137+ Cutest and Coolest Boy Hamster Names

Hamster May 3, 2022
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137+ Cutest and Coolest Boy Hamster Names

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Selecting a unique name for your boy hamster can be a tough, but also a fun process. With a little creativity and imagination, it is possible to come up with a unique, masculine-sounding name for your little male hamster.

You will find numerous lists of good names but choosing the right one for your boy hamster may not be easy. However, you may name him based on his personality, color or character, amongst other traits and end up naming your fast hamster Flesh or your audacious hamster, why not, Lion?

Read on and get inspired!

Most Popular Boy Hamster Names

hamsters bedding

Choosing a unique name is a fun activity for your whole family. It must be a cool name that everyone likes. A name will give your boy hamster an identity in your household.

We have compiled a thought-provoking list of cute hamsters’ boys names that will provide an interesting character for him as well:

  1. Ace – meaning unity, one
  2. Achilles – a Greek hero of the Trojan war
  3. Adolfo – meaning wolf
  4. Adonis – a very handsome hamster
  5. Alfie – for a lovely, sweet hamster
  6. Ash – a grey colored hamster
  7. Bandit – a great name if your hamster likes stealing things
  8. Barley – a popular name meaning wild boar
  9. Baxter – simply means baker
  10. Bear – an endearing name for a hamster that resembles a teddy bear
  11. Billy – a resolute protector
  12. Bingo – meaning on the mark
  13. Biscuit – for a hamster that loves biscuits
  14. Bond – a name from the movie character created by Ian Fleming
  15. Boss – cute name for a bossy hamster
  16. Brick – reliable and strong
  17. Brownie – for a brown hamster
  18. Brutus – for a hamster that is a bit on the heavy side
  19. Bubbles – for a boy hamster that is bubbly
  20. Buckwheat – great name for a deep brown colored hamster
  21. Buddy – a fitting name for a friendly hamster
  22. Bunky – for a hamster that likes sleeping a lot
  23. Buzz – for a quick moving hamster
  24. Captain – for a hamster that is in charge
  25. Carl – a cool name to give your male hamster
  26. Caw – name of a giant
  27. Chalk – a white soft hamster
  28. Charlie – name meaning man
  29. Cheeks – for a hamster that has chubby cheeks
  30. Cheerio – a British name used as a greeting
  31. Chester – for a strong hamster meaning fortress
  32. Chewy – for a hamster that loves to chew
  33. Chip – name meaning man
  34. Chopper – for a hamster that loves to chop on his food
  35. Chubby – suitable for a plump hamster
  36. Conan – a name meaning little wolf
  37. Cooper – for a cool hamster that is awesome to be around
  38. Corn – good name for a yellow furred hamster
  39. Cuddles – great name for a hamster that loves to cuddle
  40. Dan – meaning God will judge
  41. Danny – meaning that your hamster is determined
  42. Daunte – meaning enduring
  43. Dave – lovely name for a beloved hamster
  44. Doodle – if you have a crafty hamster, this is a good name for him
  45. Dragon – great name for a fierce looking boy hamster
  46. Dread – for a panicky hamster that is timid
  47. Eddie – lovely name for a super friendly hamster
  48. Elan – it means that your hamster is friendly
  49. Elvis – named after king of rock, Elvis Presley
  50. Ewyn – for a young male hamster
  51. Felix – a good name meaning happy
  52. Flame – a fitting name for a bright furred hamster
  53. Flash – for a hamster that is very quick on its feet
  54. Fluffy – a hamster with lots of fur
  55. Freddy – if your hamster is peaceful
  56. Frodo – name from Lord of the Rings
  57. Fuzzy – a soft furry hamster
  58. Gabs – for the hamster that likes to make noise
  59. George – a name depicting a saint of England
  60. Gerald – meaning rules by the spear
  61. Gnasher – for a hamster that loves gnashing his food
  62. Goldie – a golden / yellow furred hamster
  63. Hamlet – after the famous Shakespeare drama
  64. Hendrix – name is derived from the name Henry
  65. Hercules – cool Greek name
  66. Holt – simply means wood
  67. Hulk – a cute hamster name
  68. Jacy – meaning moon
  69. Jasper – simply means jewel
  70. Jaws – great name for a hamster that loves to eat
  71. Jazz – if your hamster seems to love music, this is a great name for him
  72. Jet – cool name for a hamster that moves really fast
  73. Joei – variant name for Joseph
  74. Jumpy – for a hamster that loves to jump and play
  75. Junior – great name for a young male hamster
  76. Kane – for a hamster that has a brother named Abel
  77. Keegan – for a fiery hamster
  78. Kendrew – meaning manly and brave
  79. Killer – does he like destroying things, give him this name
  80. Klepto – for a hamster that likes to steal stuff
  81. Lance – a cool male name
  82. Lion – fierce looking hamster
  83. Machimos – a cool Scottish name
  84. Martyn – warrior of mars
  85. Merrylegs – for a hamster that loves prancing around
  86. Mickey – after the cartoon character Mickey Mouse
  87. Morgance – means dweller of the sea
  88. Neo – a name meaning young and fresh
  89. Nevada – a Spanish name for a white hamster meaning snowy
  90. Nibbles – for a hamster that loves nibbling on his food
  91. Onyx – a powerful warrior stone
  92. Oscar – a name meaning divine spear
  93. Paul – a name meaning small and humble
  94. Pylos – a great name for your hamster
  95. Ranger – for a hamster that loves to wonder about
  96. Rex – a favorite boy hamster name meaning king
  97. Ricky – a name meaning strong ruler
  98. Rip – a boy hamster name meaningfully grown
  99. Rocky – good name for a tough hamster
  100. Rodel – a German name meaning famous ruler
  101. Rogan – for a red-furred hamster
  102. Rusty – for a red-furred hamster
  103. Sammy – a name meaning bright sun
  104. Scout – for a hamster that is attentive to what you are saying
  105. Scrabbles – for a hamster that seems to be scratching frantically
  106. Sebby – a variant of the name Sebastian
  107. Shredder – for a hamster that like to tear into stuff
  108. Skittles – a fun name for a hamster
  109. Sunny – great name for a bright colored hamster
  110. Tegan – a name meaning that your hamster is good looking
  111. Theo – a name meaning gift of God
  112. Thor – god of thunder and strength
  113. Titan – a big powerful man
  114. Tommy – simply means twin
  115. Yale – a male name meaning from the slope
  116. Zane – name meaning gift from God
  117. Zipper – cool name for a hamster that moves quickly

Boy Hamster Fruit and Vegetables Pet NamesDwarf Hamster

  1. Mango – a sweet and delicious tropical fruit
  2. Pumpkin – is a vegetable from gourd family.
  3. Coconut – coconut is known as a fruit, a nut, and a seed
  4. Blueberry – dark blue colored fruit.
  5. Lychee – a fruit which have white flesh and large seeds inside
  6. Jujube – a fruit-flavored gumdrop or lozenge
  7. Blackberry – a small and dark purple colored fruit.
  8. Pomelo – a plain citrus fruit
  9. Mulberry – It looks like elongated blackberries
  10. Raisin – a dried grape
  11. McIntosh – is a type of apple
  12. Lime – A green and tangy delight
  13. Avocado – a superfood
  14. Artichoke – a European plant resembling a thistle
  15. Kumquat – a type of citrus fruit.
  16. Gooseberry – Tart and juicy berries
  17. Jackfruit – native to India and related to fig and mulberry.
  18. Orange – contains a high dosage of Vitamin C
  19. Grape – is widely used to produce wine and raisins.
  20. Cantaloupe – a light orange melon

Final Thoughts

Hamsters are very simple to look after. For those with sensitive noses, a properly cared-for hamster is unlikely to produce unpleasant smells, making them ideal for the home. A catchy name for them makes their stay in your home fun for your entire family. If you’re looking to bring home a date for your furry boy, take a look at our list of cute girl hamster names and find the right match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hamsters know their names?

Hamsters are quite intelligent, and do know their name

What are good names to name a boy hamster?

A good boy hamster name is one that is short and easy to pronounce

What should I name my boy hamster?

You can name your boy hamster after a famous actor or find more adorable name ideas in our article

What is the most popular boy hamster name?

It's hard to say for sure, some popular boy hamster names are Ace, Adonis and Barley. You can find more cure and adorable boy hamster name ideas in our article.

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  1. madalyn

    my hamsters name is humphrey

  2. Eternity

    You guys have good boy names for hamsters

  3. Amilea

    great!!i might call myn one of these nothere idea simba!!

    • Vedika

      I'll get mine within 2 days and I decided to name him stuart

  4. Charlie overly

    My hamsters name is stitch like in Stitch The Movie.

  5. Jadon Kirk

    To many names lol


      OMG YAA

  6. Devon Farr

    Lovely names

  7. Peeps

    I don’t think these are original but I do like Theo

  8. Kojo

    I really love these names my favorite name is ranger


    i do not know what to put this are so good names lol

  10. Sammy

    Yeah love the name nibbles

  11. dylanchristensen

    my Hamster name is Remington for a blackish gray with paches of white Hampster who like to stay active run around in his cage and will only snugle with you if you hold him up to you chest his nickname is rammy i named him after the movie Ratatouille

  12. dylanchristensen

    my Hamster name is Remington for a blackish gray with paches of white Hampster who like to stay active run around in his cage and will only snugle with you if you hold him up to you chest his nickname is rammy i named him after the movie Ratatouille

  13. Macie Abíliza Rifoñzinà

    I might call my Russian Dwarf Hamster; Chip, Pistachio or Pumpkin.

  14. Alice

    perseus is cute, percy for short

  15. HammyLux

    These are super cute names, except the fruits and veggies.

  16. SoccerX

    I am thinking about naming my hamster "Bear" or "Teddy"! He is brown with some tiny white spots and a darker brown stripe running up his back! I just got him yesterday and he is a dwarf hamster !!

  17. Amelie

    I might get a hamster, I have a few suggestions for some names. Girls: Bubbles, Chewwy, Apple, Pebbles, Skittles, Lexi and Venellope. Boys: Arlo Harvey and Bear

  18. Amelie

    If anyone gets a Russian Dwarf Hamster and it's a girl, I have a suggestion; Russia

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