and hipster
  85. Cookie – Because we love cookies and our hedgehog
  86. Nugget – For your nugget looking hedgehogs
  87. Pinball – Extremely creative reference to their spikey and round appearance
  88. Cody – Cuddly and trustworthy name
  89. Cheeto – Special name for a special hedgehog
  90. Pooh – Because they do sometimes resemble Winnie
  91. Mickey – A loveable name from a loveable character
  92. Mike – For the jock type
  93. Moody – Perfect for a hedgehog with intense mood swings
  94. Beedle – Captures their spikey nature perfectly
  95. Dumpling – Because they look delicious
  96. Marv – Original and catchy
  97. Ralph – From popular cartoon character
  98. Shaggy – Captures their shaggy nature
  99. Sofy – This is an uncommon name
  100. Rio – Captures your hedgehog’s wild nature

List of Additional Cute Hedgehog Names We Like

hedgehogs typically hibernate between October and April
In the wild, hedgehogs typically hibernate between October and April
  1. Oscar– A great name for fuzzy hedgehog or those with grouchy dispositions.
  2. Elmo– Why not choose a fun Sesame Street name for your hedgehog?
  3. Yogi– You could name your hedgehog something kind of off the wall like this and make your hedgehog’s name unique.
  4. Pedro– Spanish names work well for Hedgehogs.
  5. Pinto– This is Spanish and cutesy.
  6. Pequeno– This Spanish word means small.
  7. Despereaux– Like the literary mouse character with big ears.
  8. Gremlin– Like the film characters with big ears.
  9. Sonic– You could name your fast hedgehog after the fast video game character.
  10. Hook– This is a great name due to the hooked tail the Hedgehog has.
  11. Reaper– Because of the Hedgehog’s hooked tail.
  12. Napoleon– Or you might want to choose to name your hedgehog after the historically short military commander.
  13. Zane– A cool name like this might be appropriate for your Hedgehog.
  14. Zorro– You could name him after the famous Spanish character.
  15. Alonzo– A strong Spanish name like this is a good choice.
  16. Hercules– You could give your small hedgehog a strong name.
  17. Diesel– This funny name may make you think about diesel smoke being sprayed across the small creature and giving it its color.
  18. Dustin– A good name that’s a play on the word “dust”.
  19. Chaz– A short cute name is good for a short, cute character.

Baby Hedgehog Names

female hedgehogs
female hedgehogs are pregnant for an average of 30 to 40 days and give birth to 4 to 5 babies per litter.
  1. Cheeto– You could name him something funny like a small snack food name.
  2. Ghost– Our you could give him a mysterious name like this for his grey coloring.
  3. Peter– Named after the famous Perter Cottontail
  4. Pouncer– Ideal for Hedgehogs that like to hop a lot.
  5. Raven– This one is a good choice for Hedgehogs with dark coloring.
  6. Shadow– Another dark-colored hedgehog name.
  7. Sir Snuggles– You could go with a distinguished and funny name like
  8. Speedy– Try this this for your fast Hedgehog.
  9. Stormy– A nice name for Hedgehogs that are grey or black.
  10. Thomas– You may want a simple, human name for your hedgehog
  11. Thumper– Why not choose the classic Bambi character?
  12. Thunder– Or you could opt for this one that denotes some power.
  13. Titan– Maybe you want to make your Hedgehog sound powerful.
  14. Titus– This is a name that has some power to it as well.

Funny Hedgehog Names

wild hedgehog
The average lifespan of a wild hedgehog is only 2 to 3 years
  1. Twiddledee– You could go with a classic Alice in Wonderland character.
  2. Twiddledum– Or this other charming Alice in Wonderland name.
  3. Woody– Because the Hedgehog comes from the woodland.
  4. Zeus– You may want to give your Hedgehog a powerful name like this.
  5. Gizmo– You could go with something completely adorable, though.
  6. Bruno– Here is another classically strong name to consider.
  7. Bear Hug– Giving your small Hedgehog a big, tough name is always hilarious.
  8. Grizzly– Tough names work great for small hedgehog
  9. Russell– You could go with a simple, human name for your hedgehog
  10. Miles– This is a good people name that works well for your male hedgehog
  11. Chestnut– You could choose a name like this based on your hedgehog’s coloring.
  12. Hopper– If your hedgehog like to jump a lot.
  13. Scamper– You may want a name like this that denotes speed.
  14. Dash– This is another speedy name.
  15. Butterfingers– You could go with a silly name like this.
  16. Inky– This is a good pick if your Hedgehog has some black on him.
  17. Patrick– A good, normal name like this is always suitable for a hedgehog
  18. Yoshi– You could go with a fun, exotic name like this.

African Pygmy Hedgehog Names

pet hedgehogs
pet hedgehogs can live up to 10 years in captivity
  1. Mario– Named after the video game character because Hedgehogs like to jump.
  2. Sonic– A good video game character name for fast Hedgehogs.
  3. Rodeo– Give your hedgehog a sense of adventure.
  4. Cowboy– Cowboy names are a lot of fun for hedgehog titles.
  5. Spurs– This cowboy name is kind of unique.
  6. Benji– Here is a classic hedgehog name you might want to consider.
  7. Bleep– Or you could go with a fun, quirky name like this.
  8. Guy– Keeping it simple is always a good option.
  9. Rex– A strong name like this makes your hedgehog seem more impressive.
  10. Rambo– Here is a name so tough it might be comical.
  11. Boomer– This is another good speedy name.
  12. Stone– You may want to pick a strong name like this for your male Hedgehog.

Hedgehog Fruit and Vegetables Pet Names

Pet hedgehogs are fairly gentle
Pet hedgehogs are fairly gentle and they can be easy to tame which makes them great pets
  1. Okra– A flowering plant that has green seed pods.
  2. Parsnip– A root vegetable that is similar to carrots and parsley.
  3. Persimmon – variety in color from light yellow to dark red-orange.
  4. Tomato – a bright red, or seldom yellow, pulpy edible fruit.
  5. Ackee – It produces large red and yellow fruit.
  6. Apricot – light, yellow, sometimes rosy fruit
  7. Avocado – tropical fruit with deep, dark green or purple skin
  8. Banana – a yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh
  9. Bilberry – usually small, round and dark-blue fruit.
  10. Blackberry – usually black or dark purple juicy but seedy digestible aggregate fruit
  11. Blackcurrant – a type of very small, dark purple fruits
  12. Black sapote – is a variety of persimmon
  13. Blueberry – used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves
  14. Boysenberry – a big red edible fruit resembling a blackberry.
  15. Breadfruit – a large and round fruit that looks bread
  16. Buddha’s hand – also known as fingered citron
  17. Cactus pear – cactus that has round fruit with prickles on it
  18. Crab apple – has glistening green leaves that make me think it’s a pear.
  19. Cherimoya – also known as custard apple
  20. Chico fruit – the fruit has a sweet, dessert flavor with rich in vitamins

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hedgehogs are rare and exotic animals. They aren’t at all like the common hedgehog we are used to keeping. Therefore, whatever your hedgehog’s name is, give your hedgehog a lot of extra attention and care. Give a lot of consideration into naming them. Be aware of your hedgehog’s habits and moods. This will consequently help you with finding a name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should i name my hedgehog ?

You can name your hedgehog after a famous movie star or find cool names ideas on our list of most popular hedgehog names

What is a good name for a hedgehog?

A good hedgehog name is one that is easy to remember and to pronounce

Can hedgehogs learn their name?

Yes, hedgehogs can learn their name and acknowledge being called.

What is the archaic name for a hedgehog?

The archaic name for a hedgehog is Urchin


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  1. Avatar

    Limerick Family

    We just got a hedgehog! And he's a very sweet boy!! We are having to learn what he likes and dislikes. And he seems to be adjusting VERY well!! It didn't take us long to come up with a name for him!! We named him Dagger!! Gonna try getting a pic of him to send with this comment!!

  2. Avatar


    I just wanted to leave a comment because it seems no one else has, & this list is very good! Even for non-hedgehog pets! I search often for pet names, & this list is the best I’ve found. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing! Such cute ones here!

  3. Avatar


    If I ever get a hedgehog I'm gonna name it Prickle(s) :) <3

  4. Avatar


    I am gonna get a hedgehog for my birthday and I don't know what to name it. any suggestions

    • Avatar

      Natalye Wacker

      cactus would be great if you like that! I have a hedge hog myself

  5. Avatar


    I love hedgehogs

  6. Avatar


    I got a hedgehog & named it Ginger #LOVEATFIRSTSIGHT

  7. Avatar

    Fiona Prior

    Please consider deeply before you have a hedgehog as a pet. Hedgehogs are wild animals. They are NOCTURNAL. They hibernate in the wild from october to March. They can have a nightly range of up to 2km. They eat garden invertebrates and will not be truly healthy on a pet food substitute. Isn't it far better to encourage hedgehogs into your garden and creep out at night to watch them in their natural habitat?

    • Avatar


      no Hedgehogs are great pets if you look after them well. we know they are nocturnal! we know what you said thats why we want one :)

  8. Avatar


    I had a suggestion to do the name mr.tiggy-winkles.

  9. Avatar


    lmao i named my brown hedgehog sonic, my black hedgehog shadow, and my white hedgehog silver is that normal XD

  10. Avatar


    Im geting a hegdhog in a month and i needed names. It is awsome for how many names a got. I think im going to name it willow or Leo

  11. Avatar


    hedgehogs are great pets. yes, they are nocturnal but they do no have to hibernate. it can actually cause death for some. yes, you must consider before getting one but i let my hedgie roam outside and i feed it live insects not hedgehog food. hedgehogs make fine pets as long as you care for them correctly

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