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140 Good Parrot Names

May 11, 2022


140 Good Parrot Names

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You want the very best name for your parrot, and we are here to help with male,
female and even unisex names.

Male Parrot Names

Parrots food

When choosing a male name for your parrot, you should be creative, adventurous and a little bit macho. Try one of these manly names for your parrot:

  1. Petey– Let’s start with this classic parrot name.
  2. Greenie– You could choose one that describes your bird’s color.
  3. Paulie– This is another very popular parrot name.
  4. Peter– Names that start with “P” are very common for parrots.
  5. Pan– Like Peter Pan, the literary character, who wears green.
  6. Crackerjack– This fun play on the work “cracker” is a great choice.
  7. Peg Leg– Pirate names work well for parrots.
  8. Pirate Pete– This is one of our favorite pirate names.
  9. Hulk– You could go with a silly pop culture name.
  10. Jolly– Or you could give your bird a happy name.
  11. Argento– Try this tropical-sounding name for your male parrot.
  12. Zorro– Or you could give your bird an exotic hero’s name.
  13. Long John Silver– This is another great pirate choice.
  14. Raptor– For his sharp claws.
  15. Blue– Named after the bird from the movie Rio.
  16. Petrie– This is another common and fun “P” name for a parrot.
  17. Sir Lancelot– You could go with something very distinguished sounding.
  18. Marvin– Or you could choose a normal human one for your bird.
  19. Buttersworth– Elegant names like this can sound funny or distinguished.
  20. Wobbles– For the way your bird walks across his perch.
  21. Bandito– This is a more daring name you could give an adventurous bird.
  22. Baron– This one has tones of elegance and daring to it.
  23. Lord Bobo– This funny mix of distinguished and silly is a great choice.
  24. Spike– Or you could choose a very dangerous name for your parrot.
  25. Lucky– You might want a simple, fun name like this.

Cute and Adorable Baby Parrot Names

Cute Parrot Names
  1. Buddy– Good for s bird who is a great friend to you.
  2. Toby– This simple name works well too.
  3. Rooster– You could name your bird after a male chicken for a laugh.
  4. Berri– A good name that reminds you of the bird’s colorful look similar to that
    of a blueberry or strawberry.
  5. Rio– Like the cartoon that features a bird.
  6. Elvis– Some parrots look a bit like the singer, if you squint really hard.
  7. Fancy Dan– For well-dressed parrots.
  8. Squawky– For the parrot that will never quiet down.
  9. Chico– A cool, exotic name for your bird.
  10. Shades– For a cool, suave parrot.
  11. Joey– You could give your parrot a really cool name like this.
  12. Jackson– This is a strong name that is good for any parrot.
  13. Mr. T– Or you could go with this strong celebrity name.
  14. Tarzan– A famous jungle name for a famous jungle bird.
  15. Mowgli– Or you could use this jungle character.

Female Parrot Names


You may want to use one of these feminine names for your female parrot:

  1. Dorothy– This is a great name for any female parrot.
  2. Treat– You could give your parrot a sweet name like this.
  3. Cookie– Sweet, sugary names are great for some parrot.
  4. Dancer– Or the name you choose could be something complimentary like this.
  5. Honey– Endearing names make good choices for female parrot.
  6. Penny– This is a cutesy name that we like.
  7. Cuddles– Something delightful like this is always a good option.
  8. Pearl– You could go with a name that tells everyone your bird is special.
  9. Buffy– A fun pop culture name like this is always a winner.
  10. Xena– You could name your bird after the famous warrior princess.
  11. Mulan– Or the Disney princess.
  12. Polly– This is the female version of the popular parrot name Paulie.
  13. Sugar– Sweet names are always a good choice.
  14. Tia– This lovely name is a good pick as well.
  15. Lady– You could give your female parrot a sweet name like this.
  16. Babydoll– Everyone will know how adorable your bird is with this name.
  17. Sheena– Here is a strong, feminine name for you to try.
  18. Margo– This one is pretty common for tropical birds.
  19. Twinkles– It may sound silly, but it is also endearing.
  20. Starshine– A name like this feels like it has a bit of magic to it.
  21. Fairy– This one is definitely magically-inclined.
  22. Pixie– Mythological creatures make for good parrot names for some whimsy.
  23. Rainbow– This is a great choice for a colorful bird.
  24. Bella– Or you can use a sweet, feminine name like this.
  25. Chestnut– Here is a nice one for a bird with some brown in its feathers.
  26. Hazel– This is a good brown-themed name as well.
  27. Destiny– This name has some mystery to it.
  28. Jewel– This has become a very popular parrot name thanks to the movie Rio.
  29. Jane– Named after Tarzan’s wife.
  30. Champagne– Food and drink names can be silly or classy like this one.
  31. Delilah– This is always as winner for female parrot.
  32. Sasha– This fun name is good for any female parrot.
  33. Evie– This one is a bit more exotic and still feminine.
  34. Eden– Or you could use a unique name like this for your bird.
  35. Ava– A play on the word avian.
  36. Nala– The film The Lion King popularized this name.
  37. Flower– A lovely name is perfect for your lovely parrot.
  38. Journey– You could go with something vague and mysterious like this one.
  39. Paris– Place names can be a good choice as well.
  40. Skye– This is a classic that always works well for parrot.

Parrot Baby Names

Parrot Baby Names

If you aren’t sure whether your parrot is a male or female or just want a neutral sounding name, then give one of these a try:

  1. Pickles– Good for any green bird you have.
  2. Kiwi– Also a good green bird name.
  3. Strawberry– Good for birds with some green and red in them.
  4. Tiki– This is a good tropical name.
  5. Max– A classic that works for both male and female parrot.
  6. Tango– This one has a tropical sound to it.
  7. Mango– A tropical fruit is a solid choice for a parrot name.
  8. Snapper– This is good for calling attention to your bird’s eating habits.
  9. Cracker King– You could try something completely goofy like this.
  10. Jazzy– Here is a fun one for the more musically inclined.
  11. Nibbles– If your bird is always looking for something to eat, then this is a good
  12. Scarlet– Ideal for birds with a lot of red in their feathers.
  13. Sunset– Good for birds with some red, orange and blue in their coloring.
  14. Cosmo– A mysterious sounding name like this is always a winner.
  15. Starlight– You could try this fun, almost magical name.
  16. Littlefoot– Pirate names work great for parrots.
  17. Treasure– This is a more unique pirate name you could try.
  18. Bucko– Here’s a good pirate-themed name.
  19. Scallywag– Not the most commonly used pirate name, but a good one,
  20. Wacky– For a silly bird.

Funny (Pun) Parrot Names

Funny Parrot Names
  1. Yacky– For a talkative bird.
  2. DJ– For a bird that likes to dance.
  3. Gossip– Good for a bird that talks all the time.
  4. Spark– A good name for a bird who is a bit of a firecracker.
  5. Phoenix– For birds with some red coloring and a strong personality.
  6. Boss– For birds with an overpowering personality.
  7. Coconut– Use this for tropical birds like the parrot.
  8. Ash– Good for birds with some grey or black in their coloring.
  9. Papaya– A nice tropical fruit name for parrots.
  10. Amazon– Tropical place names work really well.
  11. Chirpy– If your bird is talkative, then you may want to use this name.
  12. Beaker– A play on the work “beak”.
  13. Harmony– A nice, unique name you might want to use for your parrot.
  14. Whisper– For an uncharacteristically quiet parrot.
  15. Repeater– For a bird who copies everything you say.
  16. River– This name has a strength to it and is good for birds with some blue on
  17. Xerox– Another good name for a bird who repeats what you say.
  18. Blabberbeak– Yet another good name for a very talkative parrot.
  19. Windbag– Here’s another one as well.
  20. Nugget– Finally, we want to leave you with this cute, funny name.

Fruit and Vegetables Inspired Pet Names for Parrots

  1. Cherry– Sweet name for a female parrot which means beloved.
  2. Clementine– An awesome name for a female parrot meaning merciful.
  3. Honeydew– Is a great fruit because it has a high content of fiber and water.
  4. Huckleberry– This is the state fruit of Idaho.
  5. Blueberry – Used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves.
  6. Mango– An excellent name for a red or orange-colored dog.
  7. Cherimoya – Also known as custard apple.
  8. Pumpkin– Cute name for an adorable and sweet parrot.
  9. Alfalfa– A flowering plant that is a member of the pea family.
  10. Butternut– A winter squash with a sweet and nutty flavor.
  11. Clementine – A fruit like a small orange.
  12. Kiwi – A fruit with hair skin, green flesh, and black seeds.
  13. Peaches – A soft, round, slightly furry fruit with sweet yellow flesh and pinky-orange skin.
  14. Maize – Is a grain and commonly known as corn.
  15. Coconut – The fruit of the coconut palm.
  16. Kumquat – A small yellow to orange citrus fruits.
  17. Pear – Has pale green or brownish skin, a firm juicy flesh.
  18. Raisin – A dried grape.
  19. Currant – Small, black dried grape without seeds.
  20. Lime – Is a citrus fruit, which is typically round and green in color.

Parrot Names for Pirates

  1. Ahoy: a perfect name for your parrot after the pirate slang.
  2. Bart: a perfect name for a parrot inspired by pirate Bartholomew Roberts.
  3. Blackbeard: named after the famous Edward Teach.
  4. Bones: a strong name for your pirate parrot, we think it is a perfect name for an African Grey parrot.
  5. Calico: after the famous and notorious sea pirate Calico Jack.
  6. Cutlass: a perfect name for a male parrot referring to the short sword used by pirates.
  7. Crabbe: after the Flemish pirate Crabbe.
  8. Drake: after Sir Francis Drake.
  9. Grampus: the name of a famous pirate ship.
  10. Henry: you can either call your boy Henry or Morgan after the famous Welsh pirate Henry Morgan.
  11. Ketch: after the infamous English executioner employed by King Charles II, Jack Ketch.
  12. Tew: after the famous English pirate Thomas Tew.

Famous Parrot Names

  1. Alvid:the name of the leader of a group of Norwegian pirates.
  2. Angelica: for a female parrot, after the daughter of Blackbeard.
  3. Anne: after the famed female pirate, Anne Bonny. This is a great famous parrot name inspired by a famous pirate.
  4. Atomsk: a fictional pirate King. Such cool names for a bird are a great option.
  5. Barbosa: a classic reference from ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.
  6. Bootstrap: a popular fictional pirate from the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movies.
  7. Captain Blood: the lead character from the movie of the same name.
  8. Ching: after the famous female pirate, Ching Shih.
  9. Davy: a reference to Davy Jones from the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ film series.

African Parrot Names

  • Elizabeth: after the female protagonist from ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movies.
  • Fluke: a good luck streak that is essential for pirates.
  • Grace: after the famous pirate Grace O’Malley.
  • Hook: after the famous character, Captain Hook in ‘Peter Pan’.
  • Jacquotte: after Jacquotte Delahaye.
  • Jolly: derived from the Jolly Roger pirate flag.
  • Lady: as in Lady Killigrew.
  • Long John Silver: after the character in ‘Treasure Island’.
  • Mary: after the female pirate of ‘Seven Seas’.
  • Penny: after one of the few female pirates in the ‘Age Of Piracy’.
  • Pugwash: the main protagonist of ‘Captain Pugwash’.
  • Raider: a perfect synonym name for your pirate boy.
  • Sailor: a perfect bird name which means “seaman”.
  • Smee: after Captain Hook’s sidekick, Mr. Smee.
  • Sparrow: you can never go wrong with the name Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Teuta: after the Pirate Queen Teuta of Illyria.
  • Zafira: the name of a female pirate in ‘Thugs Of Hindostan

Hopefully, you found a great name for your parrot from this list.

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