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Cute Hamster Names

December 27, 2018


Cute Hamster Names

You are probably going to be with your pet hamster for about 2 – 3 years. It is therefore important that you give him or her a cute name that you are both going to enjoy hearing during this period.

The name that you give your hamster should have special meaning for your household. It should be short, as hamsters don’t usually respond to their names like cats and dogs. A cute name like ‘Smalls’ will be perfect for a miniature hamster.

Best Cute Hamster Names

Hamsters are playful, docile and friendly. They will charm you with their never-ending tactics.  We have compiled a great inspiration name list for your fur friend:


hamsters bedding
Image Credit: Feline Culture
  • Angel – an affectionate name meaning messenger of God
  • Archie – an affectionate name, short form of Archibald
  • Asta – a happy name meaning bright as a star
  • Bambi – an affectionate Italian name meaning child
  • Beauty – cute name for a beautiful hamster
  • Bitsy – a pretty name for a small hamster
  • Bogo – an acronym for buy one, get one
  • Bon-Bon – an affectionate name meaning candy
  • Brandy – name your hamster after your favorite drink
  • Brown Sugar – a pretty name for a brown hamster
  • Bubbles – great name for an affectionate hamster
  • Bud – a goofy name meaning friend
  • Buddy – a happy name meaning friend
  • Buttercup – an affectionate name for a yellow hamster
  • Caboodle – a fun name for a cute hamster
  • Caramel – a good name for a brown hamster
  • Cashmere – for a soft cuddly hamster
  • Cersei – after character in the series Game of Thrones
  • Checkers – great name for a black and white hamster
  • Chee-Chee – for a talkative hamster, name from the book Dr. Doolittle
  • Chooch – an affectionate cute name
  • Coco – for a brown hamster
  • Cuddles – great name for a hamster that likes to cuddle
  • Cupcake – if your hamster is small and sweet like a cupcake, give him this name
  • Dimples – a happy name for a hamster
  • Dolce – a cute Italian name meaning sweet
  • Dolly – for a small cute hamster
  • Domino – appropriate name for a black and white hamster
  • Eightball – silly name for a black and white hamster
  • Eros – Greek God of love
  • Fabio – a cute name after a famous male model
  • Felix – a goofy name after a cartoon character, meaning happy
  • Fleur – a French name meaning flower for a very cute hamster
  • Fluffernut – a great name for a hairy hamster who loves eating nuts
  • Fluffy – for a hamster covered with soft fur
  • FooFoo – a delightful hamster name
  • Frappuccino – name your hamster after your favorite coffee
  • Garbo – an affectionate hamster name
  • Garfield – a cartoon character
  • Goldie – a yellow furred hamster
  • Grizzly – for a hamster that looks like a big ol’ bear
  • Gumdrop – name your hamster after a candy
  • Gump – a movie character in the Forrest Gump
  • Hairball – a hairy hamster that looks like a small hairball
  • Happy – does your hamster seem to be always happy, give him this name
  • Hercules – a name associated with power and strength
  • Houdini – for a hamster that is always trying to escape
  • Hugz – for an affectionate hamster
  • Hunny – for a hamster whose color is as yellow as honey
  • Jade – after your favorite gem
  • James – a movie character in James Bond series
  • Jelly – a sweet fruit condiment
  • Jellybean – a small, sweet and an adorable hamster name
  • Jester – for an entertaining hamster who likes to clown
  • Kisses – likes to be kissed
  • Lamama – an affectionate name meaning ‘mother’
  • Loki – a cool character in the Marvel movie series Thor
  • Lola – a diminutive form of Dolores
  • Lollypop – a cute name for a plump hamster
  • Lolo – a happy hamster name
  • Lovie – name meaning loved one
  • Lucy Lou – great name for a talkative hamster
  • Lulu – a lovely name
  • Maestro – a distinguished figure
  • Magness – appropriate name for a mellow hamster
  • Marble – a name meaning shinning stone
  • Marmalade – a conserve made from the citrus fruit
  • Mayo – an affectionate name, short for mayonnaise
  • Mimi – name of a character in the opera “La Boheme”
  • Minnie Mouse – Mickey mouse’s partner
  • Miss Piggy – a muppet character
  • Mocha – a coffee-colored brown hamster
  • Muffin – a term of endearment
  • Nilla – short of vanilla
  • Nutmeg – an affectionate name for a brown hamster
  • Opie – an affectionate name for an orange-furred hamster
  • Oreo – after your favorite biscuit
  • Oso – a big hairy bear
  • Pal – for a friendly hamster
  • Patches – for a hamster with different patches of color
  • Patsy – a diminutive form of the name Patricia
  • Peachy – a cool hamster name
  • Pebble – toddler daughter in the animated series ‘The Flintstones’
  • Peewee – cute name for a small hamster
  • Peppy – for a persistent hamster
  • Pom Pom – an affectionate name for your pet
  • Pudding – an adorable name
  • Romeo – a character in the Shakespeare’s play
  • Rusty – a brown colored hamster
  • Samoa – another affectionate name
  • Sassy – for a hamster with a sassy personality
  • Scooter – a hamster that likes to scoot around
  • Shaggy – for a hamster with shaggy fur
  • Smokey – a grey furred
  • Smooch – a cute hamster name
  • Snowball – a white hamster that is as small as a ball
  • Snuggles – likes to cozy up
  • Sporty – for an active hamster
  • Squirmy – a hamster that likes to wriggle free
  • Tickles – for a hamster that enjoys being touched
  • Twister – great name for a hamster who likes twisting about
  • Yolo – an acronym meaning ‘You Only Live Once’

Final Thoughts

If you spend a little time getting to know your pet hamster, you are likely to come up with a delightful name that perfectly suits your pet hamster. Look for unique characteristics, maybe your hamster reminds you of a cartoon character? Do you want to name him after the color of his fur?


Having an awesome name will pave the way to a loving relationship with your pet. Whatever name that you come up with, be sure to have lots of fun with your furball.


Ever since he was young, James has loved hamsters. In all of his life, he has owned over 10 different types of animals, from hamsters to snakes. So, it comes to no surprise that he needed to hop on board the We're All About Pets team to share his knowledge and love for pets.
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