King Kanine™ Review

CBD Reviews May 4, 2022
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King Kanine™ Review

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Considering King Kanine™? We treated our own pets to some of the brand’s most popular products to help you decide whether it’s a good choice for your dog or cat.

Just like their humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a whole host of physical and emotional problems. Some pets get scared around people they don’t know, or when they hear loud noises.

Some have conditions like epilepsy, or they may develop arthritis as they grow older. King Kanine™ is a company that appears to have embraced the importance of treating the whole animal, both mind and body: their mission is “to promote pet wellness inside and out.”

King Kanine™
Overall Score
  • They use simple, all-natural, organic ingredients.
  • Their CBD products are effective for my pets’ anxiety.
  • Their grooming products are effective for cleaning, refreshing, and producing a silky coat, with no residue.
  • Their dog paw balm and in-between bath spray create a relaxing experience for both pet and parent.
  • Their hard chews seem a bit overly hard, dry, and perhaps not flavorful enough to overcompensate for those qualities.
  • Their recommended methods of administering both the CBD oil the in-between bath spray can be slightly difficult, or even undesirable.
  • They use simple, all-natural, organic ingredients.
  • Their CBD products are effective for my pets’ anxiety.
  • Their grooming products are effective for cleaning, refreshing, and producing a silky coat, with no residue.
  • Their dog paw balm and in-between bath spray create a relaxing experience for both pet and parent.
  • Their hard chews seem a bit overly hard, dry, and perhaps not flavorful enough to overcompensate for those qualities.
  • Their recommended methods of administering both the CBD oil the in-between bath spray can be slightly difficult, or even undesirable.
Ingredient Quality
Product Variety
Environmental Friendliness
Ease of Use

Quick Summary

King Kanine™’s CBD-rich KING KALM™ line lives up to its name by noticeably calming the nerves of my ever-anxious dog and two cats (effectively calming my nerves, too). The KING KLEAN™ line does the dirty work using only minimal, natural, and safe ingredients, including a crisp scent.

I would encourage pet parents to explore alternative ways of administering a couple of King Kanine™’s products, as long as you stick to the dosing chart and – above all – to the advice of your veterinarian. I definitely recommend King Kanine™ overall, although I do think that there’s room for improvement on one specific product.

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How We Tested

Meet our product testers: my dog, Moses, and my two cats, Petunia and Aaron Purr.

To get a feel for the brand as a whole, we had these three try out five popular King Kanine™ products for one week:

  1. KING KALM™ CBD Oil 75 mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula
  2. KING KALM™ Crunch – Blueberry
  3. KING KALM™ Balm – Dog Paw Balm
  4. KING KLEAN™ In Between Bath (Pet Odor Eliminator) Spray
  5. KING KLEAN™ Natural Dog Shampoo.
The King Kanine ™ product lineup we tested.

We administered the CBD oil to each of our three pets once a day, using the provided dosing chart. Some days we did this in the evenings, and other days in the mornings.

For the entire trial week, we actually replaced Moses’ normal nightly CBD biscuit with one of the KING KALM™ Crunch hard chews, and we gave it to him at the opposite time of day that we administered the oil.

We also massaged Moses’ paws with the CBD-infused dog paw balm on three nights, and washed him once with the shampoo. Aaron Purr was treated to the grooming spray three times.

Throughout all of this testing, we closely monitored any and all physical, behavioral, and emotional changes in our pets, while taking real-time notes.

You may have noted that Moses was in-fact ingesting CBD twice a day during this trial week. We were careful never to exceed the maximum amount of CBD recommended by our personal veterinarian, and the ASPCA reminds all pet parents that – especially with the relative lack of studies done on pets and CBD – it is important that your very first step when trying CBD on your own fluffy one is to talk to your vet.

King Kanine™ also responsibly reminds pet owners of this throughout multiple places on their website, on their packaging, and elsewhere in their materials.

An intrigued Petunia sniffs at the newly arrived box of King Kanine ™ products.

Why You Can Trust This Review

First and foremost, we’ve been in your shoes as a pet parents.

Maybe your pup’s like mine and has terrible separation anxiety, crying inconsolably when you leave the apartment, or shaking uncontrollably when you drop him off at the groomer’s. Or, maybe your dog is simply getting older, like mine (Moses is 11), and you’re worried about their joints and mobility.

Perhaps it’s your cat who’s afraid of everyone and everything, like my Petunia. Or, like my Aaron Purr, your cat also chases your other cat relentlessly.

Whatever your situation, I can tell you that we’ve probably been there! We genuinely want to help you find the same kind of relief that we ourselves have searched for – and have occasionally found.

Furthermore, we don’t have a paid partnership with King Kanine™, and we were not paid by King Kanine™ to review any of their products. All of the opinions you’re going to read here about the brand and their product lineup are entirely our own!

Overview of the King Kanine™ Brand

King Kanine™ began in 2015, driven by an immense passion for pets and a desire to provide them with all-natural wellness alternatives. They started out selling their signature KING KOMB™ (now a self-cleaning multipurpose tool available in over 48 countries) and have expanded their lineup to include everything from paw cleaner to CBD – or Cannabidiol – products.

CBD is a completely naturally-occurring, non-toxic, plant-based compound. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t produce a “high,” because it contains less than .3% THC. King Kanine™’s phytocannabinoid-rich oils are broad spectrum, and produced using CO2 extraction. The brand’s CBD products are manufactured in a GMP Certified, ISO-9001 FDA registered facility and are third party lab-tested. They are free of solvents, pesticides, metals, and unnatural substances; they use nothing artificial.

King Kanine™ says it has a rule to live by: “If we don’t give it to our own dogs, we won’t consider creating it for yours.”

Our KING KALM™ CBD Oil Review

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein– 0.43%
  • Fat– 98.22%
  • Fiber– 0.1%
  • Moisture– 0.11%

How to Use

The directions on the box of the KING KALM™ 75mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula are as follows:

  1. Place the round syringe adapter into the neck of the bottle.
  2. Insert syringe and draw back with desired dose amount.
  3. Tilt pet’s head back, squeeze dose into the back of your pet’s mouth.
  4. Close bottle. Keep syringe clean for next use.

The dosing chart also includes this note: Store in a cool, dry place. Close cap immediately after use.


The CBD oil ingredients are as follows: 75mg Cannabis Extract (CBD), Hemp Seed Oil, Krill Oil (3%), Moisture (.11%), Fat (98.22%), Protein (.43%), Fiber (.1%).

While this product has been registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), it is has not been approved by the FDA. That being said, it’s important to remember that the FDA has not yet approved CBD for any use in animals, and the FDA recommends discussing the use of CBD on your pets with your veterinarian.

Dosing and Safety

Each box of CBD oil comes with its own, paper dosing chart, although you can also find all of King Kanine™’s CBD dosing charts on their website. The chart breaks down your pet’s dosage first by their weight, in pounds, and then into two columns: Standard and Medicinal.

Standard is described as, “To provide support for mild issues and general health,” and medicinal is described as, “Severe discomfort, digestion issues, severe anxiousness.”

Petunia gobbling up her wet meal, with CBD oil mixed in.

For this experiment, I gave each of my three pets the standard dosage: at 7 pounds, Petunia got .2ml; at 16 pounds, Moses got .4 ml; and at 20 pounds, Aaron Purr also got .4 ml.

It’s important to note what it reads at the bottom of the dosing chart: “This chart is only a recommendation. All pets respond differently, and amounts may vary per animal.”

Experience Summary

When I initially tried to administer the oil according to the directions, none of the three animals were having it. If I had been a bit more forceful, I could have gotten it done, but my problem with following these exact directions is that one of the main points of CBD is to produce a calming experience for your pets. Tilting their heads back and squirting a strange liquid down their throats does not seem conducive to that end, in my opinion.

Luckily, King Kanine™ makes it clear (in the FAQ section of their website) that you can mix the oil into their food as a second option. This method, however, supposedly does not produce the maximum effect of the CBD and takes longer to take effect. So, if your pets don’t seem to have a problem with the head tilt, by all means, try that method first.

We mixed the oil into the pets’ food each day, and the calming effects were noticeable!

None of the three seemed unusually sleepy or groggy; they were simply more mellow than usual, particularly the cats, who were having their first experience with CBD. Petunia didn’t run away like usual from the Amazon delivery guy, and Aaron Purr notably did not chase Petunia in the hours immediately following their daily dose.

Our KING KALM™ Crunch - Blueberry Review

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein– 13.74%
  • Fat by Acid Hydrolysis– 12.89%
  • Fiber– 1.8%
  • Moisture– 5.05%

How to Use

The bag of KING KALM™ Crunch – Blueberry doesn’t explicitly state formal directions, but rather features a cartoon dog posing the question, “How many do I eat?” before recommending 1 cookie daily for dogs 1-50 pounds and 2 cookies daily for dogs over 50 pounds.


The hard chews ingredient list is as follows: Gluten-Free Stone-Ground Oat Flour, Sweet Potato, Eggs, Blueberries, Diced Apples, Honey, Flax Seeds, and 3-5mg of All-Naturally Occurring Phytocannabinoids in Each Cookie.

The product is 100% pesticide free, 100% GMO free, organic, and made in the U.S.A..

Dosing and Safety

A small blurb on the back of the bag stresses that their daily recommended serving is just a general guideline; it may need to be adjusted depending on your dog’s specific needs. It also encourages pet parents to seek the advice of a veterinarian if you notice any adverse reaction in your dog.

The dryness and roughness of the hard chews was notable.

Experience Summary

This was the one product we tested which I think leaves a bit of room for improvement. Immediately after I opened the bag and took out the first hard chew, I noticed just how hard it was. And dry. And rough in texture.

I figured this was simply my human opinion, however, and that Moses – who usually loves any and all treats – would gobble it right up. He didn’t, though, and unlike with almost every treat he’s ever been given, he didn’t even try to guard it from the cats when they came to sniff it.

I decided to get creative, so I put a small dab of peanut butter on one end of the treat, and he ate it! This, however, tells me that perhaps the chews aren’t packing enough readily discernible flavor of their own to entice a normally non-picky treat eater like my dog. Or, perhaps the peanut butter helped give the illusion of a smoother, more moist treat.

I tried giving Moses the crunch by itself first, every day, but every day he rejected it, and I had to turn back to the peanut butter solution. I left him alone twice with the treat for several hours, to see if maybe he just needed time to get used to it plain, but both times it was left untouched.

While I love the all-natural, healthy ingredients of the KING KALM™ Crunch, I have to wonder if more could be done to enhance its flavor, or to make its texture slightly more appealing.

In defense of the hard chew, I must say that the CBD content did seem effective; Moses was noticeably calmer in the hours immediately following treat time. However, it didn’t seem quite as effective as the oil itself.

Our KING KALM™ Balm Review

How to Use

I didn’t see any directions directly printed anywhere on the KING KALM™ Balm – Dog Paw Balm container itself, but the directions on King Kanine™ website simply read, “Apply as needed.”

You can apply the balm to your dog’s paws, nose, and elbows.


The ingredients of the balm are as follows: Phytocannabinoid Oil, Natural Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey, and Essential Oils.

Dosing and Safety

There isn’t much information given on dosing or safety on this specific product, either on the product itself or on King Kanine™ website. However, I would first and foremost advise pet parents to be reasonable; apply only what is needed, when it is needed.

Moses is treated to a relaxing paw massage with the dog paw balm.

King Kanine™ takes care to test in a third party lab, and they ensure that all of their products are free of solvents, pesticides, metals, and unnatural substances. The ingredients list is simple, pure, and 100% all-natural, but, if you have more specific questions about doses of this particular product for your pet, it never hurts to run it by your vet.

Experience Summary

One of the first things I noticed was how thin the balm felt once I rubbed it between my fingertips. It wasn’t thick like I thought it would be, and the smell was very subtle.

At first, Moses wasn’t thrilled about having his paws touched, and he tried to squirm away. He very quickly grew accustomed to it, though, and started to enjoy the massage. As I worked my way from paw to paw, he actually started falling asleep; I could tell he was feeling relaxed.

My favorite thing about this balm is that it’s not just a product; it really is a whole experience for your dog. It gave Moses an entire calm, relaxing time. Each time, he promptly fell asleep for the night after I applied the balm.

After three applications, each one a couple of nights apart from the other, I did not notice a big change in the softness of Moses’ paws. However, I definitely think that I may begin to see the roughness of his paws smooth out with longer-term use of the balm. This is a product we will be using again.

Our KING KLEAN™ In Between Bath Spray Review

How to Use

The directions for use on the bottle of the KING KLEAN™ In Between Bath (Pet Odor Eliminator) Spray are as follows: Shake well. Spray on pet’s coat and rub in. Use as necessary to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean “In-Between” baths. Avoid contact with eyes.


The active ingredients are as follows: Benzalkonium chloride (0.13%) and Triethylene Glycol (0.2%).

The inactive ingredients as listed on the bottle are as follows: Water and Propylene glycol, T max 20, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Lemongrass Fragrance.

The bottle indicates that the active ingredients help “eliminate the bacteria that causes a pet to smell.” There is also a “cruelty free” symbol on the label, meaning that the product is not tested on animals (a fact we love!).

Dosing and Safety

A notice on the bottle reads, “Eco-friendly formula is safe for dogs if licked or swallowed.” The label also says that the spray is safe if ingested and is free of parabens.

Brushing Aaron Purr with bristles just sprayed with the in-between bath spray.

Experience Summary

I should have known better than to have followed the directions exactly as stated on this one: I’ve personally never met a cat who loves being directly sprayed with liquid. This is another instance where I would encourage pet parents to get creative with how they administer one of King Kanine’s products.

What I personally found effective was spraying a bristled pet brush with a few spritzes of the spray and then brushing Aaron Purr with it.

I immediately noticed how nicely subtle, crisp, and fresh the lemongrass scent was. Aaron Purr not only loved being brushed, he seemed pleased by the smell, and I think that the feeling of the cool spray droplets on his coat helped him beat the heat on these hot summer days.

After three applications of the spray, I noticed that Aaron Purr’s coat was remarkably silkier than usual. The scent was still noticeable only when I put my nose right up close to his fur, and even then, it was still extremely subtle.

Our KING KLEAN™ Shampoo Review

How to Use

The directions on the bottle of the KING KLEAN™ Natural Dog Shampoo are as follows: Using warm water wet pet thoroughly. Apply KING KLEAN™ Shampoo and work into a lather gently massaging deep into coat and skin. Rinse well with clear water. For external use only. Avoid eye contact.


The shampoo ingredients are as follows: Saponfied organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, rosemary essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, natural rosemary extract, organic aloe vera. “(That is all!)” it says.

Dosing and Safety

This shampoo is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, safe, and non-toxic. It’s even certified to USDA food standards! You don’t need to worry about your four-legged friend accidentally ingesting or licking a little of this, but, again, it is meant for external use only, and you do want to avoid eye contact.

Moses looking clean and bright – if not a little grumpy – after his bath with the natural dog shampoo.

Experience Summary

Moses hates bath time in general, but this shampoo did make things a bit easier. Its lemongrass scent was stronger than that of the in-between bath spray, but still very crisp.

At first, I felt like the shampoo was perhaps a bit thin, a bit too runny, but when I applied it to Moses’ coat, it worked into an incredible later that I didn’t expect. It rinsed clean with absolutely no residue, and Moses emerged from the bath smelling fresh and looking bright-white.

Is King Kanine™ a Good Choice?

In our opinion, yes, it is! Ultimately, though, you will need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself, decide if King Kanine™’s prices work for your personal budget, and talk to your veterinarian about whether CBD is right for your dog or cat.

Remember that, depending on your state and its laws, you may have to be the one to start this conversation with your vet, as some vets are still not yet allowed to do so.

Check All King Kanine Products

Frequently Asked Questions

How much KING KALM™ CBD Oil do I give my pet?

Every bottle of KING KALM™ CBD Oil comes with its own, physical dosing chart, but all of the various dosing charts can be easily found on King Kanine™ website as well. Here is the chart for the specific oil I used on my pets, the KING CALM™ CBD 75mg - Small Size Dog & Cat Formula.

You will of course want to be extra careful, however, if your pet is taking any other medication, which is another reason that any dosage for your dog or cat should be run by your vet.

How much do King Kanine™ products cost?

At the time of this article’s publication, King Kanine™ is having a sale.

The KING KALM™ CBD 75 mg - Small Size Dog & Cat Formula is normally $39.99 but is currently on sale for $29.99; the KING KALM™ Crunch - Blueberry is normally $42.99 but is currently on sale for $34.99; the KING KALM™ Balm - Dog Paw Balm is normally $18.99 but is currently on sale for $16.99; the KING KLEAN™ In Between Bath (Pet Odor Eliminator) Spray is normally $18.99 but is currently on sale for $13.99; and the KING KLEAN™ Natural Dog Shampoo is normally $24.99 but is currently on sale for $17.99.

You can find the prices for these and all of the other King Kanine™ products on their website: just click on the “SHOP” dropdown at the top of the homepage, choose your category, and pick the product you’d like to get the price for.

Where can I buy King Kanine™?

You can buy King Kanine™ products directly from their website at

Where can I find more information from King Kanine™?

While there’s a plethora of info on their website, you can also follow King Kanine™ on Instagram @KingKanineofficial and Facebook @KingKanine7.

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