Shopping For Pet Food During The Covid-19 Crisis

Reviews May 12, 2022
Written by | Updated Jul 19, 2024
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Shopping For Pet Food During The Covid-19 Crisis

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With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), people around the world are practicing social isolation to control the spread of the disease. In cases where direct exposure to the virus is suspected, stricter self-quarantine practices are recommended. For the general public, however, there is some freedom to continue with daily life while maintaining a safe distance from other people.

You’ve probably already stocked up on essentials like food and toilet paper, but what have you done to prepare your pet for a few weeks at home? Many non-essential businesses are closing temporarily, and others are operating with limited business hours. Here are some simple tips to shop for pet food during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tips For Shopping Locally

Though many areas are closing bars and restaurants, other businesses where large numbers of people aren’t expected to gather are still open.

National chains like Petco and Petsmart are likely to remain open, though many are operating with limited hours to allow time for cleaning and sanitizing the store. Smaller local pet food stores may be open as well – check the website, social media accounts, or call to ask about their new hours of operation.

Some stores may even offer online or phone orders with local pick-up. If you have the option to support local businesses during the crisis, take the opportunity.

Buy Pet Food Online

Social distancing recommendations may prevent you from going to your local shopping mall, but they can’t prevent you from shopping online. Major online pet retailers like Chewy and Amazon remain some of the best options to purchase pet food.

These retailers offer a wide selection of products at competitive prices and deliver them right to your door, often for free. Chewy offers anywhere from 20% to 30% off your first order for new customers with additional savings on auto shipments.

Another option is to visit the brand’s website. You may be able to purchase pet food directly from the manufacturer or use the store locator on the website to find a local store that stocks their products. If nothing else, the website should list the online retailers that sell their products.

Try a Subscription Pet Food Service

If you’re in self-quarantine or just want to take the extra precaution against spending too much time in public, a pet food subscription service might be the perfect solution.

Fresh food subscriptions like Ollie, Nom Nom, and Grocery Pup deliver fresh pet food right to your door. Companies like these gather essential information about your pet’s age, breed, weight, and activity level to calculate his calorie needs and determine the perfect daily portion.

Most fresh pet food companies are continuing normal operations during the crisis, though delivery times may change according to warehouse staffing safety.

There’s no current evidence that pets can contract or transmit the virus, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting sick. That isn’t to say however, that the current health crisis won’t affect your pet’s life.

Taking precautions to protect yourself and your family includes making sure you’re stocked up on the food your pet needs to stay healthy and well.

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