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The 135 Most Popular Boy & Girl Pet Rat Names

July 14, 2018


The 135 Most Popular Boy & Girl Pet Rat Names

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Pet lovers have a diverse choice for pet animals. These days you can hear stories of your friends bringing home a rabbit for a pet, or even a pig.

Whether its ferrets, hedgehogs, iguanas and even rats, there are an infinite amount of choices. A lot of it has to do with the uniqueness or adorability of each pet.

  • Stuart – A famous name from the famous Stuart Little movie.
  • Whiskers – An incredibly suitable and relevant name for your rat due to the word itself.
  • Ferry – For the ones who are merry and cheerful.
  • Skipper – This is a great name because they are always running and skipping around the place.
  • Sandy – Fits best for your rat with sandy brown skin.
  • Pebbles – A very popular name for a pet rat.
  • Percy – A popular name for any mouse character.
  • Jerry – One of the most popular cartoon characters in the world from Tom and Jerry.
  • Scabbers – This name derives from the ever-famous Harry Potter series.
  • Wormtail – This is a name is from one of the Harry Potter film’s characters that were a rat.
  • Remy – A name by a popular children’s movie.
  • Splinter – A very badass and mysterious name. This is because this was the master of the Ninja Turtles.
  • Ace – This is a great name because it means ‘best of them all.’
  • Bruno – A very groovy and a cool name for a pet.
  • Beans – This works with a small and adorable pet.
  • Bobby – A simple and a common name.
  • Cheese – It is really smart to name your rat after a thing it may love.
  • Fudge – Great for your brown looking fudgy rat.
  • Dodo – Simple, decent and chic. It also sounds funny.

Cool Pet Rat Names

  • Gotham– The dark city where Batman hangs out.
  • Hades– The place of souls in Greek mythology could be a haunting name for your pet rat.
  • Indigo– Why not choose a color name?
  • Inky– This dark name would be perfect for a pitch black pet rat.
  • Ivory– A fun and ironic name to get people talking.
  • Java– Coffee names are ideal for dark pets.
  • Kuro– Japanese for “black”.
  • Licorice– The dark candy treat.
  • Midnight– Why not choose this time of night for your pet’s name?
  • Misfit– This name has a bit of an edge to it, which is perfect for dark pets.
  • Mocha– Coffee names are great for any dark pets.
  • Muddy– This can be an affectionate name for your dark pet.
  • Necromancer– Wizards and magical names are a good pick for dark pets.
  • Ninja– A skilled sneaky person could be a good namesake for your pet rat.
  • Noir– This French word means “dark”.
  • Nox– Means lights out.
  • Omen– A scary name can give your pet a hint of danger to them.
  • Onyx– This precious stoneis often black.
  • Pepsi– The dark soft drink.
  • Phantom– A scary and haunting name for your pet.
  • Pitch– Like the dark tar used on roads.
  • Raisin– The dark, dried grape can be a good namesake.
  • Raven– You could go with the name of a dark pet rat.
  • Rorschach– This ink blot test is a good choice too.
  • Rubber– This dark material that makesup our tires might work as well.
  • Shady– Good for pet rat who are up to no good and have “shady” habits.
  • Sharpie– Like the marker.
  • Silhouette– Shadowy names like this lend an air of mystery to your pet.
  • Smoky– Good for white and grey or pet rat.
  • Smudge– A cutesy name you might consider.
  • Soot– For a pet rat with dirty, black markings.
  • Spider– The often dark and sometimes scary creatures are good namesakes for back pets.
  • Sunset– This time of night can give your pet rat a romantic name.
  • Tarot– If you want something mystical, you might consider the tarot cards as a namesake.
  • Thirteen– This unlucky number is good for black pets of all kinds.
  • Thunder– An imposing name could be a good choice.
  • Twilight– Nighttime names are worth considering.
  • Yin– the dark part of the yin/yang symbol.
  • Frank – A smart choice for a smart looking rat.

Funny Pet Rat Names

  • Honey – Because our pets are sweet little creatures to us.
  • Looper – This is a cute little name for a pet that loves to run around in circles.
  • Mickey – A simple and a sleek name that everyone is familiar with.
  • Marshmallow – A popular name for all kinds of pet, especially puffy ones.
  • Ozzy – A famous children character`s name.
  • Peanut – This is a great name for a small dog.
  • Peggy – For mushy and stuffed rats.
  • Xavier – A very mysterious and a shady name.
  • Nibbles – Perfect name for the nibbling habit of pets.
  • Bubbles – A perfect name for snow-white skinned rats
  • Poppet – A very adorable and attractive name for your pet rat
  • Crumbs – Perfectly fit for a rat who leaves crumbs behind after eating
  • Ralph – An energetic and vibrant name
  • Rebel – For your rebellious natured rat pet
  • Roger – For your obedient pet who listens to your every command
  • Crookshanks – A very rare and a creative name for your pet
  • Kenny – A simple name for your quiet and shy pet
  • Maggie – An extremely cheery name for a cheerful pet
  • Finn – If your pet rat likes to swim and play in the water a lot
  • Hoover – A very rare kind of a name for a pet rat
  • Freddie – Name of a famous children`s cartoon character
  • Monty – A handsome name for your hunky pet
  • Buck – A popular and very relevant name for a pet rat
  • Poppy – For your sweet-natured pet
  • Juniper – A made up name with a nice ring to it
  • Mario – A very catchy name with a groovy touch to it
  • Buttercup – A perfect name which incorporates the cuteness of your pet rat
  • Abby – A cute name with a pretty sound to it
  • Chica – A name with a groovy Spanish touch to it
  • Abel – A new and a rare kind of a name
  • Andy – A common and a simple name for your pet
  • Billy – Sounds like a name for a cat, but is fit for a rat
  • Boots – You had Puss in boots and now you have rats in boots
  • Jazz – For your pet rat who has an ear for jazz
  • Jesse – A perfect name from your female pet rat
  • Brownie – Because they are all scrumptious and adorable
  • Eddy – A common name used for every kind of pet
  • Pip – Perfectly fits the physique of the animal
  • Peter – Another name derived from a cartoon character
  • Ruby – Your pet is a total gem so why not name it after one?
  • Maddie – A feminine name for your female pet rat
  • Dusty – Incorporates the sandy brownish color of your rat`s skin perfectly
  • Dappy – One of the most used names for every kind of pet, especially a rat
  • Betty – A simple name with a nice ring to it
  • Benny – A monosyllabic name for your simple pet
  • Chip – A one-word name that is firm and suitable
  • Ruffle – A name perfectly fit for a tough cookie
  • Scarlet – A lavish name for your princess or princesses
  • Cheddar – A perfect name for the lover of cheese
  • Booboo – Doesn’t make sense but sounds extremely cool
  • Howie – For a rodeo like a character of your rat
  • Brenden – This is a handsome choice of name
  • Robb – A cool name for a rat with cool tricks
  • Ellie – A well suitable name for a cuddly female rat
  • Troubles – A good name for a rat who makes trouble
  • Raphael – A name with a holy spirit
  • Furball – They may not have a lot of furs but it’s a nice name
  • Templeton – Name from the famous movie Charlotte`s Web
  • Chatter – For your pet who never shuts up

Baby Pet Rat Names

  • Skitty – A perfect name for your energetic and athletic pet rat
  • Crackles – No relation to anything but sounds like a cool name
  • Crawford – A very sophisticated and an intellectual name
  • Busters – For the naughty ones
  • Robby – Because your pet is smoking hot
  • Philips – Smart and intellectual
  • Junie – For the little ones
  • Jasper – A popular and catchy name for your rat
  • Buddy – For your friendly pet rat
  • Skittles – Sounds rare and original
  • Wendy – For your pet who is a fast runner
  • Duke – Has a nice ring to it
  • Tiffany – Pretty, chic and dramatic
  • Pooch – Perfect for their mushy physique
  • Hamlet – For your rat who loves theater
  • Pascale – For your artistic pet
  • Trixie – For trickster types
  • Jimmy – Simple, fun and elegant
  • Donald – A good name for a political rat
  • Gale – A simpleton choice for a name
  • Husky – Complements the appearance of your rat perfectly

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a million names you can find to name your pet, but the best thing that your pet will ever need is your love and care. Therefore, to find the right name look through the list above. Choose a name for your pet which best fits its personality and taste.


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