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The 120 Best Bearded Dragon Names

May 9, 2022


The 120 Best Bearded Dragon Names

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The intimidating bearded dragon is one of the coolest pets around, and we have a list of names that will help you find the perfect name for your pet.

Male Names

Pick a masculine name for your bearded dragon from this list:

  1. Ares– You can use the name of the god of war.
  2. Bane– This powerful name belongs to a Batman villain.
  3. Bard– A play on the word “beard”.
  4. Beardy– You can have fun with the beard part of the name with this cool moniker.
  5. Blackbeard– After the famous pirate.
  6. Deadpool– You could name your cool lizard after the coolest superhero.
  7. Dino– This is a good name for any lizard pet.
  8. Draco– Another dragon-themed name oy might want to consider.
  9. Dragonheart– After the famous dragon film.
  10. Ghidorah– You could go with one of the monsters from the Godzilla movies.
  11. Godzilla– Or you could pick the big movie monster himself.
  12. Gorn– This classic Star Trek character was a lizard creature.
  13. Hercules– You might want to go with a strong name.
  14. Hulk– He’s green and tough, so why not?
  15. Imperious– Tough names work well for these kinds of pets.
  16. Joker– The Batman villain wears green like this lizard.
  17. Kraken– You could name him after the fearsome sea beast.
  18. Leonidas– This mighty warrior makes for a good lizard namesake.
  19. Manuel– Latin names also work well for these desert dwellers.
  20. Maximus– This tough Roman name makes for a good choice.
  21. Mushu– You could name him after the silly dragon from Mulan.
  22. Pablo– Mexican names work very well for these lizards.
  23. Pico– This cutesy name is a good Latin pick.
  24. Puff– After the magic dragon of book and film.
  25. Rango– After the Johnny Depp-voiced cartoon character.
  26. Rex– This great lizard names means “king”.
  27. Rocky– You could give him a name after his tough exterior.
  28. Salvador– Latin names like this one have a certain suaveness to them.
  29. Shadow– A mysterious name like this might work well.
  30. Sir Francis Drake– This famous explorer has a name that is similar to Draco or dragon.
  31. Smaug– The fearsome dragon from The Lord of the Rings.
  32. Sonic– You could use this video game character’s name for a fast lizard.
  33. Spyro– This is a video game dragon whose name you might want to consider.
  34. Thor– Or you may want to go with this powerful Norse god.
  35. Titan– You can give yourlizard a really tough, strong name like this.
  36. Venom– A dangerous name might be a good choice as well.
  37. Viggo– This tough-sounding name is good for your tough bearded dragon.
  38. Viper– Snake names work really well too.
  39. Volcano– The dragon part of bearded dragons always makes us think of breathing fire.
  40. Yoda– This silly name works well when you don’t want anyone to take your pet too seriously.

Female Names

You’ll need a sweet name for your female bearded dragon. Here are a few for you to pick from:

  1. Athena– You could give your pet a goddess’ name,
  2. Barbie– Or you could name her after the dainty fashion icon.
  3. Bella– This popular name works for any female pet.
  4. Bellatrix– This version of Bella has a more exotic flair to it.
  5. Catherine the Great– Royal names are magnificent for pets.
  6. Cleopatra– You could go with the famous ruler for your lizard.
  7. Cutie Pie– Or you could give her an endearing name like this.
  8. Diamond– This name is both tough and beautiful at once.
  9. Diana– The famed goddess is a good choice too.
  10. Dolly– A sweet, innocent name is a nice choice for these often fearsome looking creatures.
  11. Eliza– This is a fun play on the word “lizard”.
  12. Emerald– You could pick this because emeralds and lizards are both green.
  13. Firestar– Fire names like this Marvel superhero work well for bearded dragons.
  14. Francesca– This lovely Latin name is a good option or this desert creature.
  15. Glenda– Because she is green like the Wicked Witch of the West.
  16. Honey– A completely sweet name is a good option too.
  17. Jade– Because your dragon is green like the gemstone.
  18. Jasmine– This lovely name might make you think of flowers or a Disney princess.
  19. Jubilee– Named after the fireworks–throwing Marvel character.
  20. Lady– A simple yet elegant name you might consider.
  21. Lexi– This one is really popular for lizard pets.
  22. Lizzy– Here is a fun play on the word “lizard”.
  23. Maki– This exotic name might fit your bearded dragon perfectly.
  24. Medusa– Ancient creature names work well for bearded dragons.
  25. Minnie– You could go with something ironically cute and sweet.
  26. Mulan– For the character from the Disney movie with a small dragon.
  27. Nefertiti– This Egyptian queen makes for a great namesake.
  28. Nessie– You could name your pet after the Loch Ness monster.
  29. Olivia– Because she is green like an olive.
  30. Powderpuff– This cuddly name is ironically cute.
  31. Queen Elizabeth– Royalty is certainly fitting for these creatures.
  32. Rainbow– The sunlight can make your lizard look colorful
  33. Seashell– Shell names make for good choices for these scaly creatures.
  34. Selina– You might want to go with this famous Latin name.
  35. Selma– Another Latin name that’s simply iconic.
  36. Shellfire– Fire and hard shells in one name make for a perfect choice.
  37. Sparkles– This fun, feminine name may suit your sweet bearded dragon.
  38. Star Sapphire– You could go with this colorful DC Comics character.
  39. Starfire– Or this fiery DC Comics character.
  40. Sweetie– You may just want an endearing name.

Unisex Names

You can use these names for male or female bearded dragons:

  1. Ash– Good for any dragon pets.
  2. Beast– You could give your pet a threatening, dangerous name.
  3. Bugatti– Or you could name it after a race car.
  4. Cactus– Since they live in the desert, bearded dragons could benefit from a name like this.
  5. Copper– Metallic names work well for any lizard, so you can probably think up some of your own.
  6. Cucumber– Like the green vegetable.
  7. Cuddles– A fun, very cute name for your dragon.
  8. Dragonfly– This fun name has “dragon” right in it.
  9. Echidna– For the sharp edges of your bearded dragon, you maychoose this relative of the hedgehog.
  10. Ferrari– You might want to choose luxury car name.
  11. Fluffy– This kind of ironic name can be a lot of fun.
  12. Griller– For the fire breathing that fictitious dragons are known for.
  13. Hydra– A fearsome, mythological creature.
  14. Jalapeno– Green and spicy characteristics make this food the perfect namesake.
  15. Jaws– A dangerous name can be a lot of fun.
  16. Kerosene– For the fire that dragons often breathe in stories.
  17. Kevlar– For its tough exterior.
  18. Lava– Fire-themed names make perfect sense.
  19. Mustang– You could opt for a stylish car name.
  20. Pickles– Or you may want a fun food name.
  21. Pokey– Any spike-type name is a good choice.
  22. Porcupine– The bearded dragon needs to be handled carefully, just like a porcupine.
  23. Porsche– Sportscar names are popular for these pets.
  24. Prickles– Your bearded dragon can be very prickly.
  25. Python-We love snake names for lizards.
  26. Sandy– Desert dwellers could use a name like this.
  27. Scaly– This works for any lizard pet.
  28. Scamper– Great for fast lizards.
  29. Scooter– Save this name for a quick-moving lizard.
  30. Scorcher– Fire names are certainly appropriate for your pet bearded dragon.
  31. Scratch– For dragons who like to claw.
  32. Smoky– Smoke and fire themes are always top choices for naming bearded dragons.
  33. Smolder– Here is another fire name for you to consider.
  34. Snapdragon– A cool dragon-type name that is so creative.
  35. Spikey– For how pokey your dragon can be to handle
  36. Thunder– Tough names like this make a great impression.
  37. Tinderbox– Or you could just choose a fire-themed name.
  38. Viper– Your lizard pet looks a lot like a dangerous snake.
  39. Whiskers– Cuddly and adorable are usually not words to describe a lizard, and neither is this name, but it is so funny.
  40. Zardo– Finally, you may want to pick an exotic sounding name like this that plays with the end of the word “lizard”.

If you found one you adore, then please tell us about it.

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