120 Cute and Adorable Lovebird Names

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Lovebird names


120 Cute and Adorable Lovebird Names

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If you have a sweet little lovebird that needs a name, you’ve come to the right place. You might be wondering if lovebirds can even recognize their own name, and the answer is (not so surprisingly) – yes! Lovebirds do respond to their names.

How can I teach my bird its name?

An easy way to teach your lovebird its name is to use a tasty treat (sunflower seeds, small pieces of fruit, etc), gently say its name to him and reward him immediately. To make this method effective, make sure to repeat this sequence for up to 15 minutes.

To find the cutest name for your lovebird, check out our list of male, female and unisex names. We hope you find one that fits your bird perfectly.

Male Names

lovebird male names

One of these masculine names may be ideal for your cute lovebird:

1. Romeo– This classical lover is the perfect name for a lovebird.
2. Crackers– Food names are very fun for pets.
3. Tweeter– A good choice for a noisy, talkative bird.
4. Whistler– A great name for a talkative pet.
5. Green Hornet– Try this superhero name for your green bird.
6. Hulk– People will laugh when they hear you chose this mighty hero’s name for
your small bird.
7. Lime– You could have fun with this food name.
8. Avocado– Green-themed names are good choices for lovebirds.
9. Berry– It sounds like the name “Barry” but has a food theme to it.
10. Sir Harry– You could give your bird a regal name.
11. Captain Pickles– We love funny names like this.
12. Benjamin– You could give your bird a nice human name.
13. Pablo– Or you could choose a flavorful, exotic name.
14. Burrito– Or a fun, food name like this.
15. Chase– If you have a fast bird, then this might be a good name.
16. Speedy– This is another great name for a fast bird.
17. Buddy– This is a good name for a bird who will be your good friend.
18. Chipper– This name can describe the bird’s temperament or talking noises.19. Casanova- You could choose this one for a bird that likes the ladies.
20. Bogart– The famous movie romancer.
21. Hercules– Why not choose a strongman’s name for your little bird?
22. Spike– Or you could give him a dangerous name.
23. Tango– This is a great name for tropical pets.
24. Mac– And you can name the other lovebird “Cheese”.
25. Bo– Something short and cute would work well for your bird.
26. Shadow– Or you could go with something mysterious.
27. Smokey– This is also a mysterious-sounding name.
28. Zazu– You could use the famous bird from The Lion King.
29. Iago– Or you could use this other Disney bird.
30. Jose– This a great name for a tropical pet.
31. Pirate– This is a good one for any parrot-type bird.
32. Paulie– Here is a classic parrot name.
33. Guac– Like the green condiment guacamole.
34. Disco– You could use this fun name for your bird.
35. Wasabi– Lovebirds look like the green condiment.
36. Zeus– The Greek god of thunder and lightning.
37. Sinbad– You could give your bird an exotic and fun name.
38. Thunder– A powerful name like this can be fun.
39. Axel– A tough name like this is always fun for small pets.
40. Goliath– Tough names like this are great fun.

Female Names

Female lovebird Names
Here are a bunch of cute female names for your lovebird:

41. Juliet– The famed lover.
42. Victoria– You could use a regular girl’s name for your bird.
43. Sweetie– Endearing names are good choices for female birds.
44. Cutie– A very literal description of your bird.
45. Rosie– A sweet girl’s name like this is appropriate.
46. Delilah– You could use this famous lover’s name for your bird.
47. Shorty– This endearing name describes your bird’s height well.
48. Kissy– Sweet names are always a good option.
49. Sunshine– If your bird makes you happy, then you could use this name.
50. Luna– You could try this name meaning “moon” in Spanish.
51. Huggles– Good for a bird that is lovable.
52. Snuggles– Another loveable bird name.
53. Fern– Good name for green birds.
54. Ivy– This is another great green pet name.
55. Petal– Flower names work great for female pets.
56. Fiesta– You could use this Latino name for your tropical bird.
57. Peaches– A sweet name like this is good for a girl bird.
58. Dream– Here is another very sweet name.
59. Melody– Your bird probably makes a lovely sound.
60. Bella– This popular girl’s name is perfect for your bird.
61. Gwendoline– You could give your pet an elegant name.
62. Violet– Another great flower name for your bird.
63. Sarah– This classic name is good for any female pet.
64. Zoe– You could go with a popular girl’s name.65. Abby- Human girl names are good choices for female pets.
66. Harley– Try this popular name for your lovebird.
67. Sparkles– This is a cute name we just love.
68. Queenie– You could name your bird with a regal title.
69. Princess– Choose this one for bird royalty.
70. Bonita– This name means pretty in Spanish.
71. Crystal– Jewel names make good choices for female pets.
72. Diamond– Because your bird shines bright in its coloring and personality.
73. Ruby– For the red marking lovebirds sometimes have.
74. Angel– Describes your bird’s sweet personality well.
75. Olive– Food names that match your pet’s coloring are always a good choice.
76. Pearl– Jewel names like this are ideal for female pets.
77. Teal– A good name to describe your bird’s coloring.
78. Aqua– Like the green-blue coloring of your bird.
79. Clementine– Sweet like the oranges, this name is great for lovebirds.
80. Dove– A sweet bird would be the perfect namesake for your lovebird.

Unisex Baby Lovebird Names

Baby Lovebird Names
Whether you have a male or female lovebird or just don’t know what you have,
one of these names would be perfect:

81. Chirpie– For a very talkative bird.
82. Doodle– Here is a fun one you may want to try.
83. Snickers– A fun sweet name that works well for small birds.
84. Scooter– This is another fun name that gives the notion of speed.
85. Coco– This sweet name is good for tropical birds.
86. Mango– Lovebirds are tropical birds that could do with tropical names.87. Cabana- Here is another tropical-sounding name.
88. Coconut– Tropical foods make for good lovebird name choices.
89. Bermuda– Place names work well too.
90. Pepper– Food names like these are great for pets.
91. Paprika– The red of this spice may remind you of your colorful bird.
92. Parsley– The green coloring in your bird may make you want to use this name.
93. Ollie– This is a fun name that doesn’t get used enough.
94. Domino– Good for colorful pets.
95. Skittles– This cutesy name also evokes thoughts of color.
96. Kiwi– Because lovebirds are green like the Australian fruit.
97. Pumpkin– This endearing name is good for a cute lovebird.
98. Poppy– Here is a fun name that evokes thoughts of something small and cute.
99. Bubbles– Perfect for a bird with a bubbly personality.
100. Rainbow– Lovebirds can be quite colorful.
101. Cookie– This is such an adorable name for your pet.
102. Pip– We love cutesy names like this for lovebirds.
103. Cash– Because your bird is green like money.
104. Buttons– The phrase “cute as a button” may apply to your bird.
105. Budgie– Like the other small, green bird.
106. Peedie– Here is a cutesy name to consider.
107. Boss– Try this if your bird is really the one in charge.
108. Echo– This gives your bird a bit of an exotic and mysterious flair.
109. Sparky– This name evokes thoughts of energy and happiness.
110. Spud– A friendly name like this is good for your lovebird.111. Mocha- Use this name for birds with a bit of darker coloring.
112. Butterscotch– Sweet and yellow describes some lovebirds.
113. Starbucks– You could name the bird after your favorite coffee shop.
114. Saffron– The yellow in your bird may evoke this spice.
115. Dusty– Great for birds with lighter coloring.
116. Sunset– Your bird’s coloring maybe reminiscent of the sunset.
117. Moonbeam– You could pick a name with some mystery and wonder to it.
118. Starlight– Like moonbeam, this name is full of magic and mystery.
119. Tamale– Why not choose an exotic pepper name?
120. Puff– Pairs great with the name Coco.

We hope that you found a name that inspires you to name your lovebird from this list. If you’re a real lovebird fan (who isn’t?) then we suggest you learn more about caring for your sweet bird, setting up its habitat and some fun lovebird facts in our article here.

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