Can Guinea Pigs Eat Zucchini?

Guinea Pigs May 12, 2022
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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Zucchini?

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A very versatile veggie that makes its way into savory dishes and scrumptious, sweet baked goods alike, zucchini – sometimes known as courgette or marrow – is popular in many cultures.

If you have fresh zucchini on hand, you’re probably wondering if it’s OK to share some with your pet. Is it OK for guinea pigs to eat zucchini?

If so, how much can they have? How often can they have it?

In case you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s “yes.” Guinea pigs can eat zucchini!

Before you run for the fridge or head for the garden though, there are a few things you should know.

Read on and in minutes, you’ll be well-informed on the subject of zucchini for guinea pigs.

Zucchini Nutrition Stats

Zucchini gives you plenty of satisfaction without dipping too deeply into your daily calorie budget.

A one-cup serving of chopped zucchini with skin provides approximately:

  • 20 calories
  • 2 g carbohydrates
  • 4 g fiber
  • 5 g protein
  • .2 g fat

Zucchini Nutritional Facts

Zucchini is surprisingly high in vitamin C – something you and your guinea pig need plenty of!

A one-cup serving of zucchini gives you about:

  • 248 IU vitamin A
  • 21 mg vitamin C
  • 3 mcg vitamin K
  • .6 mg niacin
  • 36 mcg folate
  • .2 mg riboflavin
  • .3 mg vitamin B6
  • 6 mg Calcium
  • .4 mg iron
  • 1 mg magnesium
  • 325 mg potassium
  • 1 mg phosphorus
  • .4 mg zinc

Can Guinea Pigs Have Zucchini?

Absolutely! Zucchini is great for your cavy – so much so that you might consider making it part of their weekly diet.

Are Zucchinis Good For Guinea Pigs?

Lots of pets can eat zucchinis, guinea pigs included – but just how good is zucchini for your little cavy? As it turns out, there are some really good reasons why zucchini is such a great match for your pet.

It’s low in both calcium and oxalates, so it doesn’t increase your guinea pig’s risk of kidney and bladder stones. It’s low in sugar and calories, but high in munchability!

And last, it’s got lots of fiber and some vitamin C, two essential components of a guinea pig’s diet.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Zucchini?

Most guinea pigs give zucchini their stamp of approval. Of course, guinea pigs have preferences of their own so it’s possible that your cavy won’t like zucchini.

There’s an easy way to find out which camp your pet is in: Just offer your cavy a little slice of fresh zucchini next time you have some on hand, and see whether they like it!

How Much Zucchini Can A Guinea Pig Eat?

Guinea pigs that like courgettes are jumping for joy, because this is one food they can eat quite a bit of!

Here’s how much zucchini a to feed your guinea pig:

Age Amount
Baby guinea pig None
Adult guinea pig 3 ¼ inch-thick slices of zucchini

Since any new food can be a bit disruptive to your guinea pig’s digestive system, it’s important to provide your pet with a gradual introduction to zucchini. Start by offering just one ¼ inch thick slice of courgette and, over the next 12 hours or so, watch for signs of gas, bloating, or diarrhea.

So long as everything is normal, you can give your guinea pig 2 slices of zucchini next time and the full 3-slice serving after that.

How Often Can A Guinea Pig Eat Zucchinis?

Even though these wonderful Italian marrows are good for guinea pigs, it’s important to offer your pet a wide variety of fresh foods. This means that zucchini shouldn’t be eaten on a daily basis. Instead, you can give your guinea pig zucchini up to 4 times per week, or every other day.

The Correct Diet Is Important

A guinea pig’s natural diet consists mostly of grasses and leafy plants that grow near the ground, within easy reach. The fibers in the grasses keep a cavy’s digestive system moving, which is why experts agree that guinea pigs need an unlimited supply of fresh Timothy hay.

Here’s what else to feed a guinea pig:

  • Unlimited amount of fresh, clean water; rinse and refill your guinea pig’s drinking bottle every day
  • Guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin C (The label provides information about how much you should offer; serving size varies by brand)
  • About one cup of fresh leafy greens mixed with crunchy vegetables each day; try to split this into two or three smaller servings

What Are Other Healthy Alternatives To Zucchinis In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?

What if you’re all out of zucchini? There’s no need for your pet to go without their fresh veggies!

Here’s a list of some common vegetables guinea pigs usually like:

  • asparagus
  • artichoke
  • basil
  • cilantro
  • mint
  • parsley
  • carrot
  • carrot tops
  • romaine
  • beets
  • beet tops
  • arugula
  • swiss chard
  • spinach
  • endive
  • escarole
  • cabbage
  • butter lettuce
  • buttercrunch lettuce
  • bibb lettuce
  • rocket
  • cabbage
  • green beans
  • cucumber
  • bell pepper
  • zucchini
  • summer squash
  • parsnip
  • pumpkin
  • sweet potato
  • tomato
  • broccoli
  • broccolini
  • cauliflower
  • brussels sprouts
  • bok choy
  • yu choy
  • watercress

Just as you did with zucchini, it’s important to do a bit of research on every new food you plan to give to your guinea pig.

This way, you’ll find out whether each item is safe (or if it’s toxic!) plus you’ll learn how much and how often to offer each item.

For now, giving your guinea pig zucchini is a fun way to make their diet a bit more exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are zucchinis safe for guinea pigs?

Yes! Zucchini is safe for your cavy to enjoy. Just remember to wash it well before cutting it up, just as you would for yourself.

Can zucchini make my guinea pig sick?

Zucchini isn’t likely to make your guinea pig sick but there can always be exceptions. Make sure that you only offer fresh zucchini, and be certain to stick to the correct serving size. These are two easy ways to let your guinea pig have zucchini regularly without risking overconsumption.

Can guinea pigs eat zucchini leaves and stems?

If you have a garden and you’re growing zucchini without pesticide or herbicide, it’s fine to share a small amount of zucchini leaf or stem with your guinea pig. Only offer about a one inch section, since too much at once can give your guinea pig diarrhea.

Can my guinea pig have zucchini bread?

Zucchini bread is a yummy treat for you, but it isn’t safe for your guinea pig since it contains fat, eggs, and sugar, which are three things your cavy should never eat. Also, zucchini bread is baked, and guinea pigs can’t digest cooked foods.

Can guinea pigs eat golden zucchini?

Yes, but remove any large seeds before offering this treat to your pet. Since golden zucchini are ripe fruits from the same plant that produces tender young green zucchinis, they’re perfectly fine for your cavy to enjoy.

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