100 Hedgehog Girl Names

Hedgehog May 14, 2022
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100 Hedgehog Girl Names

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Keeping pets has always been a popular hobby because pets essentially become your best friend.

You can share everything with them and they will literally never speak of a single word to anyone, so your secrets are safe. You can have incredible memories with them which will always fill you with love and positivity.

If you are a new pet owner and distinctively a female hedgehog owner, then the most immediate task for you is to find the perfect name for that little beauty.

Top 100 Names Girl Hedgehogs   

Girl Hedgehog
  • Lola – A pretty and simple name for that lovely hedgehog
  • Daisy – Extremely cute and pretty on the ears
  • Windy – Another simple yet beautiful name for your loveable pet
  • Hella – Will perfect suit an adorable looking pet hedgehog
  • Hennie – Original and cute
  • Yona – Perfectly fitting and feminine ring
  • Betty – For your friendly and easy-going pet
  • Elsa – Hope she isn’t an ice witch like the real one
  • Starlight – One of the most beautiful names you`d hear
  • Prune – For an edgy kind of personality
  • Lindsey – For the diva like her hedgehog
  • Dappy – One of the most adorable and popular names
  • Amulet – Because your pet is one of a kind
  • Cindy – A perfectly suitable and nice name
  • Snow white – Because your pet is the fairest of them all
  • Roxie – For a punky character
  • Spiky Flake – Because she has spikes and is cute
  • Eva – Simple and easy to pronounce
  • Dany – A nice monosyllabic name for your pet
  • Thorn Bell – Because she is a spiked beauty
  • Elena – Simple and pretty pet name
  • Hailey – For the innocent type
  • Igel – A unique kind of name for your girl hedgehog
  • Shiro – An edgy and chic name
  • Bubblebut – Perfect name to complement their bubbly appearance
  • Lily – Because she is as delicate as a lily

Adorable Girl Hedgehog Names

  • Sarah – A typical and common name for your pet
  • Harriet – Name from popular children’s characters
  • Earl – More like a unisex name but would still fit
  • Diamond – Because she is as precious as a diamond
  • Neve – An uncommon and a catchy name
  • Crystal – Has a very pretty ring to it
  • Sonia – A total feminist name for your drama queen
  • Tansi – A creative and rare name
  • Peggy – One of the most popular used pet names
  • Pippie – Also a very popular name used for hedgehogs
  • Pixie – For your little cute ones
  • Zuri – An edgy strong name
  • Penny – A sober name with lightness to it
  • Penelope – A popular name from famous media characters
  • Button – Perfect for pets who are as cute as a button
  • Rosie – A soft and cuddly name
  • Roxie – For your badass female hedgehog
  • Pumpkin – Because they all our pumpkins and munchkins
  • Butterball – For their soft and smooth skin
  • Spikeball – Perfect for their round and spiky physique
  • Pinball – A perfectly relevant and witty name for your pet
  • Zoey – A popular name for girl hedgehogs and other pets
  • Tiffany – A popular and a rich name for your pet
  • Sophie – Smooth and sleek name
  • Elyse – An attractive and monosyllabic name
  • Jessie – A perfect fit for your baby hedgehog
  • Jacques – A unique and unisex name
  • Prick Astley – Not sure what that means, but sounds nice enough
  • Espinete – A well made up name with a nice ring
  • Pricklepants – Because you don’t want to prick your finger
  • Beebo – A bubbly and rounded name
  • Blondie – Because they look like little pretty blondes
  • Goldie – Because they look like little goldilocks
  • Herberta – A unique and new name for your new pet
  • Luna – Because she is the moon to your stars
  • Marshmallow – A perfect name for a delicious looking pet
  • Pandora – Because they are like cute little surprise boxes
  • Snowbell – A fluffy and mushy name
  • Linda – A popular and straight name
  • Ginger – Perfectly complements their brownish skin
  • Giggles – For the funny ones
  • Gatsby – For the ones with looks as good as Leonardo
  • Pepper – For the hot-headed ones
  • Pickles – Captures their cuteness well
  • Prongs – Meshes with their hard exterior
  • Tonks – For your healthy stuffed hedgehog
  • Gretta – A popular name derived from children`s cartoon character
  • Holly – Because they are as pure as an angel
  • Heidi – A Hollywood touch to the name
  • Prickles – So you don’t accidently prick your finger on them

More Cute Names for Female Hedgehogs

Female Hedgehog
  • Quillma – The word doesn’t make sense but it`s quite catchy
  • Margaret – A pretty lady`s name for your pretty hedgehog
  • Scarlet – Because she is no less than the real Scarlet
  • Lydia – An attractive name
  • Bertha – A solid and a strong name for your strong hedgehog
  • Mable – A popular name from cartoon character
  • Lulu – A funny name for a vibrant pet
  • Kiwi – Because they are as fresh as fruits
  • Peaches – Because they look like pretty little peach balls
  • Hazelnut – Fits their physical looks perfectly
  • Jane – For your smart hedgehog
  • Buttercup – Because they are infinitely loveable
  • Tootles – A nice and vibrant name
  • Minnie – For your little ones
  • Princess Prickles – Because her thorns are royalty
  • Kennie – A tomboyish name for your pet
  • Elmo – A quite new and an uncommon name
  • Julie – Popular name for female pets
  • Stella – For your fashionista
  • Pinny – Witty name for her thorny body
  • Leila – Fresh and pretty
  • Kelly – Nice, simple and monosyllabic
  • Skittie – For the jumpy ones
  • Ethel – A mysterious and shady name

Naming Your Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are extremely diverse creatures with a hard exterior which makes it look unapproachable, but once you get to keep it then you can never get enough of it. They are appallingly cute, adorable and mushy so you`ll be busy most of the time just hugging the life out of them.

These mushy creatures deserve unique and rare names so that it always sticks to them and you`ll enjoy their reaction when you call them. So, by now if you haven’t come up with a good name for your pet hedgehog then check the following list.

Final Thoughts

Naming your pet is an important task because name gives identity and everyone, even pets, should have a unique identity. So always try to choose names which have a nice ring to it and will stick to your pet for a long time.

After naming your pet, the critical things to keep in mind are to learn about your pet as much as possible. Hedgehogs aren’t common pets, so they wouldn’t follow the common pattern. Follow up guides on how to take care of your pet hedgehog with great effectiveness, because a pet should suit to its name and look the part too. This will only come from your love, care and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should i name my girl hedgehog

You can name your girl hedgehog after a famous movie star or find cool names ideas on our list of 100 most popular girl hedgehog names

What is a good name for a hedgehog

A good name is one that is easy to remember and to pronounce

Can hedgehogs learn their name

Yes, hedgehogs can learn their name and acknowledge being called.

Do hedgehogs respond to names

Yes with time, your hedgehogs may be able to respond to names

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