100 Most Popular Ferret Names

August 9, 2018


100 Most Popular Ferret Names

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Ferrets are close relatives of weasels and otters. They can live up to 10 years and are also sociable animals with a lot of energy. Furthermore, they are ready to play on a regular basis, which makes them quite active creatures. However, they also can sleep for 18 hours a day. In addition, they are bright and can very well learn new tricks like dogs – thus, they are smart animals. As with any other pet, this intelligent animal needs a name that you can use to call it. Choose a name wisely, that your ferret can identify with. They may unconsciously be aware of what you are calling it.

  • Ada – This is a great name for girl ferret bane.
  • Aal – Meaning of the noble kind.
  • Abe – The father of a multitude of children.
  • Alphie – A name referring to the elf counsel.
  • Barney – This is the son of consolation.
  • Bela – A great name for a white ferret
  • Billy – This may refer to a ferret that has a lot of desire to learn.
  • Boru – a character in Spiderman series
  • Cai – female Chinese name meaning colorful
  • Caleb – a male ferret name meaning wholehearted
  • Chava – simply means life
  • Copper – cute name for a brown or orange colored ferret
  • Daddyo – cool slang name for a male ferret
  • Dawn – means sunrise for an early rising ferret
  • Dink – pretty name for a small ferret
  • Domino – for a black and white ferret
  • E.T. – after the extra-terrestrial film by Stephen Spielberg
  • Efrem – a name meaning fruitful
  • Eve – good name for a female ferret meaning life
  • Erv – derived from the name Irving
  • Fergie – for a strong ferret
  • Fifi – a diminutive form of Josephine
  • Flash – a bright colored ferret
  • Flipper – for a ferret that loves to flip
  • Gad – for a happy ferret
  • Ghost – great name for a white ferret
  • Gigi – a cool name
  • Gonzo – a character in the television series ‘Muppet show’
  • Havoc – for a ferret who likes to get into trouble
  • Homer – an ancient Greek philosopher
  • Hotfoot – for a ferret that likes to move around
  • Hugo – means bright minded
  • Iggy – a fiery ferret
  • Ivory – for an ivory colored ferret
  • Ina – means pure
  • Itsy Bitsy – for a small ferret
  • Jalapeno – hot green pepper for an aggressive ferret
  • Janz – means Jan’s son
  • Jaq – short of Jacques
  • Jasiri – Swahili meaning bold and courageous ferret
  • Kai – a Hawaiian name meaning ocean
  • Keeya – an African name meaning garden flower
  • Koko – a native American name meaning ‘night’ for a black ferret
  • Kozue – a Japanese name meaning tree branches
  • Lamar – a Spanish name meaning ‘from the sea’
  • Lala – a Bulgarian name meaning tulip
  • Lego – for a ferret that like to play with toy bricks
  • Lenka – diminutive of Elena
  • Miles – a name meaning soldier
  • Momo – a silly name for your pet ferret
  • Mystral – French name meaning Northerly wind
  • Mable – means loveable
  • Naja – a name in Greenland meaning ‘A boy’s little sister’
  • Ned – wealth protector
  • Nipper – for a ferret that likes to nip
  • Nutmeg – a brown furred ferret
  • Ogen – means anchor
  • Olive – character in the cartoon ‘Popeye’
  • Otto – a German name meaning wealth
  • Ozzie – diminutive form of Osbourne
  • Perky – for a lively and cheerful ferret
  • Piper – a flute player
  • Pounce – a goofy name for an active ferret
  • Puffy – for a fluffy ferret
  • Questa – good name for an inquisitive ferret
  • Quincy – name your ferret after a famous musician
  • Quinto – Spanish name meaning fifth
  • Qwara – an Ethiopian tribe
  • Rain – abundant blessings from above
  • Regan – daughter of Shakespeare’s King Lear
  • Romper – for a hyper ferret that likes to bounce all over
  • Rufus – a red furred ferret
  • Scampy – means energetic
  • Shaggy – a character in the ‘Scooby-Doo’ series
  • Snooki – a cool name for your pet ferret
  • Stinky – means odorous
  • Tao – means long life in Chinese
  • Tribble – fictional animal from ‘Star Trek’
  • Twiggy – for a small ferret
  • Twister – for a ferret that doesn’t like to be held
  • Ugo – an Italian name meaning mind
  • Una – Irish name meaning ‘one’
  • Usher – people escort
  • Urian – a Welsh name meaning born in the city
  • Vanilla – appropriate name for an affectionate white ferret
  • Veata – means wind
  • Vesta – goddess of the hearth
  • Vince – short of Vincent meaning victorious
  • Vivi – means alive
  • Waddles – a pretty ferret name
  • Wald – German name meaning ruler
  • Wanda – a young tree
  • Wheatie – for a brown furred ferret
  • Wiggles – a goofy name for a ferret that can’t keep still
  • Winky – a small ferret
  • Xava – it means a new house
  • Xuxa – a Portuguese name meaning the queen
  • Yang – for a black and white ferret
  • Yellow – a yellow furred ferret
  • Yoyo – a plump round ferret
  • Yuuki – for a gentle natured ferret
  • Zac – short of Zachary
  • Zeta – a letter in the Greek alphabet
  • Zipper – a goofy name for a hyper ferret
  • Zyta – a diminutive form of Teresita


Final Thoughts

You can use your creativity when choosing a name for your pet ferret. Consider for example by joining two words together to form a new name. Using names with unusual spelling will also get you a name that you will both love. A playful name is suitable for a playful, excitable ferret. For example, Troubles, Mischief or Mayhem. If you notice that your ferret is reserved, give it a more laid-back name like Shy, Princess or George.

An affectionate name would be appropriate for a sweet mannered ferret, for example, Cuddles, Sweety-pie or Honey. The name that you give your ferret may also be based upon its appearance or coloring of its fur. For example, Knight for a dark-furred ferret or Brownie for a brown ferret. Take time with your pet to study its facial expressions, you may come up with a great name like Smiley. The name you choose may also be based on natural phenomena like tornados or earthquakes. Whatever name that you eventually choose, make it as descriptive as possible because you will be using it for a long time.


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