270 Funny & Cute Bird Names

May 5, 2022


270 Funny & Cute Bird Names

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When it’s time to name a bird, you want to choose the perfect name. Here is a huge list of names for you to pick from.

Male Names

Image Credit: Unmesh Gaikwad

We think you might find a good male name from this list:

  1. Alejandro– You could give you bird a suave, Latin name.
  2. Alfred Pennyworth– Or you might want to name him after the distinguished butler from the Batman comics.
  3. Armageddon– You could give your bird a very fierce name.
  4. Barney– Or name any purple bird after the television dinosaur character.
  5. Batman– You might want to go with an iconic superhero name for your bird.
  6. Beaker– Or choose a fun play on the word “beak”.
  7. Beakman– It’s a play on the bird’s features and a Ghostbusters character.
  8. Beefcake– Big, tough names can be ironically funny.
  9. Big Bill– Good for a duck, because of their bill, but a strong name for any bird.
  10. Big Bird– You could choose the Sesame Street character as a namesake.
  11. Billy– Another good option for a duck and a play on “bill”.
  12. Birdbrain– If your bird is easily confused, you maywant to use this funny name.
  13. Blackbeard– Pirate names like this are great for parrots.
  14. Blue– You could name your bird after the blue macaw from the movie Rio.
  15. Bobo– Or you could go with a completely silly name.
  16. Booboo– You could try this variation as well.
  17. Buddy– For a bird who is a great friend.
  18. Calico– A famous pirate.
  19. Casper– You could name a white bird after the friendly ghost.
  20. Casanova– Save this one for a lovebird.
  21. Chip– This cute name can be used for any kind of bird.
  22. Claws– You could give your bird a dangerous name.
  23. Crackerjack– This pirate name is great for parrots.
  24. Crackers– This is a good one for a parrot butworks for just about any bird.
  25. Daffy– The famous cartoon duck.
  26. Don Juan– You might want to name your bird after the famous Latin lover.
  27. Donald– Another famous cartoon duck that makes for a good name.
  28. Donatello– You could name a bird with green and purple after the ninja turtle.
  29. Drake– This pirate’s name is common enough to work for any kind of bird.
  30. Duke– This name has notes of power and royalty in it.
  31. Dusty– You can use this for any reddish or brownish bird.
  32. Einstein– Why not name your bird after the genius?
  33. Elvis– This works good for cockatiels since they have a crest.
  34. Foghorn Leghorn– You could use the famous cartoon rooster’s name.
  35. Goblin– A scary name that’s good for making your bird sound dangerous.
  36. Godzilla– Another big, scary name that can be ironic for smaller birds.
  37. Gumby– This works well for any green bird, after the silly cartoon character.
  38. Gustavo– We think Latin names are great for parrots and similar birds.
  39. Handsome– Do you have a good-looking bird? Why not give him a name that says so?
  40. Hook– You could choose an evil pirate’s name.
  41. Hootie– If your bird is a hoot or just likes to make noise.
  42. Howard– After the famous Marvel duck character.
  43. Iago– After the Disney parrot, good for red birds.
  44. Jack Sparrow– This movie pirate makes for a great bird name.
  45. James Bond– You could choose a name that says sophistication, charm and danger.
  46. John Legend– Or you could go with the name of a famous singer.
  47. Joker– You might want to name your bird after the maniacalBatman villain.
  48. Jolly Roger– This is a pirate name that is ideal for a happy bird.
  49. Jose– Latin names like this are good for any bird from the Caribbean, Latin America or South America.
  50. King– Royal names will make your bird seem distinguished.
  51. Leonardo– Use this for a green and blue bird after the ninja turtle.
  52. Lightning– Good for a white, yellow or blue bird and for one that is fast.
  53. Long John Silver– This famous pirate name is best for birds with some white in their wings and long feathers for maximum comedic effect.
  54. Matey– This pirate greeting works as a cute name.
  55. Meathead– Use this for a big, tough bird.
  56. Michelangelo– You may want this one for a green and orange bird, after the ninja turtle.
  57. Milton– A fun name that plays on the word “molt”, which is birds losing their feathers.
  58. Bubbles– This name sounds both fun and distinguished.
  59. Nigel– You could pick the name of the evil bird from the movie Rio.
  60. Ninja- Choose this for a dark or sneaky bird.
  61. Olly– A good name for a green bird, like the color olive.
  62. Oscar– This can be for a green bird, named after Oscar the Grouch.
  63. Peabody– Good for green birds.
  64. Peanut– A great choice for smaller birds.
  65. Pedro– This classic Latin name is a lot of fun for pet birds.
  66. Pegleg– Try this silly pirate name, especially for a bird that wobbles.
  67. Perry– A version of parrot.
  68. Peter Pan– A great choice for green birds.
  69. Petrie-This funny name is what scientists call a dish they study samples in, butit soundslike to could be a name as well.
  70. Pip– If your bird is very small, then this could be a silly name for it.
  71. Pipsqueak– A funny name for a small bird.
  72. Prince– A royal name that’s fit for your bird.
  73. Pteradon– Why not choose a cool dinosaur name?
  74. Puff Daddy– This funny name is good for a strutting bird.
  75. Rambo– You may want to give your bird a tough but silly name.
  76. Raphael– You could choose this ninja turtle name for a red and green bird.
  77. Raptor– This fierce name is a great choice.
  78. Rex– Why not choose a tough dinosaur name for your bird?
  79. Rocky– You could pick the name of the famous movie boxer.
  80. Romeo– Or you could choose this great lovebird name for your cute bird
  81. Rooster– Give this name to a bird with a crest.
  82. Sammy Sosa– This classic bird name “Sammy” is always a good choice, but adding the baseball player to it makes it a fun name.
  83. Santiago– We like the exoticness of this Latin name.
  84. Scrooge– The cartoon duck that loves money is a good name for a stingy, greedy bird.
  85. Senor Toucan– This funny Latin name is good for any bird with a big beak or alot of colors.
  86. Shakespeare– You could choose the great author for your bird’s name.
  87. Sir Chirps-a-Lot– Use this for a noisy bird.
  88. Skallywag– A great pirate name that has some humor to it.
  89. Smee– You could use this pirate’s name for any short, rotund birds.
  90. Sultan– Try this for a puffed up, snooty bird.
  91. Swole– Use this for a tough, strong bird if you want a good laugh.
  92. Talon– This dangerous name is good for birds who like to scratch.
  93. Tennyson– You could name your bird after the writer.
  94. Thunderbeak– Give your bird a sense of danger.
  95. Tiger– A tough animal name makes for a good option.
  96. Tiny– Use this for a small bird or pick it as a big bird’s name for comedic affect.
  97. Tortuga– This classic pirate port city is a great option.
  98. Toucan Sam– You could go with the Fruit Loops cereal mascot.
  99. Tweety– Why not choose the famous yellow cartoon bird?
  100. William Kidd– Another famous pirate.
  101. Winger– An affectionate name for your flying friend.
  102. Wingman– For a bird who accompanies you everywhere.
  103. Yoda– Good name for green birds, named after the Star Wars character.
  104. Zapper– A good name for a bird who eats a lot of bugs.
  105. Zazu– Named after The Lion King

Female Names

Image Credit: Boris Smokrovic

Try one of these feminine names for your girl bird:

  1. Baby– You may want an affectionate name.
  2. Barbie– For a bird that seems kind of vain.
  3. Belle– Why not choose a cute name that’s very popular right now?
  4. Birdie– You could go very literal with your naming.
  5. Chloe– This cute name is also quite popular.
  6. Cleopatra– You could name your bird after Egyptian royalty.
  7. Crystal– Gem names are great for female cute bird
  8. Cuddles– Use this one if you have a lovable bird.
  9. Daisy– You could pick the name of the famous cartoon duck.
  10. Delilah– The historical seductress is a popular name for female cute bird
  11. Diamond– For a bird with brilliant coloring.
  12. Diva– For a bird who is all about herself.
  13. Dixie– Birds who like to sing or who are from the southern United States may be a good fit for this name.
  14. Doll– For a lovely bird.
  15. Dove– For a sweet, gentle bird.
  16. Emerald– Try gemstone nameslike this to match your bird’s beauty.
  17. Fairy– This feminine name is a good choice for delicate birds.
  18. Faith– Adorable, simple names make for cute choices for your bird.
  19. Fern– You may want this one for a green bird.
  20. Gem– The beauty and splendor of your bird can be captured in a single word.
  21. Goldie– If your bird is yellow or golden colored, then consider this name.
  22. Gorgeous– Why not describe your bird’s beauty?
  23. Harley– You could name your bird after the DC comics character.
  24. Honey– For brown or yellow birds.
  25. Huntress– For a bit of danger in your bird name.
  26. Isis– This goddess name is a good choice for any kind of bird.
  27. Ivy– You may want to pick this one for a green bird.
  28. Jade– This gemstone is a good choice for a green bird.
  29. Jasmine– Any gemstone name will do for most female birds.
  30. Jewel– A cute game name for your cute bird.
  31. Juliet– You could go with the classic lover’s name.
  32. Katniss– Or choose the hero from the Hunger Games movies and books.
  33. Kimmy– The Full House character remakes for a cute bird name.
  34. Lily– This classic name is just so sweet and good for white birds.
  35. Lime– You can use this one for green birds.
  36. Maizey– A good choice for a golden or green bird, named after maize, which is another name for corn.
  37. Mockingjay– You may want to pick this bird-themed name from The Hunger Games.
  38. Peaches-You can choose this name for its sweetness or its association with the light orange color.
  39. Pear– Short for parrot.
  40. Pebbles– Good for smaller birds.
  41. Penny– A good choice for any small bird or a copper-colored one.
  42. Pepper– You maywant to use this as a fun name for a black and white bird.
  43. Polly– This classic bird name has a pirate theme to it, making it ideal for parrots.
  44. Precious– For your sweet and precious cute bird
  45. Prim– For a stuck-up, snooty bird.
  46. Princess– For a bird that looks like royalty.
  47. Priscilla– This is a nice, prim and proper name for a bird that seems stuck up.
  48. Queen– Royal names are always cute for birds.
  49. Rihanna– You could choose the famous singer as the namesake.
  50. Rose– This is a lovely name for any color of bird.
  51. Roxy– This name had some strength and edge to it for your bird.
  52. Skye– A great name for blue birds.
  53. Snuggles– Pick this one for a friendly bird.
  54. Sweetie– Adorable, endearing names like this are always so cute.
  55. Sweetpea– This is another cute choice that can serve double meaning with a green bird.
  56. Taylor– This common name can be a pun on the word “tail”.
  57. Trixie– Here is a fun one that is good for anykind of female bird.

Unisex Names

Image Credit: Jan Meeus

You could use these names whether you have a male or female bird:

  1. Avocado– Why not name your green birdafter the green food?
  2. Birdo– This play on words is the name of a Mario Bros character.
  3. Birdy– You could chooseavery literal name.
  4. Bloopers– For a silly bird who is kind of a klutz.
  5. Bullhorn- For a very loud bird.
  6. Butterfeathers– A play on “butterfingers” for a clumsy bird.
  7. Chatterbox– For a bird that never stops talking.
  8. Cheepers– This is for a bird who likesto sing or talk a lot.
  9. Chewy– You could name your bird after the StarWars character if it is brown.
  10. Chipper– Can describe your bird’s attitude or noises.
  11. Chippie– A cute name for smaller birds.
  12. Chirpy– Ideal for a talkative bird.
  13. Chuckles– For a bird who is always happy.
  14. Clacker– Describes the way your bird makes noise as he moves around his perch.
  15. Clicker– A similar name that you might want to consider as well.
  16. Cocktail– A punny name for a cockatiel.
  17. Coco– You can use this for a brown bird or for any tropical one.
  18. Crackers– This silly name is good for parrots.
  19. Crispy– This is just a great name that would be even funnier if used for a dark bird.
  20. Disco– Try this for a colorful bird.
  21. Doodles– How cute is this silly name?
  22. Feathers– Literal names are kind of funny.
  23. Fluffy– Birds are not fluffy at all, of course which is what makes this name so much fun.
  24. Foghorn– For your loud bird.
  25. Fowler– This is a fun name that’s charmingly literal.
  26. Freebird– For rock fans and those who like cool names.
  27. Goose-It’s always fun to name cute bird after different animals.
  28. Jelly– For a cute bird that could be any color.
  29. Jolly– This is both a pirate name and a good name for a happy bird.
  30. Kiwi– Use this one if you have a green bird.
  31. Klutz– This will make a great name for a clumsy bird.
  32. Little Foot– For small birds, you can try this pirate name.
  33. Loudmouth– You could choose a silly name that describes your bird’s talkative nature.
  34. Lucky– A classic that’s still a fun name.
  35. Megabyte– This technological themed name has a great beak pun to it.
  36. Mockingbird– use this for a mocking parrot.
  37. Muffin– This cutesy name just makes your bird sound adorable.
  38. Nat– A nice choice for a just about any bird, but it sounds like the small insect gnat, making it a good pick for small birds.
  39. Nibbles– Why not name your bird after its favorite activity, eating?
  40. Noodle– A good choice for a long, slender bird.
  41. Nugget– A nice pick for a small, cute bird.
  42. One-Eye– A funny pirate name to consider.
  43. Pea– Good for green or blue birds.
  44. Peck– Describes what your bird likes to do.
  45. Peepers– A good choice for sleepy birds.
  46. Perchy– Describes how your bird rests in its cage.
  47. Percy– A fun play on “perch”
  48. Phoenix– For a bird that has red or orange coloring.
  49. Phobia– Pick this for a bird who is afraid of everything.
  50. Pickles– A fun name for any green bird.
  51. Piglet– Good for birds that are small and have pink coloring.
  52. Pippin– A nice name for any small bird.
  53. Pirate– You could give this name to a parrot.
  54. Plucky– Try this one with a spirited bird.
  55. Pompadour– Any bird with a crest will benefit from this name.
  56. Pontiac– Car names make for fun bird names.
  57. Poochy– You might expect this name for a dog, so it’s pretty funny on a bird.
  58. Quackers– For noisy birds or any duck.
  59. Repeater– Try this one for a parrot.
  60. Ruffles– Describes your bird’s feathers and also the name of a potato chip, making it a fun choice.
  61. Scooter– You can use this for just about any bird as a fun name.
  62. Scrapper– Ideal for a bird who likesto get into a fight.
  63. Scratch– Good for birds with some sharp talons.
  64. Scuttles– Good for a bird who walks funny.
  65. Shortie– An affectionate name for your small bird.
  66. Skipper– Yet another great pirate name choice.
  67. Skittles– Ideal for a colorful bird.
  68. Snappy– For a bird with some attitude.
  69. Snickers– For a sweet bird or one that laughs often.
  70. Speck– Try this one on a smaller bird.
  71. Squawk– For your noisy cute bird
  72. Strutter– For a bird who thinks he is all that.
  73. Sunny– For a red, orange or yellow bird.
  74. Sunshine– You can use this for brightly colored birds as well.
  75. Taco– A fun food name is always a good choice.
  76. Tico– This Latin name is charming as well.
  77. Tik-Tok– This name just sounds funny.
  78. Trickster– For a bird who is silly and sneaky.
  79. Trouble– For a bird that lives up to his name.
  80. Twinkles– You can use this as an endearing name for you lovely bird.
  81. Waddles– Describes the way that many birds walk.
  82. Whistler– A good name for a bird who likes to sing.
  83. Widget – You may want a silly name like this that is often use for smaller birds.
  84. Wiggles– A cuddly, funny name you may consider.
  85. Woody– Like the cartoon woodpecker.
  86. Yakky– For a non-stop talker.
  87. Yodeller– A good choice for a noisy, talkative bird.
  88. Zippy– Try this one for your fast bird.

Funny & Cute Bird Fruit and Vegetables Pet Names

  1. Holly – often referred to as berries but are technically drupes. It ranges in color from red to brown to black.
  2. Persimmon – technically, a berry!
  3. Pokeberry – strong-smelling plant that is similar to horseradish.
  4. Wintergreen – a very aromatic plant.
  5. Artichoke – a round vegetable with thick green leaves
  6. Arugula – has a peppery flavor with refinements of nuts and mustard.
  7. Asparagus – a tall plant with scale-like leaves emerging from the underground stem
  8. Brussels Sprout – a small leafy green buds which resemble a miniature cabbages
  9. Cauliflower – plants are shallow-rooted with a petite, thickened stem
  10. Celery – has a long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves.
  11. Chipotle – a smoke-dried ripe jalapeño chili pepper used for seasoning.
  12. Chive – a member of the onion family and forms small bulbs from the roots.
  13. Daikon – a mild-flavored winter radish.
  14. Endive – a leaf vegetable with a bitter taste.
  15. Garlic – a plant with long, flat grasslike leaves.
  16. Green Bean – common names, including French beans and string beans
  17. Jalapeno – taste very much like a serrano pepper, only with less heat.
  18. Kohlrabi – also called German turnip.
  19. Onion – a round vegetable with brown skin that grows underground.
  20. Potato – a starchy brown or red-skinned plant.

Did you find the perfect name for your bird from our list? If not, then there are plenty more to choose from if you just do some searching.

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