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100 Most Popular Boy Guinea Pig Names

August 9, 2018


100 Most Popular Boy Guinea Pig Names

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Boy guinea pigs are unique breeds that come in varied appearances and personalities. If you happen to possess one or two, you are very privileged. One of the great ways of having an affectionate relationship with your pet is being able to address it with a perfect nomenclature. Therefore, here, we compile some exciting and meaningful names you can pick for your lovely friend without hassles.

There are so many names out there. However, you may agree that coming up with that unique name that suits your lovely guinea pig is often not that easy. If it was, you wouldn’t be here reading this article. So, our goal is to come up with a list of awesome names with interesting meanings for your boy guinea pig.

  • Florus – it is of French origin and it means flower.
  • Roque – this is derived from French roots, and it literally means rest.
  • Darien – its origin is of Greek which means gift.
  • Criston – this name connotes follower of Christ and it is of Spanish origin.
  • Bryston – this Scottish name means a Variant of Bryce.
  • Ryan Reynolds – this is the name of a Canadian actor and film producer.
  • Aescwine – it is an English name that means spear friend.
  • Lucina – this is a German baby name that connotes illumination.
  • Kenway – it is of Celtic root which means bold warrior.
  • Kenney – it is an abbreviation of an Irish name Kenneth that is derived from a byname meaning handsome or comely.
  • Cartere – this English name means drives a cart.
  • Misha – it is a variant of Michael that has Russian roots.
  • Stuart – it is a surname, family name of several kings of England.
  • Ogelsvie – this name is of Native American origin and it means fearsome.
  • Vinnie – it is English, meaning a form of Vincent conquering.
  • Channe – this Irish name connotes a young wolf.
  • Shimeka – it is of Eskimo or Alaskan origin and it means beautiful princess or God beautiful angel.
  • Weayaya – a Native American name that means setting sun.
  • Jaye – it is of French roots, meaning bluejay.
  • Neese – a Native American name that denotes choice.
  • Sanford – this English name means from the sandy ford.
  • Birney – it means lives on the brook of an island and it is of English origin.
  • Kecia – it is an abbreviation of Lakeisha that means great joy. It is Irish.
  • Ulz – a German name that connotes a noble leader.
  • Temman – it is of French roots, meaning tame.
  • Thacher – this Irish name means roofer.
  • Aubin – this is a French name that denotes fair.
  • Domenico – it is of Spanish/Hispanic origin, which is a Variant of the Latin Dominic of the Lord.
  • Oren – this name means a pine tree.
  • Deshawn – this is a derived form of John that means gracious gift from God.
  • Wilburn – it is a German name that connotes willfully bright.
  • Josef – it is a German for of Joseph that has its roots from Mexican, Hispanic and Spanish.
  • Israel – it is a Hebrew name that means God perseveres.
  • Codell – an Irish name that implies helpful.
  • Omer – it denotes the first son and it is of Native American.
  • Cadwellon – it means a seventh-century king.
  • Anthany- it is a variant of Anthony.
  • Clamedeus – it is a name of a king.
  • Meryl – an English name that means myrrh.
  • Kenzie – this name denotes fair; it is English.
  • Blagdon – it is of English roots, which means from the dark valley.
  • Payat – this English name means He is coming.
  • Fred – it is a variant of Frederick that means peaceful ruler; it is German.
  • Rooney – this English name connotes hero.
  • Renneil – it is an English name coined by Renardo and Tenneil.
  •  Rutledge – it is of German origin and it means from the red pool.
  • Devyn – it is a variant of the English county name Devon.
  • Marlys – it is an English name, a variant of Marlene woman from Magdala.
  • Cynerik – it is of English roots and it means royal.
  • Dalyell- this Scottish name means from the little field.
  • Benat – it means brave as a bear and it is of German roots.
  • Desmond – this name means a gracious defender.
  • Ceolfrith – this is a name of an abbot.
  • Westbroc – an English name meaning from the west brook.
  • Germann – an English name that means spearman.
  • Efran – it is a form of Hebrew Ephraim that means doubly fruitful.
  • Dan – this is another Hebrew name that connotes God will judge.
  • Bonifacio – this Spanish name means benefactor.
  • Kyloni – an Irish name that means one that is solitary.
  • Watkinson – this denotes a son of Watt and it is of English origin.
  • Benjamin – a Hebrew name that means son of the right hand.
  • Kendhal – this is a Celtic name that means from the bright valley.
  • Avichai – it is a Hebrew name that connotes my father is alive.
  • Sheeply – this name means from the sheep meadow.
  • Justyne – this name means just; upright. It is a Spanish feminine of Justin.
  • Orlaith – a Greek name that means golden.
  • Corrin – it is of Irish origin and it connotes spear-bearer.
  • Blanford – this English name means gray-haired.
  • Calvin – it takes its origin from Disney and it is related to a French name Chauvin which means bald.
  • Tulukaruk – it is mostly associated with Eskimo/Alaskan and its meaning is a crow.
  • Abriell – this is a variant of Gabrielle.
  • Gervase – it is an English name that means serves.
  • Amory – it means divine; brave; powerful. Its origin is German.
  • Blaine – this Celtic name connotes slender.
  • Calfhierde – it has its roots in English and it means shepherd.
  • Taima – this is of Arabic origin meaning thunder.
  • Correy – it is English and it is a variant of Corey Hill Hollow.
  • Saveage – this French name denotes sister of Lyones.
  • Mckale – it is a cute guinea pig name that means with God.
  • Heanford – this is also English, coined from the high ford.
  • Jani – a Hebrew name that means gift from God.
  • Bradley – an English name that means broad clearing in the wood.
  • Belden – this name means lives in the beautiful glen. It is of English origin.
  • Chadwik – an English name that denotes from the warrior’s town.
  • Sinead – a Scottish moniker that means kind.
  • Rikard – this Arabic name means a powerful ruler.
  • Robynne – this English name means Red Beauty, a type of bird.
  • Vemados – it is of German roots, which means courage of a bear.
  • Acaiseid – a Scottish name that implies an anchor.
  • Ryszard – it means a powerful ruler; its origin is unknown.
  • Dayveon – this name connotes the dear one. Its alternate spellings are Davian, Davion.
  •  Tempeste – this one means stormy, it is of Native American.


Final Thoughts

In the end, it doesn’t matter where you are from, there is always a name in our list here that will definitely be meaningful to you and your boy guinea pig. To find this list more useful, it is advisable that you consider your pet’s traits and inclinations. With that in mind, you are just a step away from getting that awesome name for your friend.


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