295 Most Popular Hamster Names

Apr 7, 2020


295 Most Popular Hamster Names

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Hamsters are adorable fuzzballs that are too cute to resist. The wonderful thing about hamsters is that they don’t take up much space in your home, unlike most pets.

As a new member of your family, your hamster needs a name that gives him a great personality. The name that you give him or her could be a description of his behavior, his coat color or the cuteness of his adorable eyes or feet.

Most Popular Names for Pet Hamsters

Most Popular Names for Pet Hamsters
Photo by Finn-E on Unsplash

There is a unique name for every hamster out there.  Your creativity in giving your hamster the best simplest name is important so that he can recognize it easily when you call out to him.

    1. Ace – a great name meaning first in luck
    2. Alex – a strong name for a boy hamster
    3. Apple – an endearing name after your favorite fruit
    4. Angel – a cute name
    5. Autumn – name meaning a season possibly when you brought the hamster home
    6. Annie – a great name for a girl hamster
    7. Brown Sugar – a good name for a brown hamster
    8. Biscuit – for a hamster that loves to nibble on biscuits
    9. Boots – if your hamster’s feet have a cute color different from its fur coat
    10. Bob – a good name for a boy hamster
    11. Budweiser – because its fur is the color of beer
    12. Buster – a pretty hamster name
    13. Bernie – a beautiful hamster name that is easy to pronounce
    14. Bernard – a fancy name for an adorable hamster
    15. Beefcakes – for plump hamsters
    16. Buba – for big sweet hamster
    17. Bebe – a cute sounding name
    18. Buttons – for a hamster is small and circular
    19. Butterscotch – a good name for a hamster that is butterscotch in color
    20. Butterball – if a hamster looks like a delightful butterball
    21. Choco chip– great name for a hamster that has brown spots that look like chocolate chips
    22. Chewy – if your hamster likes chewing stuff
    23. Cashmere – for a very soft hamster, just like cashmere
    24. Cheeky – for a hamster that is friendly
    25. Clyde – you can get another hamster and name him Bonnie
    26. Comet – if your hamster is long haired, give him this name
    27. Chibi – a Japanese name meaning tiny
    28. Chubby Cheeks – for a hamster with adorable chubby cheeks
    29. Caesar – a fun name for a hamster
    30. Cooper – a great name for a red-colored hamster
    31. Cuddles – for a hamster that loves to cuddle you
    32. Cocoa – a good name for a brown fur hamster
    33. Chumlee – a cute name
    34. Dolly – a cute sounding name for a girl hamster
    35. Dexter – a great sounding name
    36. Dude – a cute name for a boy hamster
    37. Daisy – for a girl hamster that is as cute as a daisy flower
    38. Duffy – a great sounding name
    39. Dalmatian – for a hamster that is white with black spots
    40. Dragon – for a courageous, fierce hamster
    41. Dorito – an adorable name
    42. Earl – a cute hamster name
    43. Elliot – a serious sounding hamster name
    44. Elvis – a hamster name reminiscent of your favorite Rockstar, Elvis Presley
    45. Einstein – for your super intelligent hamster
    46. Ezzy – an easy sounding hamster name
    47. Earmuff – for a hamster that looks like earmuffs with all his fur
    48. Freckles – if he has freckles on his fur
    49. Felix – a strong sounding boy hamster name
    50. Fufu – a silly-sounding name
    51. Fluffy – an adorable name
    52. Freddy – for an adorable hamster
    53. Franklin – a thoughtful sounding name for a hamster
    54. Fudge – a great name for a fudge colored hamster
    55. Frodo – a name from the movie Lord of the Rings
    56. Foody – if your hamster cares about food a lot
    57. Furball – your little hamster is a lot of fur
    58. Gordon – a strong cute name
    59. Ginger – because your hamster is ginger colored
    60. Gus – a simple hamster name
    61. George – a serious sounding hamster name
    62. Goldilocks – a great name for a yellow fur hamster
    63. Gigabyte – a digital sounding hamster name
    64. Gabs – if your hamster likes to make a lot of noise
    65. Gin – if you have another hamster, you could name him Tonic
    66. Hamlet – a great hamster name for a Shakespeare fan
    67. Hammy – a cute name idea
    68. Honey – a good name for a hamster that is yellow like honey
    69. Hulk – an ironic name idea for a hamster meaning huge
    70. Hunter – for a hamster that loves to hunt around
    71. Henry – sounds elegant and proper
    72. Hansel – if you have a girl, you can name her Gretel
    73. Izzy – a cute name
    74. Issac – a serious sounding boy name
    75. Ice – a cool name
    76. Ivory – because your hamster is the color of ivory
    77. Ivy – a cute name
    78. Jane – a fitting girl hamster name
    79. Jojo – for a cute hamster
    80. Joey – a great name
    81. Jumpy – for a hamster that loves to jump around
    82. Jim – a simple name
    83. Jazz – an easy sounding name for a hamster
    84. Kalie – if your hamster loves to eat kale, give him this name
    85. Ken – a great name for a boy hamster
    86. Koki – a silly name
    87. Kujo – a sweet hamster name
    88. Keyboard – a unique hamster name
    89. Kodiak – a cute name
    90. Larry – a simple option
    91. Leo – a great name
    92. Lily – a sweet sounding name
    93. Lance – an easy sounding name for a hamster
    94. Lucky – a good name for a hamster that makes you feel lucky
    95. Little Buddy – because your hamster is little, and he is your buddy
    96. Maggie – a noble hamster name
    97. Maximillian – a great name that make your hamster sound fierce
    98. Muffin – simply cute
    99. Mouse – if your hamster happens to look like a mouse
    100. Mario – a great name
    101. Milo – a pretty name
    102. Mickey – taken from Mickey Mouse
    103. Midnight – for a hamster with a dark or black coat fur
    104. Magoo – for a hamster that reminds you of a cartoon character named Magoo
    105. Nibble – for a hamster that loves to nibble on his food
    106. Nemo – a name after your favorite movie
    107. Nosey – for a hamster that has a cute nose
    108. Ollie – for a cute hamster
    109. Oscar – a good option
    110. Ozone – pretty
    111. Pumpkin – because your hamster is yellow and round like a pumpkin
    112. Puff – for a hamster that looks a little puffed up
    113. Porky – a exciting name a hamster
    114. Penny – a cute name
    115. Pearl – for a white hamster
    116. Paws – because you just love his feet
    117. Pablo – an adorable hamster name
    118. Peanut – for a hamster that loves peanuts
    119. Peaches – a great name for a hamster that has a peach fur
    120. Panda – for a hamster that has a fur that is black and white like a panda
    121. Platinum – for a gray-haired hamster
    122. Quincie – a cute name
    123. Quentin – a great hamster name
    124. Rex – my favorite name for a hamster
    125. Rocky – for a strong hamster
    126. Rusty – a great sounding name
    127. Rosie – a good name for a female hamster
    128. Ripley – a cute hamster name
    129. Rags – a silly name to choose
    130. Riddle – your hamster loves to solve riddles, and this is a good name for him
    131. Sphinx – good name for a hamster than rarely moves around
    132. Sparky – if your hamster is energetic, this is a fitting name
    133. Sugar – for a hamster that is sweet like sugar
    134. Skittles – a cute name
    135. Sherlock – for a hamster that loves to explore
    136. Smokey – a fitting name for a grey coated hamster
    137. Snow – a fitting name for a white hamster
    138. Spike – a cute name
    139. Sweety – an easy name
    140. Stitch – a cool name
    141. Silvy – because your hamster is just a tiny silver
    142. Snookums – a sweet sounding name
    143. Tufty – for a super sweet hamster
    144. Tucker – a good name for a hamster
    145. Troubles – for a hamster that is always getting into trouble
    146. Teddy – for delightful hamsters
    147. Tank – a name given to large animals and ironic when given to a hamster
    148. Twinkles – for a hamster that looks like little twinkle bells
    149. Twitches – for a hamster that loves to move around
    150. Tinkerbell – for a hamster that is tiny and cute
    151. Tut – a silly hamster name
    152. Tiny – for a cute, miniature hamster
    153. Taz – a cute name
    154. Tigger – for a hamster that loves to jump around
    155. Ursa – an interesting name for a hamster
    156. Valentine – for a hamster that is a Valentine’s day gift
    157. Vanilla – for a hamster that is as sweet as vanilla
    158. Venus – a great name for a girl hamster
    159. Waffles – for a hamster that loves to eat waffles
    160. Wave – a great name for a hamster that loves to play around
    161. Willow – a unique hamster name
    162. Winnie – a cute name for a girl hamster
    163. Weezy – a cute name
    164. Whiskers – a cute name if your hamster has long whiskers
    165. Xavier – an interesting name for a hamster
    166. Xanadu – this is a unique sounding name to give your hamster
    167. Yeller – cute
    168. Yogi – your hamster reminds you of yogi bear
    169. Yellow – for a yellow colored hamster
    170. Zack – a good name for a boy hamster
    171. Zelda – a pretty name
    172. Zola – a cute short name for a hamster
    173. Zip – a name that is short and easy
    174. Zoey – a favorite name of mine for a hamster

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Exotic and unique names for male and female hamsters

Exotic and unique names for male and female hamsters
      1. Tiny– You can go very literal with your naming.
      2. Fuzzy– You may want an adorable name like this.
      3. Snuggles– This is another great, adorable name.
      4. Pipsqueak– This brings to mind a small creature, a mouse, and something that makes a bit of noise.
      5. Chase– Try this for a fast hamster.
      6. Cheddar– You may want a mouse-themed name.
      7. Sunstreak– A fun, unique name for a hamster with light coloring.
      8. Cheese– Does your hamster love cheese? You may want to go with this name.
      9. Moonbeam– This is a good choice for a lighter colored hamster.
      10. Lil’ Bit– A good pick for a small hamster.
      11. Lucky– This classic hamster’s name is always a smart choice.
      12. Max– This is another very common hamster’s name that lots of people like to use.
      13. Nibbles– Try this one for a cute hamster that loves its food.
      14. Nutmeg– You can use this for a hamster that is red or brown.
      15. Peanut– We love using this name for shorter hamsters.
      16. Spice– If your hamster has a spicy attitude.
      17. Squeaky– A good name for a rodent hamster.
      18. Waffles– This fun name always gets some laughs.
      19. Wizzy– This is another good speedy name that’s just so fun.
      20. Zippy– Speedy names are good for most hamsters.
      21. Blur– Did we mention that we love speedy names?
      22. Lightning– You could give your hamster an imposing name like this.
      23. Ash– Here is a good one for a hamster with some grey coloring.
      24. Bama– This has some exotic flavor to it that we love.
      25. Tic Tac– We like this one for smaller hamsters, and you could use it as a pairs
      26. Wozzy– This fun name is likely to be quite unique.

Funny Hamster Names

funny hamster names
      1. Chewy– Silly names like this are always a good choice for hamsters.
      2. Pee Wee– Try this for a smaller hamster.
      3. Spaz– This name is great for hamsters with a strong personality that are just ridiculous to watch moving about.
      4. Midnight– You may want to go with this if your hamster has some darker
      5. Marshmallow– A good choice for a lighter colored hamster.
      6. Brownie– For your hamster that has brown coloring.
      7. Snickerdoodle– A completely silly name that we love.
      8. Skittles– Fun food names can be so silly and adorable.
      9. Fiddle– This is a great cutesy name that kind of stands out.
      10. Toodles– Cuter hamsters often deserve very cute names like this.
      11. Bunny– For hamsters that like to jump around.
      12. Plucky– For a hamster with an adventurous attitude.
      13. Bounce– Give this name to a hamster who likes to jump.
      14. Nutty– For that crazy hamster you can’t help but love.

Black Hamster Names

Black Hamster Names
      1. Batman– Why not go with this dark superhero name for your hamster?
      2. Berry– Short for blackberry.
      3. Blackbeard– A pirate name might be a good fit.
      4. Blackfoot– This Native American name could be a good choice as well.
      5. Blackie– Literal color names can work well.
      6. Blackjack– Like the weapon or the card game.
      7. Blake– A version of “black” in some languages.
      8. Darth Vader– This dark Star Wars character might be right for your hamster’s name.
      9. Dracula– You could go with this supernatural creature.
      10. Flint– The stone flint is very dark.
      11. Genghis Khan– You can’t get much darker than this historical conqueror.
      12. Ghost Rider– You could use a supernatural hero’s name for your hamster.
      13. Ichabod– A character from the dark tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
      14. Johnny Cash– The singer was known as the man in black.
      15. Kylo Ren– You could use a different dark Star Wars character.
      16. Lord Voldemort– Wizards make for good namesakes for black pet hamsters.
      17. Nevermore– This famous literary line is from a story about black hamster.

White Hamster Names

White Hamster Names
    1. Hoover – A very rare kind of a name for a white pet hamster
    2. Freddie – Name of a famous children`s cartoon character
    3. Monty – A handsome name for your hunky white hamster
    4. Buck – A popular and very relevant name for a pet hamster
    5. Poppy – For your sweet-white hamster
    6. Juniper – A made up name with a nice ring to it
    7. Mario – A very catchy name with a groovy touch to it
    8. Buttercup – A perfect name which incorporates the cuteness of your white hamster
    9. Abby – A cute name with a pretty sound to it
    10. Chica – A name with a groovy Spanish touch to it
    11. Abel – A new and a rare kind of a name
    12. Andy – A common and a simple name for your pet hamster.
    13. Billy – Sounds like a name for a cat, but is fit for a hamster
    14. Boots – You had Puss in boots and now you have hamsters in boots
    15. Jazz – For white pet hamsters who has an ear for jazz
    16. Jesse – A perfect name from your female hamster
    17. Eddy – A common name used for every kind of hamster
    18. Pip – Perfectly fits the physique of the animal
    19. Peter – Another name derived from a cartoon character
    20. Maddie – A feminine name for your female pet hamster

Black and White Hamster Names

Black and White Hamster Names
      1. Agent J– You could name your hamster after the wise-cracking agent from Men in Black
      2. Agent K– Or you could choose the more somber and experienced agent from the same franchise.
      3. Butler– The typical attire of a butler is a black and white suit.
      4. Charlie Chaplin– An actor famous for his black and white movies.
      5. Chip– Like chocolate chip cookies, and it is an utterly cute name.
      6. Felix– A famous black and white cat from cartoons.
      7. Figaro– The black and white cat that follows Minnie Mouse around.
      8. James Bond– The spy who famously dresses in black and white.
      9. Mickey– You might want to choose the name of the popular Disney mascot.
      10. Ninja– Good choice for hamsters with mostly dark markings.
      11. Rocket– Like the Marvel character Rocket Raccoon.
      12. Rorschach– Like the psychological inkblot test or the comic book character.
      13. Snoopy– This is a good one for hamsters that are mostly white, like the comic strip dog.
      14. Sylvester– This Looney Tunes character is an obvious choice for a black and white hamster name.

Grey Hamster Names

Grey Hamster Names
      1. Misty– This is a nice option or for a grey or white rabbit.
      2. Foggy– For grey rabbits.
      3. Stormy– A nice name for rabbits that are grey or black.
      4. Silver– This metal has mystical connotations and is a good namesake for white or grey snakes.
      5. Daffy– The famous cartoon.
      6. Don Juan– You might want to name your gray hamster after the famous Latin lover.
      7. Gumby– This works well for any gray hamster, after the silly cartoon character.
      8. King– Royal names will make your hamster seem distinguished.
      9. Bubbles– This name sounds both fun and distinguished.
      10. Pedro– This classic Latin name is a lot of fun for pet hamsters.

Hamster Fruit and Vegetables Pet Names

Hamster Fruit and Vegetables Pet Names
      1. Cucumber – Part of the gourd family and some consider it to be a fruit
      2. Tomato – Usually bright and red color fruit.
      3. Prune – A dried plum
      4. Nectarine – Contain a smooth skin peach
      5. Persimmon – Is a bright orange small fruit
      6. Muscadine – Ideal for making grape butter, jelly, jam and preserves
      7. Rambutan – This fruit is similar to lychee.
      8. Seville – Commonly known as the bitter orange
      9. Blackcurrant – A tart berry that can be eaten with brown sugar for sweetness
      10. Date – A brown and oblong edible fruit of a palm
      11. Alfalfa – Is a plant that’s often grown to feed livestock.
      12. Dandelion – Also called lion’s tooth
      13. Juniper – It’s a small evergreen shrub
      14. Beans – Also a name of a saint in the Breviary of Aberdeen.
      15. Iceburg – A leaf vegetable that contains few nutrients
      16. Pumpkin – Smooth and slightly ribbed skin with deep yellow to orange color.
      17. Bok Choy – Cantonese word for “white vegetable”
      18. Jalepeno – Spanish for “Jalapa” (or Xalapa) the capital of Veracruz, Mexico.
      19. Radish – An edible root vegetable.
      20. Carrot – A root vegetable and mostly orange in color.

Final Thoughts

Whatever name you choose for your furry hamster pet, remember that it is important to take care of his sanitation. His cage should be cleaned out regularly. It is important to also ensure that your hamster is well fed to guarantee his happiness and long life in your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should i name my hamster?

You can name your hamster after a famous movie star or find cool names ideas on our list of most popular hamster names

What is a good name for a hamster ?

A good hamster name is one that is easy to remember and to pronounce

Can hamsters learn their name?

Yes, hamsters can learn their name and acknowledge being called.

Do hamsters respond to names?

Yes with time, your adorable hamster may be able to respond to his name


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      I'm getting a hamster soon and I'm ain't excited. I'm getting a Syrian hamster and I did tons of research. I have to save up 179$ dollars for the supplies. I'm going to get a big bin and decorate it for my hamster. I'm going to cut out the top and put mesh over it it's going to look so cute! Im getting a boy. It's going to take a while to save up tho❤ I might name him tiny or Avu. But I'm not going to name him until I get it. Because then i can see what name would look just right for him. Follow my future ham hams insta! Cute.littlehamsterking

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    I got a black and white one called Mickey and a white one with a big orange splotch on his nose, Olaf just some ideas!

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    Why is a recommended name Spaz ?

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    I have 2 female dwarf hamsters; a black Campbell named Olive and winter white named Suki :)

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    I have a black and white hamster named miss. Pickles, just a suggestion

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    I like the name Pancake

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    I am getting a hamster today and I want to call it stich, but my sister wants to call it waffles. How do I convince her to change her mind?

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    I am getting a hamster today and I want to call it stich, but my sister wants to call it waffles. How do I convince her to change her mind?

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    If I got a brown hamster I would call him choco, as in short for chocolate.

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    I think choose any name u feel that suits your pet, not necessarily have to be from lists. Either choose base on their colours or personalities. Our first hamster, we named it Moshi. Sadly he passed away 2 days ago. We miss him. Good luck with the names.

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