140 Cute Cockatiel Bird Name Ideas And Meaning

May 14, 2022


140 Cute Cockatiel Bird Name Ideas And Meaning

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When choosing a bird name, think about having to repeat it over and over again
and how it will sound. Maybe one of these will sound good to you.

Male Cockatiel Names

Cute and Adorable Cockatiel Names

Here are some great names for your make cockatiel:

  1. Mohawk– Name your bird after his most distinctive feature.
  2. Elvis– Or after the famous crooner who had a similar hairstyle.
  3. Spike– Have fun with your bird’s unique feathered head.
  4. Rooster– Cockatiels have a similar head profile to roosters.
  5. Tweety– You could name your bird after the popular cartoon character.
  6. Yoda– Here is a fun pop culture name for your bird.
  7. Romeo– A good name for a bird who loves the ladies.
  8. Dundee– These Aussie birds can be named after the famous Crocodile Dundee.
  9. Hunter– For a bird that loves his food.
  10. Wizard– Cockatiels kind of look like wizards with their head feathers.
  11. King– Great name for a pompous, kingly bird.
  12. Prince– For your regal bird.
  13. Conquistador– The tuft on his head make him look like a Spanish soldier.
  14. Ozzy– You could name your crazy bird after the rocker.
  15. Shadow– For the often grey color cockatiels have.
  16. Stormy– From their grey coloring.
  17. Thunder– For his smoky colors.
  18. Lightning– Most cockatiels are grey with some yellow, so this is a great name.
  19. Dodger– For a speedy bird.
  20. Sonic– Your fast bird could be named after the video game character.
  21. Holden– Sounds like Golden, like the color of the bird.
  22. Giant– Tall names work well for these birds whose feathers add a few inches
    to their height.
  23. Kramer– Like this tall TV character name.
  24. Tallo– Or this Caribbean name for a tall person.
  25. Andre– Or this one from Andre the Giant.
  26. Alex– You could just go with a nice, normal human name.
  27. Big Kahuna– You may want to try a boss-type name for a bossy bird.
  28. Nostrodomos– Or you could choose a wizard name for your cockatiel.
  29. Gandalf– Here is another great wizard name.
  30. Dr Strange– And even more wizard names.
  31. Percival– You could go with a distinguished name.
  32. Arthur– Or this kingly moniker.
  33. Sir Squawks-a-lot- Or this funny take on a distinguished name.
  34. Merlin– Wizard names are perfect for these birds.
  35. Wiz– This cutesy wizard name is a good choice.
  36. Bossy– Is your bird kind of pushy?
  37. Hercules– Tough names are funny on small birds.
  38. Goliath– This is another tough, tall name.
  39. Mango– You could try a tropical name.
  40. Coconut– Here is another great tropical choice.

Female Cockatiel Names

Female cockatiel names

Try these great names for your female Cockatiel too:

41. Darling– For the sweetest bird.
42. Angel– For a darling cockatiel.

43. Halo– Choose to see the bird’s crest as something angelic.
44. Sugar– Try this if your bird is well behaved.
45. Dearie– Sweet names are great for female cockatiel
46. Honey– Yet another sweet name for your sweet bird.
47. Baby– A common name for cockatiel
48. Goldie– You could name your bird after her yellow coloring.
49. Peaches– Or you could name her after how adorable she is.
50. Alexandra– Some people like human names for their cockatiel
51. Chloe– This is one of the most popular girls’ names for a cockatiel
52. Megan– You could use this human name for your female bird.
53. Pipsqueask– Or you could choose something that says your bird is small.
54. Mousey– This name means small and shy.
55. Minnie– Keeping with the mouse theme…
56. Tabitha– A normal human name works well.
57. Lady– This is a sweet one for a lady bird.
58. Sweetness– Try this if your bird is well mannered.
59. Candy– Use this on a sweet bird.
60. Diamond– Jewel names make for great cockatiel titles.
61. Ginger– This girls’ name is great for a bird with some red or yellow on it.
62. Sparkles– Try this name that denotes beauty and femininity.
63. Jewel– This is a very pretty name for your bird.
64. Juliet– You could name your bird after the famous literary character.
65. Precious– Or you could pick a name that tells everyone she is sweet.
66. Gabby– For your talkative bird.67. Diva- For a bird who is full of herself.
68. Princess– Try this for a regal-acting bird.
69. Queen– For a bird that treats everyone else like her servants.
70. Ursula– The sea witch from The Little Mermaid is a funny name for a cockatiel.
71. Rose– This is a classic female cockatiel name.
72. Scarlet– Another common girls’ cockatiel name.
73. Freckles– This name speaks of an adorable creature.
74. Pippi– Here is a cutesy name you might consider.
75. Pretty– You can just be honest about how beautiful your bird is.
76. Giggles– For a bird with a happy disposition.
77. Daisy– This is a great girl’s name for your bird.
78. Snowflake– Reminiscent of the grey look of winter.
79. Cleo– A simple, but effective female name.
80. ChaCha– Here is one that’s a lot of fun.
81. Margie– This name sound like of stuck up and posh.
82. Sassy– This one is a bit more fun and energetic.
83. Scampy– This one is kind of fun and playful as well.
84. Kiwi– A good choice for this bird that hails from Australia.
85. Luna– Moon names make for great cockatiel names.

Unisex Cockatiel Names

baby cockatiel names

Or you could go with a unisex name that works well for male or female Cockatiels:

86. Fluffy– For an adorable bird.
87. Pompadour– You could take that hair look and name your bird after it.
88. Coco– This a fun one for cockatiel birds.
89. Bobo- Another name that’s really playful.
90. Crikey– The Australian theme is strong with this name.
91. Pancake– We just love silly cockatiel names.
92. Porkchop– This one makes us laugh every time.
93. Chatterbox– For a talkative bird.
94. Lemon– For the yellow coloring.
95. Maize– Named after yellow corn.
96. Kiko– Just a fun, exotic name.
97. Kimosabe– It has a great ring to it and is one that pop culture fans will usually
98. Hachi– A great, exotic name for your bird.
99. Chase– For a bird that flies fast.
100. Speedy– Is your bird quick? Try this name.
101. Smokey– For the smoky grey coloring.
102. Stardust– Named for its yellow coloring.
103. Sparky– For the yellow in its feathers.
104. Squawky– A good name to describe how talkative your bird is.
105. Rocco– We love short, fun names like this for birds.
106. Chuckles– A good choice for a happy bird.
107. Cuddles– You might try this for a lovable bird.
108. Wobbles– Is your bird awkward and clumsy? Try this name.
109. Gypsy– This name has a bit of mystery and exoticness to it.
110. Nutty– Your crazy bird needs a crazy name.
111. Lolo– This one is just so much fun.
112. Flitty– Describes your bird’s energetic ways.113. Birdie- A very literal choice.
114. Aussie– Named after the bird’s Australian heritage.
115. Dandruff– You could go with something completely silly.
116. Moonbeam– This is for the bird’s yellow coloring.
117. Sunshine– The yellow coloring and a cheerful attitude make some birds a
great fit for this name.
118. Squawkbox– Try this for birds that talk a lot.
119. Chatty– Another name that means “talkative”.
120. Paco– Try this funny, simple name.

Cockatiel Fruit And Vegetables Pet Names

  1. Star fruit – a star-shaped yellow tropical fruit with smooth skin
  2. Strawberry – a sweet soft red fruit with a seed-studded exterior.
  3. Surinam cherry – is a beautiful small fruit
  4. Tamarillo – plant that bears egg-shaped red fruits.
  5. Tamarind – a sour fruit.
  6. Tangelo – a cross breed of tangerine and grapefruit.
  7. Tayberry – a dark red soft fruit.
  8. Ugli fruit – a mottled green and yellow colored citrus fruit.
  9. White currant – tasteless berry.
  10. White sapote – the green-skinned fruit similar to persimmon.
  11. Yuzu – a round and yellowish citrus fruit.
  12. Bell pepper – a small bush that grow brightly colored fruits.
  13. Chile pepper – can be eaten fresh or dried.
  14. Corn kernel – are the fruits of corn.
  15. Cucumber – a vining plant.
  16. Eggplant – is a perennial plant that closely related to tomato
  17. Jalapeño – is a fruit of the capsicum pod type plant.
  18. Pea – is a seed-pod type fruit
  19. Squash – white or yellow vegetable with smooth or ridged skin.
  20. Dewberry – a sweet fruit that is related to  blackberries.

Those were our picks, and maybe you can come up with some of your own or hopefully use one of these as the perfect name for your cockatiel.

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  1. Anita Starlett Yarbery

    My beloved cockatile of 15 years, Dapper Dan, passed away in August. I no have an amazing six-month old cockatiel named Poppycock who is quite the talker!

    • Jeanne Pascal


    • anonymous

      It's ok for your loss, you could've gotten a male and a female, or just a female (sometimes females lay eggs without mating), so they lay eggs and you could enjoy your life with your cockatiel. :) I am getting a 2-month old cockatiel soon too.

    • Annette

      Poppycock is a great name

  2. Thodore.Elton

    Don't worry about the ambiguous future, just work hard for the sake of clarity

  3. Barbara

    I got my first cocktail today. He is about 9 weeks old. Trying to figure out a name. He is so loving and sweet

  4. test channel


  5. Honey kiwi


  6. meggie

    I have a cockatiel named Angel who is 5 months old.

  7. Lauren

    Here are a couple more name's Artemis-can work for male or female birds, Leo, Sadie/Sadie Sue, Moose,Cleo

  8. Randolph D Elliott

    i have a hand tamed cockatiel coming to my flock dec 13 . i have a parakeet (disabled as he stands on his knees and holds his wings to low) i luv him planning on getting Skeeter a parakeet friend i have a Green cheek conure (Coco) who chews on everything , thinks he is the boss ,this is his house lol . so much fun to have him. Anyway im hoping they all get along, as i know Coco will rule-wish me luck

    • Mr. 'Tiel (teal) (cockaTIEL)

      Hope your happy with your new cockatiel!

  9. Violeta Sáenz

    I like snowflake my cocktail is grey and I love winter and stuff

    • ItzYavinPlayz

      A white cocktiel wouldnbe really nice. im getting 1 which is just a week old. you do have to name it immedietly so the bird can get used to the name.

  10. anonymous

    I suggest naming your yellow-headed cockatiel "MilkyWay." There are lots of yellow or golden stars out there.

    • anonymous

      Was I the first in 2021?

  11. ItzYavinPlayz

    I think im getting a week old white cocktiel. i have to call it by its name as soon as i get him/her. so the bird can get used to the name quickily and would get used to me.

  12. ItzYavinPlayz

    I think im getting a week old white cocktiel. i have to call it by its name as soon as i get him/her. so the bird can get used to the name quickily and would get used to me. White cocktiels are sooo adorable!

  13. Naavah

    i've had heaps of baby cockatiels before when we bred them and i have used many many names! a new baby cockatiel just hatched today also!

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