Spot & Tango Dog Food Review

Dogs Reviews Jun 5, 2021
Written by Kate Barrington | Updated Jun 6, 2021
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Spot & Tango Dog Food Review

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Fresh dog food companies are spreading like wildfire and each company tries to differentiate itself from the others.

Most use wholesome, natural ingredients and customize your dog’s meal plan to his calorie needs.

At a Glance: Spot and Tango Reviewed

Spot and Tango Dog Food
Overall Score
  • Spot and Tango is very open about the sourcing of their ingredients, stating that they come from local farms and human food suppliers in the United States.
  • They offer plenty of information about their environmentally-friendly packaging and how the products are made.
  • Priced over $50 per week for a 30-pound dog, Spot and Tango is the most expensive fresh dog food we tried.
  • We were also a little disappointed that there were only three recipes to choose from. We did, however, appreciate that one was grain inclusive.
  • Spot and Tango is very open about the sourcing of their ingredients, stating that they come from local farms and human food suppliers in the United States.
  • They offer plenty of information about their environmentally-friendly packaging and how the products are made.
  • Priced over $50 per week for a 30-pound dog, Spot and Tango is the most expensive fresh dog food we tried.
  • We were also a little disappointed that there were only three recipes to choose from. We did, however, appreciate that one was grain inclusive.
Weekly Price
Ingredient Quality
Recipe Variety
Options for Customization
Environmentally Friendly

Spot and Tango was founded in 2014 and their tagline is, “Dog Food. Reimagined.”

This company uses just 12 simple ingredients and their meals are cooked fresh and ready to serve, sent right to your door in regular deliveries.

It’s difficult to tell what makes one fresh dog food company different from another just by looking at the website.

That’s why we’ve set out to test them all.

We’ve tested the top fresh pet food companies on the market to bring you an honest review. Here’s what we think about Spot and Tango.

Overview of the Spot and Tango Brand

Spot and Tango suggests, “You’ve never seen pet food like this.” They claim their products have a taste, texture, and smell pets can’t resist and even the pickiest of eaters will be eager to dig in.

Their recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists to meet the levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages and made with human-grade ingredients.

You’ll never find any artificial additives, fillers, or preservatives in their products.

Fresh pet food offers higher nutritional quality than the average commercial dry food and Spot and Tango is no different.

Through the use of wholesome natural ingredients and gentle, small-batch cooking processes, Spot and Tango is able to preserve more of the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients than dry food manufacturers.

They claim their recipes benefit dogs in the following ways:

  • Relieving allergies
  • Improving digestion
  • Supporting coat
  • Managing weight
  • Strengthening muscle
  • Building immunity
  • Reducing dander
  • Alleviating arthritis
  • Boosting energy

Spot and Tango realizes that every dog is different, so they offer personalize meal plans for every dog.

To create your dog’s personal meal plan, you simply fill out a quiz on the website to provide basic information such as your dog’s sex, spay/neuter status, age, and weight.

Spot and Tango also collects information about your dog’s activity level and special dietary requirements to make sure he gets the perfect food to meet his needs.

Meals are cooked just days before they are shipped and delivered in individual pouches frozen to maintain freshness without the need for preservatives.

Where is the Food Made?

Like most fresh pet food companies, Spot and Tango is very careful to control the production and manufacture of their products to ensure quality and safety.

This company prepares their products in USDA/FDA inspected kitchens located in New York.

Their natural ingredients are cooked in small batches at lower temperatures to minimize nutrient loss. Their facility operates in strict compliance with HACCP food safety protocols as well.

Additionally, all Spot and Tango employees are required to obtain the New York City Health Department’s Food Handler’s Permit and the facility is inspected on a weekly basis.

All of this information is available on the Spot and Tango website.

Spot & Tango dog food Recipes
Spot & Tango dog food Recipes

What Dog Food Products Do They Offer?

Spot and Tango currently offers three dog food recipes, each featuring a unique source of real animal protein as the main ingredient.

There are grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes available, all made with just 12 key ingredients and added vitamins and minerals to ensure nutritional balance.

All three recipes contain a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrots, peas, and blueberries to provide natural sources of key nutrients, minimizing the need for synthetic supplements.

Here are the three recipes Spot and Tango currently has to offer:

RecipeProtein %Fat %Fiber %Moisture %Calories (kcal/oz)
Turkey & Red Quinoa13.75.91.465.841
Beef & Millet11.
Lamb & Brown Rice11.86.62.670.138

In testing Spot and Tango, we received a 2-week sample pack of all three recipes. They arrived as promised in vacuum sealed pouches that were easy to defrost and serve. The product looked very similar to other fresh pet foods and we could see evidence of real ingredients like peas and carrots throughout the food.

Is Their Packing Environmentally Friendly?

One of the benefits of fresh pet food subscription services is that you get to skip trips to the pet store.

It reduces costs for manufacturers because they get to cut out the middleman, but it does raise some concerns with pet owners regarding packaging.

Spot and Tango delivers their food in recyclable cardboard boxes and their recipes are vacuum sealed in BPA-free, food-safe pouches and flash frozen to maintain nutritional integrity and to prolong storage life.

With each Spot and Tango order, customers receive an information pamphlet with instructions for unboxing, transitioning, and feeding.

There’s also information about how to recycle the materials. The cardboard boxes can be recycled, and the dry ice used to keep the product cold will simply dissolve on its own.

The green foam insulation is made from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable – simply dissolve it with water in the sink.

Spot & Tango Dog Food Unboxing – What’s Inside The Box

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to feed your dog as cheaply as possible, you’d probably choose a low-quality dry food or canned food. Fresh food is considerably more expensive, but not prohibitively so.

Spot and Tango meal plans vary depending on your dog’s size and calorie needs, but you can do a trial for less than $1 per day.

If you choose to subscribe, you’ll receive 28 days of food delivered every 4 weeks.

The total weekly cost for our test dog Archie, a 30-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was just over $55. Spot and Tango often offers discounts, however, so your price could very well be lower. This is the listed original cost.

Check below to see how Spot and Tango stacks up against other dog food brands for cost:

Premium Dog Food Price Comparison

Food TypeBrandAverage PricePrice Per Pound/Oz.
Dry FoodCanidae PURE Grain-Free$64.99 for 24 pounds$2.70/pound
Wet FoodCastor & Pollux Organic$41.88 for 12 (12.7oz) cans$3.49/can (12.7 oz.)
Freeze-Dried RawStella & Chewy’s$49.99 for 25 oz.$2.08/ounce
DehydratedThe Honest Kitchen$55.88 for 10 pounds$5.58/pound
Fresh FoodOllie*$150 for 1 month$37.20/week
Fresh FoodNom Nom*$154 for 1 month$38.40/week
Fresh FoodSpot and Tango*$220 per month$55.07/week

* Cost varies depending on subscription, estimates for a 30-pound neutered male dog

What Did Our Test Dog Think?

We found the order process to be very similar to other fresh food companies and it only took a few minutes to complete the quiz.

It was easy to customize our test dog’s meal plan and we were able to select a two-week trial instead of paying for an entire month’s worth of food up front. There was a nice discount as well.

SpotTango recipes
customizing our test dog’s meal plan

After placing the order, we received an email confirmation with information about when to expect shipping and what to do once the order arrived.

The food came in a cardboard box like any fresh food delivery with dry ice to keep it frozen.

One thing we noticed that was different from other fresh food companies is that the food was packaged in flat vacuum sealed bags.

Other bags we’ve received were bulkier, making them tough to fit in the freezer. They stored flat and thawed within a few hours.

When it came to feeding our test dog Archie the food, he already knew what to expect since we’ve tested several other companies.

He’s become excited at the sight of the vacuum sealed bag and he’s already eagerly sniffing when I pour the food into the bowl. Unsurprisingly, he dug in immediately and had the whole bowl finished within a few minutes.

We do like that it takes him a little longer to eat fresh food than dry food – this is important for large-breed dogs in particular because fast eating can increase the risk for bloat.

Overall, Spot and Tango was a big hit!

Archie dug in immediately and had the whole bowl finished within a few minutes

Spot and Tango Dog Food Recalls

A dog food recall occurs when there is a problem with the product, and it needs to be removed from production and pet store shelves.

It can happen for something as simple as a formulation issue or mislabeling, or it can be for something as serious as contamination with food-borne pathogens.

Food recalls are more common in commercial pet foods because they are mass produced and their production is often outsourced.

Spot and Tango oversees their production in their own facilities every step of the way.

They prepare their foods in small batches and ship them within days of cooking. To our knowledge, their products have never been recalled to date.

Is Spot and Tango Really Worth the Cost?

The thing you need to think about with fresh pet food is that it’s not all about the extra money you’ll be spending each month.

The food itself is much higher quality than most commercial pet foods which means better nutrition for your dog. The better your dog’s nutrition, the healthier he will be.

Low-quality pet foods can leave gaps in your pet’s nutrition which, over time, may contribute to serious health problems and expensive vet bills.

Saving money on cheap pet food now might end up costing you more in the long run.

Investing in your dog’s long-term health and wellness with a fresh pet food company like Spot and Tango is definitely worth it.

Here are some additional benefits of feeding your dog premium dog food:

  • Improved and regulated digestion, less gas and diarrhea
  • Reduced stool volume and odor
  • Healthier coat with less shedding
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Healthy weight loss (when needed for overweight dogs)
  • Improved dental health and oral hygiene
  • Better urinary health, reduced risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Not every fresh pet food company offers the same quality, but Spot and Tango is one you can trust.

They are very clear on their website about their manufacturing processes and how they formulate their recipes.

We were impressed with their extensive FAQ section and the extra information that came in the box with our order.

Spot and Tango does their best to educate their customers and to give them the information they need to make the best possible choice for their pets.

SpotTango quiz

How Do You Order It?

As is true for most fresh pet food companies, the best way to order is online. Simply click the “Shop Now” button at the top of the page to be directed to their quiz. You’ll be asked to provide basic information about your dog starting with his name, sex, and spay-neuter status.

From there, you’ll fill in your dog’s breed (if you know it) as well as his age, body type, and activity level.

Spot and Tango will use this information to calculate your dog’s calorie needs and will give you options to choose from the different recipes. You can change or customize your plan at any time.

Though ordering Spot and Tango online is the easiest option, it isn’t the only one.

Most fresh pet food companies are only available online, but Spot and Tango is one of the few you can also find in stores. They are currently available in specialty pet stores throughout the Northeast but may be expanding their reach in the future. Check the website for updated info.

Customer Service

Spot and Tango does their best to eliminate any questions or concerns throughout the entire process.

The quiz on the website is extremely easy to fill out and you are presented with clear options at the end.

After you order, you’ll receive a confirmation email with information about what comes next as well as update emails when your order is shipped and delivered.

If you have questions at any time, you can contact the support team via email. Spot and Tango also offers an extensive FAQ section on their website with answers to common questions.

Spot and Tango uses high-quality, natural ingredients and their foods are prepared under excellent conditions

Tips for Making the Transition

Fresh food is great, but as eager as you are to improve your dog’s diet you should still take things slow. Sudden changes in your dog’s feeding routine can upset his stomach, so it’s recommended that you gradually switch from his current diet to the new one.

Spot and Tango includes transition instructions with each order, so it’s very easy.

For the first two days, you simply feed 25% Spot and Tango with 75% of your dog’s old food. For days 3 to 5, feed 50% of each.

After 5 days, you can feed 75% Spot and Tango with 25% the old food for a day or two before completely making the switch.

Spot and Tango Pros and Cons

There’s no argument about fresh food being a better option for pets, but you still need to shop smart.

Spot and Tango uses high-quality, natural ingredients and their foods are prepared under excellent conditions.

Even so, there are some things to consider that might make you wonder if Spot and Tango really is the best option for your dog.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Spot and Tango:

Pros for Spot and Tango:

  • Spot and Tango foods are formulated by veterinary nutritionists, prepared in USDA/FDA inspected facilities, and made in small batches.
  • All recipes are made with 12 or fewer human-grade ingredients with added vitamins and minerals for nutritional balance.
  • Food is prepared fresh and flash frozen to preserve nutritional integrity then shipped within days of cooking in vacuum sealed bags.
  • You can change or customize your delivery at any time and Spot and Tango customizes your dog’s meal plan according to his calorie needs and dietary preferences.

Cons for Spot and Tango:

  • Fresh pet food is objectively more expensive than commercial dry food – it may not be affordable for everyone to feed exclusively (can be used as a food topper).
  • There are only three recipes to choose from which is less variety than you’d find in a pet store but you may be able to make some customizations for specific dietary restrictions.
  • Spot and Tango food comes frozen, so you’ll need to thaw it before feeding it to your dog and it must stay refrigerated to keep it fresh.
  • There is no number to call for assistance, customer service is only available through email Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you to decide whether Spot and Tango is the best option for your dog.

We were impressed with the quality of the food and the ease of ordering, so we believe the pros outweigh the cons.

Hopefully you’ve learned enough about Spot and Tango fresh food from our experience to make your own decision.

The Final Word

Overall, we think Spot and Tango is an excellent option for your dog. Fresh dog food is obviously of higher quality than the average dry food, but not all fresh food companies are created equal.

Spot and Tango makes it easy to order and customize your meal plan, plus they are very transparent about the quality and safety of their products.

We weren’t concerned about the lack of recipe variety because most fresh food companies only offer three or four options.

What’s more important is the quality of the ingredients and customizing the diet to your dog’s individual calorie requirements. If fresh dog food is in your budget, we recommend considering this brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has Spot and Tango ever been recalled

No, Spot and Tango dog food has never been recalled

Is Spot and Tango food grain-free?

All Spot and Tango recipes are gluten free but one recipe contains brown rice and another contains millet. Millet is technically a seed but is often  treated like a grain. There is also one recipe with red quinoa which is completely grain-free.

Is Spot and Tango food organic?

No, but their ingredients are all human-grade and their foods are prepared in USDA/FDA inspected facilities.

Is Spot and Tango food raw?

No, their recipes are cooked for safety and flash frozen to minimize nutrient loss without the need for preservatives.

How many calories per cup for Spot and Tango food?

Every dog’s meal plan is customized according to your dog’s calorie needs, so the calorie content per cup might vary.

Can I cancel my Spot and Tango food subscription?

Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time by contacting customer service.

Where can I buy Spot and Tango food?

You can order Spot and Tango online through their website or find their products in certain specialty pet stores throughout the Northeast.

Can you heat up Spot and Tango food?

You could, but there is no reason to. The food has already been cooked for safety and arrives fresh (frozen).

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Kate Barrington is avid pet lover and adoring owner of three cats and one dog, her love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care and nutrition. She has been writing about pet care and pet products since 2010
  1. Nina James

    I purchased Spot and Tango and was not happy. With Corona Virus they paused my trial shipment for several months. This is an unreliable company. I'm afraid to do business with them in the event another event Dog won't be able to eat her food. Never responded to my emails to cancel order than all of a sudden, my trial shipped. STAY AWAY!

    • Ron Harris

      Hi Nina we reached to Spot & Tango and here's the reply "Hi Nina, thanks so much for your interest in Spot & Tango. With the complications of COVID-19, we decided to pause all trial order shipments so that our recurring customers would not run out of food. We totally understand that these delays to try out UnKibble are frustrating, and our team will be in touch! We hope you'll consider us again when our lead times are back to normal (2 days)!"

  2. Brooklyn

    I had the complete opposite experience from Nina. I ordered my trial shipment and they gave me an additional 2 weeks to decide whether or not my dog would like the food because of the whole delays with COVID. Not only was my shipment NOT delayed, it arrived within 3 days. I tried another human-grade pet food brand which my dog also liked but I prefer Spot & Tango for the smaller portions which means , once I defrost a package, it doesn't sit in my fridge uneaten for more than half a day. She loves all three flavors. The only thing I need now is for the Unkibble to become available because I want to know if she would prefer that over the frozen food or if she would like a mix.

  3. Jacklyn

    Hi Kate, I am up in Canada but love reading your articles. Is it possible to try a box of NutriCanine they have been getting a ton of publication but the subscription model of dog food still makes me feel unease. Thank you!

    • Kate Barrington

      Hey Jacklyn, we've added NutriCanine to our list of up and coming reviews! I'm trying to order it but not sure I can get it from Canada to the U.S. Fingers crossed!

  4. Janette

    Hi Kate! Interested to hear what dog food you personally use and what you think is the best value?

    • Kate Barrington

      Hey Janette, great question! I personally use The Farmer's Dog. My dog is only about 30 pounds so the price to feed many of the fresh and raw dog foods end up being fairly similar at that weight. If you're looking for value specifically with fresh food, I'd recommend The Farmer's Dog, Nom Nom, or Darwin's (raw). If you're on the fence about raw, Darwin's offers your first 10 pounds for just $14.95 which is probably the best trial I've seen.

  5. Jess

    I paid for the trial and my dog tried the food day one then never ate it again. He was not a fan. My cancelation did not go through and they don’t do refunds. Also I sent 3 emails before someone finally got back to me so by the time they did the food was already at my house. I was told I would have to go out of my way to find somewhere to donate the food that my dog will not eat to only get only 50% of the money back. I would be out money, time, and gas and I will be getting nothing for it. To better help customers I would expect a full refund and for them to take back my item and donate it to a shelter that they know is in need. Also because I complained I am blocked from my account and cannot review on their website so all those wonderful reviews are very carefully hand picked.

    • Kate Barrington

      Hey Jess, sorry you had such a negative experience with Spot & Tango. We always welcome comments about the experiences our readers have had with the brands we try. Hope you found a better option for your pup!

  6. Cheryl

    Very Informative

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