100 Most Popular Girl Hamster Names

August 9, 2018


100 Most Popular Girl Hamster Names

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A pretty hamster girl deserves a pretty name that rightly describes her size, color or personality. There are plentiful of names that your hamster will love. There is no need to call her “cute hammy”.

Different sources can serve as creative inspiration for naming your pet hamster. An endearing name will be a good foundation towards bonding with your lovely pet. Hamster personality or color of fur could influence your naming.

Girl hamsters’ names should be pretty and endearing. A well thought out name adds to the hamster’s charm and personality. It should be a name that is easy to pronounce and sober-sounding that can be used in public.

Best Girl Hamster Names

There are numerous names that will uniquely fit your hamster. The simpler the name, the better for it to register with your pet when you are communicating with her.

  • Alice – a noble hamster
  • Amber – a jeweled name from the yellowish resin
  • Amelia – if your hamster is always busy doing something, name her Amelia
  • Angelina – a wonderful name meaning angel
  • Apple – you hamster is the apple of your eye
  • April – a pretty name if she was born in April
  • Ashes – great name for a grey hamster
  • Ashley – this is a cool name for your girl hamster
  • Beans – she is small and round like a bean
  • Bebe – a cute sounding name for a cute hamster
  • Bella – meaning your hamster is simply beautiful
  • Blondie – great name for a blonde fur hamster
  • Blossom – simply meaning that your hamster looks fresh
  • Bonita – a Spanish name meaning pretty
  • Boots – if her feet are a unique color from her fur, this is a pretty name for her
  • Brownie – for a brown fur hamster
  • Bubbles – if your hamster is forever cheerful, this is a great name for her
  • Butterscotch – for a hamster whose fur is the color of butterscotch
  • Buttons – for a hamster that is small and round like a button
  • Cashmere – for a very soft furred hamster
  • Catnip – this is a cool sounding name
  • Charm – for a hamster that excludes a lot of charm
  • Cheeks – for a hamster whose cheeks are round
  • Chica Chubb – for a hamster that is on the chubbier side
  • Chili – a cool sounding name
  • Chocolat – cute name for a brown fur hamster
  • Cinderella – because your hamster reminds you of Cinderella
  • Cinnamon – does she have the color of cinnamon, great name for her
  • Clover – meaning that both you and your hamster are lucky to have each other
  • Cocoa – a cute name for a brown colored hamster
  • Colette – a great girl hamster name meaning victorious
  • Cookie – if she seems to love cookies
  • Cottonball – cute name for a hamster that looks like a ball of cotton
  • Creampuff – a cute name to give your hamster if she resembles a cream puff
  • Cuddles – for a hamster that loves to cuddle
  • Cupcake – an endearing name for your hamster
  • Cutie Pie – a great name for a girl hamster that is as cute as a pie
  • Daisy – a charming name derived for a flower
  • Darling – a fitting name for a darling girl hamster
  • Diane – for a sweet hamster
  • Dolly – cute name for a hamster that looks like a small doll
  • Dora – a name of Greek origin meaning gift
  • Ella – if you think your hamster is beautiful, this is the name for her
  • Fiona – fair fur or white in color
  • Flora – a name meaning flower
  • Fluffy – an adorable name for your hamster
  • FooFoo – a silly sounding name
  • Freckles – for a hamster that has a dust of freckles on her fur coat
  • Furball – for a hamster that has a lot of fur
  • Georgia – a great girl name meaning worker of the earth
  • Ginger – because your hamster’s fur is ginger colored
  • Goldilocks – cute name for a golden furred hamster
  • Gracie – a great name meaning God’s favor
  • Hazel – a compliment for her hazel eyes
  • Holly – a cute name taken from the holly tree
  • Honey – an adorable name if she is yellow like honey
  • Ivy – a plant name meaning faithfulness
  • Jayla – meaning that your hamster is special
  • Jingles – a fitting name for a hamster that loves to jingle things around
  • Joy – for a hamster that gives you a lot of joy
  • Juliet – if you have a male hamster named Romeo, then you can call her Juliet
  • Kyla – if your hamster looks lovely, this is a great name
  • Lady – well, she is a little lady
  • Lily – a sweet sounding flower name
  • Lucie – a cute name for a girl hamster
  • Lulu – a cute name meaning famous warrior
  • Maggy – a nobble hamster name for her
  • Midnight – for a hamster with a dark or black fur coat
  • Mimi – an easy sounding name for a girl hamster
  • Minnie – if she is super small, call her this name
  • Missy – a great hamster girl name
  • Mittens – simply cute
  • Nibbles – if she likes to nibble on her food
  • Nutmeg – great name for a hamster whose fur is the color of nutmeg
  • Peaches – a sweet name if your hamster’s fur is the color of peaches
  • Pearl – pretty name for a white hamster
  • Pepper – great name if her fur is the color of pepper
  • Pinky – a good option if she has a pink nose, mouth or feet
  • Poppet – an endearing sweet name for a hamster
  • Precious – because she looks so precious
  • Princess – great name for a hamster that looks like a princess
  • Pumpkin – for a round yellow furred hamster
  • Rosie – a cute name representative of a flower
  • Ruby – a gemstone name for a red furred hamster
  • Silver – if her fur has streaks of silver, then this is a cute name for her
  • Smokey – a fitting name for a grey furred hamster
  • Snickums – a cute endearing name
  • Snow White – is she as white as snow? Great name for her
  • Snowball – an adorable name for a hamster that looks like a ball of snow
  • Snuffles – a cute name for girl hamster
  • Sprinkle – if her coat is sprinkled with a different color from the main one
  • Sugar – pretty name if she is as sweet as sugar
  • Sweetpea – a great endearing name
  • Tinkerbell – my favorite name for a hamster that is tiny and cute
  • Tootsie – a fun name to call your girl hamster
  • Ulani – a great name meaning light hearted
  • Victoria – a good name that will make your hamster feel like a conqueror
  • Whiskas – a cute name for a hamster with long whiskers
  • Xana – a fitting name for a golden furred hamster
  • Yonina – little dove
  • Zoe – cute


Final Thoughts

The above awesome name suggestions for your pet hamster are all you need to ensure that you are not calling her “girl hamster.” Your hamster is a ball of personality and overall, a healthy hamster is active, alert and sociable.


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