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100 Hedgehog Boy Names

July 14, 2018


100 Hedgehog Boy Names

What if you were to own a pet hedgehog? These days, keeping a hedgehog as a pet is getting quite common even though the animal itself is quite unique and exotic. Most of you must be thinking that a pet hedgehog is hard to own, and in some ways it is. However, at the end of the day, the responsibilities are no different than owning a dog or cat. Unlike popular belief, these creatures are completely harmless if they don’t go into their defense mode. Outside of this, they are quite cuddly and soft.

It is important that whatever name you choose for your precious little pet, it holds a meaning to you and completely defines him. It is essential that you pick a name that you really love because in the end, you are the one who has to say it countless times. Therefore, it would be nice if you love the sound of it whenever you say it.

Top 100 Hedgehog Boy Names

  • Tony – A very common and a suitable name
  • Skittles – Sounds refreshing and unique
  • Sparky – Because their spikes are sharp and sparkly
  • Spooky – Although hedgehogs are far from being scary, but a very cool name nonetheless
  • Shadow – Perfect name for a shady character
  • Spiky – We all know why you`d name your pet hedgehog that name
  • Thorns – Just to remind everyone not to prick their fingers on the spiky exterior of their hedgehog
  • Tiny paws – Perfect name to express their tiny little pretty paws
  • Cuddlie – Because they are extremely huggable and mushy
  • Dodo – Simple and sleek
  • Dick – I don’t know why you would name your pet that, but it`s quite catchy
  • Bob – Perfectly fit for your round fur ball
  • Sonic – Something unique and new for your pet
  • Shrek – Inspired from the famous children`s movie
  • Wizzy – For your noisy and annoying pet
  • Waffles – Because they are as delicious as a waffle
  • Woody – Complements their hard exterior very well
  • Walnut – Perfectly fit for expressing their skin color
  • Snuggles – Name perfect for a huggable creature like hedgehogs
  • Popples – Inspired by children`s cartoon character
  • Puff – Because they look like adorable puff balls
  • Prongs – A very creative and original name
  • Pincushion – An intelligently crafted name
  • Pickles – Compliments their physique perfectly
  • Peanut – Because sometimes they look like one
  • Patrick – A popular name from cartoon characters
  • Hazel – Pleasant name according to their skin color
  • Scabbers – For your hedgehog who runs around like a rat here and there
  • Padfoot – Another popular name from cartoon characters
  • Oscar – Popular unisex name for almost every type of pet
  • Nibbler – Because they nibble on anything they can find
  • Needles – Extremely relevant related to their physique
  • Muffy – Short form for muffins
  • Matrix – Because your hedgehog maybe an action hero
  • Marvin – Smart name and choice
  • Gizmo – A very vibrant and colorful name
  • Ducks – No relation to the hedgehogs, but sounds nice
  • Bubbles – Because of the bubbly nature of your hedgehog
  • Casper – Also a popular cartoon character name
  • Caboodles – For ultimate pet huggers
  • Bruno – A name for your pet singer
  • Bumper – A cool name which has nice ring to it
  • Fawkes – For your energetic pet hedgehog
  • Fudge – A name as delicious and cute as your pet
  • Sebastian – This name makes your pet sound smart
  • Eddy – A groovy name for a groovy pet
  • Fern – Because of the physique reference
  • Richie – Because your pet may look like one
  • Rio – As cool as the pet himself
  • Ralphie – A very cute name for your pet
  • Dumpling – Because your pet is as scrumptious as a dumpling
  • Punk – For a bad ass hedgehog pet
  • Cheeto – If you feed your pet Cheetos for lunch
  • Quillim – No meaning as such, but sounds unique
  • Cody – Intellectual choice for a name
  • Nugget – Because they all look like nuggets
  • Bing – Defines the jumpy nature of your hedgehog
  • Mario – If you think your hedgehog is Spanish then name him that
  • Buzz – Derived from popular cartoon character
  • Jazz – A smooth choice of name
  • Jinx – Not that he is any kind of bad luck
  • Arrow – Because your hedgehog never misses a target
  • Joey – For his joyful nature
  • Ace – Because your pet is the best
  • Almonds – They look like little almonds in your hand
  • Weaver – Sounds like a catchy name
  • Russel – A Hollywood like name
  • Ivory – A suitable and rare name for your pet
  • Eskimo – Sometimes they look like one
  • Stuffy – Because they look like stuffed fur balls
  • Herbie – Popular name
  • Lionel – Strong name for a strong pet
  • Ozzie – Derived from popular cartoon
  • Tank – Name full of strength
  • Pokey – Compliment to their physique
  • Brambles – Unique and creative
  • Roly-poly – Because they roll around a lot
  • Snuffle – Common name but quite good
  • Barnes – Cute and rare name
  • Fuzzypeg – A cute and a fuzzy name
  • Bonnie – They aren’t skinny, but the name has a nice ring to it
  • Maddie – Just to confuse your peers about your pet`s gender
  • Skippy – A very popular name among hedgehogs
  • Pepper – Nice name for your untamable pet
  • Blaze – Suitable name for an athletic one
  • Heather – Light and simple
  • Beans – Appealing and easy to say
  • Doodle – A nice monosyllabic name
  • Spikes – Extremely relatable and witty
  • Butterball – Because they are very soft underneath that hard exterior
  • Cotton – They aren’t all soft, but the name is nice
  • Fernando – For your Mexican pet
  • Gabby – Catchy and small
  • Obie – A creative name with a unique ring
  • Poco – Perfectly suitable and rare
  • Punky – For your punk loving hedgehog
  • Zen – This name has a whole ninja vibe going on with it but still a groovy name
  • Pine-Cone – Because they sometimes look like one when they are cuddle in the corner
  • Oggy – This name is used for almost all kinds of pet too
  • Smurf – They might look like one if you paint them blue.

Final Thoughts

Hedgehogs are extremely exotic pets who has many special needs and requirements for caring. Naming your pet is an important and memorable task, but taking care of it is equally important. You must feed him on time, treat him with care and never be cruel. On top of that, you need to give them a name that is worth having. Therefore, before making the step into owning this small critter, make sure to understand the responsibilities.


Ever since he was young, James has loved hamsters. In all of his life, he has owned over 10 different types of animals, from hamsters to snakes. So, it comes to no surprise that he needed to hop on board the We're All About Pets team to share his knowledge and love for pets.
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