Boy Hamster Names

March 1, 2020


Boy Hamster Names

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Selecting a unique name for your pet hamster can be tough. With a little creativity and imagination, it is possible to come up with a unique, masculine sounding name for your boy hamster.

You will find numerous lists of names but choosing the right name for your pet may not be easy. However, you may name him based on his personality, color or character, amongst other traits.  

Most Popular Boy Hamster Names

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Choosing a name is a fun activity for your whole family. It must be a name that everyone likes. A name will give your pet boy hamster an identity in your household.

We have compiled a thought-provoking list of hamsters’ boys names that will provide an interesting character for him as well:

  • Ace – meaning unity, one
  • Achilles – a Greek hero of the Trojan war
  • Adolfo – meaning wolf
  • Adonis – a very handsome hamster
  • Alfie – for a lovely, sweet hamster
  • Ash – a grey colored hamster
  • Bandit – a great name if your hamster likes stealing things
  • Barley – a popular name meaning wild boar
  • Baxter – simply means baker
  • Bear – an endearing name for a hamster that resembles a teddy bear
  • Billy – a resolute protector
  • Bingo – meaning on the mark
  • Biscuit – for a hamster that loves biscuits
  • Bond – a name from the movie character created by Ian Fleming
  • Boss – cute name for a bossy hamster
  • Brick – reliable and strong
  • Brownie – for a brown hamster
  • Brutus – for a hamster that is a bit on the heavy side
  • Bubbles – for a boy hamster that is bubbly
  • Buckwheat – great name for a deep brown colored hamster
  • Buddy – a fitting name for a friendly hamster
  • Bunky – for a hamster that likes sleeping a lot
  • Buzz – for a quick moving hamster
  • Captain – for a hamster that is in charge
  • Carl – a cool name to give your male hamster
  • Caw – name of a giant
  • Chalk – a white soft hamster
  • Charlie – name meaning man
  • Cheeks – for a hamster that has chubby cheeks
  • Cheerio – a British name used as a greeting
  • Chester – for a strong hamster meaning fortress
  • Chewy – for a hamster that loves to chew
  • Chip – name meaning man
  • Chopper – for a hamster that loves to chop on his food
  • Chubby – suitable for a plump hamster
  • Conan – a name meaning little wolf
  • Cooper – for a cool hamster that is awesome to be around
  • Corn – good name for a yellow furred hamster
  • Cuddles – great name for a hamster that loves to cuddle
  • Dan – meaning God will judge
  • Danny – meaning that your hamster is determined
  • Daunte – meaning enduring
  • Dave – lovely name for a beloved hamster
  • Doodle – if you have a crafty hamster, this is a good name for him
  • Dragon – great name for a fierce looking boy hamster
  • Dread – for a panicky hamster that is timid
  • Eddie – lovely name for a super friendly hamster
  • Elan – it means that your hamster is friendly
  • Elvis – named after king of rock, Elvis Presley
  • Ewyn – for a young male hamster
  • Felix – a good name meaning happy
  • Flame – a fitting name for a bright furred hamster
  • Flash – for a hamster that is very quick on its feet
  • Fluffy – a hamster with lots of fur
  • Freddy – if your hamster is peaceful
  • Frodo – name from Lord of the Rings
  • Fuzzy – a soft furry hamster
  • Gabs – for the hamster that likes to make noise
  • George – a name depicting a saint of England
  • Gerald – meaning rules by the spear
  • Gnasher – for a hamster that loves gnashing his food
  • Goldie – a golden / yellow furred hamster
  • Hamlet – after the famous Shakespeare drama
  • Hendrix – name is derived from the name Henry
  • Hercules – cool Greek name
  • Holt – simply means wood
  • Hulk – a cute hamster name
  • Jacy – meaning moon
  • Jasper – simply means jewel
  • Jaws – great name for a hamster that loves to eat
  • Jazz – if your hamster seems to love music, this is a great name for him
  • Jet – cool name for a hamster that moves really fast
  • Joei – variant name for Joseph
  • Jumpy – for a hamster that loves to jump and play
  • Junior – great name for a young male hamster
  • Kane – for a hamster that has a brother named Abel
  • Keegan – for a fiery hamster
  • Kendrew – meaning manly and brave
  • Killer – does he like destroying things, give him this name
  • Klepto – for a hamster that likes to steal stuff
  • Lance – a cool male name
  • Lion – fierce looking hamster
  • Machimos – a cool Scottish name
  • Martyn – warrior of mars
  • Merrylegs – for a hamster that loves prancing around
  • Mickey – after the cartoon character Mickey Mouse
  • Morgance – means dweller of the sea
  • Neo – a name meaning young and fresh
  • Nevada – a Spanish name for a white hamster meaning snowy
  • Nibbles – for a hamster that loves nibbling on his food
  • Onyx – a powerful warrior stone
  • Oscar – a name meaning divine spear
  • Paul – a name meaning small and humble
  • Pylos – a great name for your hamster
  • Ranger – for a hamster that loves to wonder about
  • Rex – a favorite pet name meaning king
  • Ricky – a name meaning strong ruler
  • Rip – a boy hamster name meaningfully grown
  • Rocky – good name for a tough hamster
  • Rodel – a German name meaning famous ruler
  • Rogan – for a red-furred hamster
  • Rusty – for a red-furred hamster
  • Sammy – a name meaning bright sun
  • Scout – for a hamster that is attentive to what you are saying
  • Scrabbles – for a hamster that seems to be scratching frantically
  • Sebby – a variant of the name Sebastian
  • Shredder – for a hamster that like to tear into stuff
  • Skittles – a fun name for a hamster
  • Sunny – great name for a bright colored hamster
  • Tegan – a name meaning that your hamster is good looking
  • Theo – a name meaning gift of God
  • Thor – god of thunder and strength
  • Titan – a big powerful man
  • Tommy – simply means twin
  • Yale – a male name meaning from the slope
  • Zane – name meaning gift from God
  • Zipper – cool name for a hamster that moves quickly
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Final Thoughts

Hamsters are very simple to look after. For those with sensitive noses, a properly cared-for hamster is unlikely to produce unpleasant smells, making them ideal for the home. A catchy name for them makes their stay in your home fun for your entire family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hamsters know their names?

Hamsters are quite intelligent, and do know their name

What are good names to name a boy hamster?

A good boy hamster name is one that is short and easy to pronounce

What should I name my boy hamster?

You can name your boy hamster after a famous actor or find more adorable name ideas in our article

What is the most popular boy hamster name?

It's hard to say for sure, some popular boy hamster names are Ace, Adonis and Barley. You can find more cure and adorable boy hamster name ideas in our article.


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    my hamsters name is humphrey

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    You guys have good boy names for hamsters

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    My hamsters name is stitch like in Stitch The Movie.

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