The 120 Best Pet Turtle Names

December 21, 2019


The 120 Best Pet Turtle Names

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Do you have a new turtle that needs a name? Here is a list of male, female and unisex names to pick from.

Male Names

We hope you get the perfect name for your male turtle from our selection here:

  1. Boss– Good for a big, tough turtle.
  2. Bruiser– You should save this for a tough-looking turtle.
  3. Bruno– Tough names are good for snapping turtles and tortoises.
  4. Camo– Try this one for a trundle with brown and green markings.
  5. Casey Jones– This famous Ninja Turtles character is a good choice.
  6. Dale Earnhardt– You could be ironic and use a famousare care driver for your turtle’s name.
  7. Donatello– You could name your pet after the smartest Ninja Turtle.
  8. Einstein– Or you could just name him after a smart guy.
  9. Frodo– This famous small person is a good pick for a small turtle.
  10. Globe– A nice choice forturtles with map-type markings.
  11. Godzilla– Name your pet after the famous movie monster!
  12. Horace– This name rhymes with tortoise.
  13. Jeff Gordon– You could give your slow turtle a racer’s name for fun.
  14. King Henry– A distinguished name likethis could give your turtle much-needed respect.
  15. King Tut– This is another regal name you might want for your turtle.
  16. Koopa– You may want to go with the Mario Bros character.
  17. Leonardo– Here is another good Ninja Turtle name for you to use.
  18. Lord Jefferson– Distinguished names are a good choice for turtles.
  19. Lumpy– A good way to describe your turtle’s shell.
  20. Michelangelo– You might want to pick the most fun Ninja Turtle.
  21. Monster– Give your turtle an imposing, dangerous name.
  22. Napoleon– Regal names of historical leaders make for good turtle names.
  23. Poptart– Have fun with your turtle’s name with this food choice.
  24. Raphael– The fiercest Ninja Turtle’s name is a good choice.
  25. Sammy– This common turtle name is a great option.
  26. Sheldon– have fun with this punny name that uses the word “shell” in it.
  27. Shell-head– Or just make the “shell” part front and center.
  28. Shredder– This Ninja Turtle Character is a great choice.
  29. Sir Hides-a-lot– Funny names like this with a distinguished air are just great.
  30. Sir Lancelot– Regal names are always good picks for serious turtles.
  31. Sir Wiggleston– This is another mashup of serious and funny.
  32. Splinter– The wise Ninja Turtle character may be a good name for your pet.
  33. Squirt-A nice option for short turtles.
  34. Thunderdome– The dome refers to your turtle’s shell and the thunder makes him sound imposing.
  35. Timmy– Here is another common turtle name that’s simply nice and normal.
  36. Tommy– “T” names are great choices for turtles.
  37. Tony– Here isanother common, winning “t” name to consider.
  38. Voltaire– A good pick for a wise-looking turtle.
  39. Washington– Famous people make for interesting pet names.
  40. Yertle– This fun play on the word “turtle” is a cool choice as well.

Female Names

Try one of these for your adorable female turtle:

  1. April O’Neil– This Ninja Turtle character makes for a fun name.
  2. Backtrack– Good for turtles that like to walk backwards.
  3. Cameo– A good choice for camouflaged-colored turtles.
  4. Caroline– A nice simple name may be appropriate.
  5. Cherry– Ideal for red-eared sliders.
  6. Cleopatra– Regal names like this are a nice pick for turtles.
  7. Doris– Rhymes with tortoise.
  8. Dory– This very popular pet name works for turtles too.
  9. Flower– You could give your sweet turtle a delicate name like this.
  10. Gamera– Or go with a more exotic, female name.
  11. Gloria– Why not choose a sweet, simple name like this?
  12. Lady Boxworth– A distinguished name for a box turtle.
  13. Lily– Feminine, delicate names are good for any girl pet.
  14. Mary Shelly– This fun one uses a pun on “shell” to great effect.
  15. Mi-Shell– Another punny shell-themed name.
  16. Miss Shellington– And even more shell names with a bit of distinction here.
  17. Miss Turtle– Simple and yet distinguished.
  18. Missy– Lovable and respectable.
  19. Petunia– This is a good one for a delicate, feminine turtle.
  20. Pocahontas– You could name your pet after the famous American princess.
  21. Queen Anne– Or you could choose a British royal for the name.
  22. Rosie– This is a good pick for a red-eared slider.
  23. Ruby– Another nice choice for red-eared sliders.
  24. Sapphire– And yet another great red-eared pick.
  25. Scarlett– A lovely name for a red-eared slider.
  26. Seraphina– We just love the exotic flavor and femininity of this name.
  27. Shelly– A simple name with a pun on “shell”.
  28. Shemilia– This is a more exotic name that has a hint of the word “shell” in it.
  29. Starla– This fun name is good for any female pet.
  30. Sunny– If your turtle likes to sun herself, you may want this name.
  31. Talia– “T” names make good choices for turtles.
  32. Tammy– This is a great “t” name that’s very common.
  33. Tammyra– Here is a slightly different version of Tammy.
  34. Tart– You could go with a fun, whimsical “t” name.
  35. Thalia– This one is slightly more exotic and is a popular Russian name.
  36. Tiffany– A simple classic with that “t” name flavor that is ideal for turtles.
  37. Tina– Or you could go with the longer Tina Turner.
  38. Tricia– This one keeps it classy and keeps that “t” name theme.
  39. Trixie– For something slightly more fun with some edge to it, try this name.
  40. Zazie– Give your turtle a pizzazz-y name

Unisex Names

These are names that work just as well for male turtles as they do for female ones:

  1. Crayola– Good for a colorful turtle.
  2. Crayon– If your turtle has a colorful shell, try this name.
  3. Doorstop– A fun name describing your turtle’s lack of movement and toughness.
  4. Flippy– This cute name is good for a fun-loving turtle.
  5. Greased Lightning– An ironic fast name for your slow pet.
  6. Lickety Split– Another fast name that can be a lot of fun.
  7. Muddy– Good for mud turtles.
  8. Nibbles– A nice pick for any turtle, but especially for snapping turtles.
  9. Ninja– A short way to refer to Ninja Turtles.
  10. Nugget– Ideal for the smaller turtles.
  11. Peanut– Another good option for smaller turtles.
  12. Piggy– You may want a dirty name like this for a mud turtle.
  13. Pipsqueak– You can pick a name like this for a small turtle.
  14. Pokey– Describes your turtle’s slow pace.
  15. Raptor– A great pick for aggressive snapping turtles.
  16. Rex– Thisis another good snapping turtle name but a good pick for any kind of turtle.
  17. Rocky– Describes your turtle’s rough exterior.
  18. Roll– You may want a fun name like this that’sshort and memorable.
  19. Sandy– A decent pick for a tortoise as these kinds of pets like tospendtime in the sand.
  20. Scooter– A popular pet name that is ironic for plodding turtles.
  21. Scuttle– This is a little more accurate to how they move but still implies a speed they don’t have, so it’s kind of funny.
  22. Shell Shock– A funny name that you might want to consider for either male or female turtles.
  23. Slimy– Some turtles are definitelyslimy and messy.
  24. Slowpoke– Describes your pet’s pace perfectly.
  25. Snapper– Try this one for a fierce snapping turtle.
  26. Snippy– A good choice for snapping turtles.
  27. Speedy– Another ironic name for your slow pet.
  28. Stinky– If you have a turtle for very long, you will see that this name is appropriate.
  29. Stone– A tough, strong name for your turtle.
  30. Tamale– A fun, “t” themed name for your pet.
  31. Tiny– Definitely good for smaller turtles, but it works as an ironic name for large turtles too.
  32. Tipsy– This fun “t” name will get some laughs.
  33. Tokyo– “T” place names are a good choice too.
  34. Tortellini– Another good tortoise name that’s a fun pun.
  35. Torti– A short form of tortoise you might want to use.
  36. Tortuga– This tropical name is ideal for tortoises.
  37. Tropicana– An exotic tropical name can be alot of fun.
  38. Truffle– You may wantto go with a funny name like this that is good for anykind of turtle.
  39. Tumbler– A rough name for a tough turtle.
  40. Turtle Recall– This punnyname is simply perfect.

Were you able to find a good name for your turtle? We sure hope so, and we hope you enjoy your new pet.


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