Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Guinea Pigs May 13, 2022
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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

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Tiny, intense cabbages: Brussels sprouts can be delicious when properly prepared, and they offer a nice crunch and a unique flavor when grated into salads.

If Brussel sprouts are on your menu for the week, you might be wondering whether it’s OK to share with your pet. If so, how much brussel sprout can a guinea pig have, and how often can they be enjoyed?

The quick answer is “Yes!” Guinea pigs can eat brussels sprouts.

Hold on, though, because there’s a lot to learn before you run for the fridge and offer your cavy a crunchy brussel sprout treat.

Keep reading to learn all about brussel sprouts for guinea pigs.

Brussel Sprouts Nutrition Stats

As veggies go, brussels sprouts are fairly low in calories and super-high in healthy fiber.

In a one-half cup serving of brussels sprouts, you’re likely to get:

  • 28 calories
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g fiber
  • 2 g protein
  • .4 g fat

Brussel Sprouts Nutritional Facts

If you like brussels sprouts, you’re in luck – they’re packed with vital nutrients including about 80 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement.

That same half cup serving of brussels sprouts provides approximately:

  • 5 mg vitamin C
  • 109 mcg vitamin K
  • 604 iu vitamin A
  • .2 mg manganese
  • 8 mcg folate
  • .1 mg vitamin B6
  • .1 mg thiamine
  • 247 mg potassium
  • .9 mg iron
  • .1 mg riboflavin
  • 7 mg phosphorus
  • 6 mg magnesium

Can Guinea Pigs Have Brussel Sprouts?

Yes! Guinea pigs can have brussels sprouts. They’re full of vitamins and minerals, plus they are a good source of fiber.

Are Brussel Sprouts Good For Guinea Pigs?

Here’s the thing. Because they are high in vitamin C, brussel sprouts are good for guinea pigs – but only in moderation. Brussels sprouts are also high in oxalates, which can contribute to kidney and bladder stones if overconsumed.

They’re also fairly high in phosphorus, which can sometimes cause problems if eaten in excess. Give your guinea pig the right amount of brussel sprouts to keep their risk low.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Brussel Sprouts?

Just like humans, guinea pigs tend to fall into two separate camps: Some love brussels sprouts, and some can’t stand them!

How Much Brussel Sprouts Can A Guinea Pig Eat?

That’s a great question – and the short answer is “not much, and it all depends on size.”

Here’s how much brussel sprouts a to feed your guinea pig:

Age Amount
Baby guinea pig None
Adult guinea pig ¼ large brussel sprout, ½ small brussel sprout, or 1 baby brussel sprout

Besides being high in oxalic acid and phosphorus, brussel sprouts can give your guinea pig a painful case of gas. With the potential for digestive issues in mind, you should only offer your guinea pig half the recommended brussel sprout serving size when first introducing this veggie.

Over the next 12 hours or so, keep an eye out for any signs of bloating or discomfort.

If your guinea pig likes brussel sprouts and doesn’t show any adverse side effects, you can give them the full serving size next time this veggie is on the menu!

How Often Can A Guinea Pig Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Since brussel sprouts can cause gas and bloating, and since they’re high in nutrients that can contribute to stone formation if overconsumed, moderation is key. Only give your guinea pig brussel sprouts once per week.

The Correct Diet is Important

In the wild, a guinea pig’s diet consists primarily of nutritious plants and fibrous grasses that keep the digestive tract healthy. You can help your guinea pig enjoy a longer, healthier life by treating them to the diet nature intended.

Start by offering all the fresh Timothy hay your cavy can eat, along with all the fresh water they can drink.

Here’s what else to feed a guinea pig:

  • Vitamin C fortified guinea pig pellets (check the label to find the correct serving size for your cavy).
  • About one cup of fresh food per day, preferably divided into at least two smaller servings; leafy greens and crunchy veggies should be the focus.

Remember to rinse your guinea pig’s water bottle at least once each day. This is just as important as keeping their bedding fresh and ensuring that their habitat is clean and dry.

What Are Other Healthy Alternatives To Brussel Sprouts In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?

Guinea pigs are happiest when their menu includes a variety of veggies and fruits – and you have an almost endless number of options to choose from when deciding what to include in their salad each day.

Here’s a list of some vegetables and herbs most guinea pigs like:

  • cabbage
  • green beans
  • cucumber
  • cauliflower
  • bok choy
  • yu choy
  • watercress
  • asparagus
  • artichoke
  • basil
  • escarole
  • cabbage
  • butter lettuce
  • cilantro
  • mint
  • parsley
  • carrot
  • carrot tops
  • romaine
  • beets
  • parsnip
  • pumpkin
  • sweet potato
  • tomato
  • broccoli
  • broccolini
  • beet tops
  • arugula
  • swiss chard
  • spinach
  • endive
  • buttercrunch lettuce
  • bibb lettuce
  • rocket
  • bell pepper
  • zucchini
  • summer squash

Your guinea pig will look forward to the treats you offer!

Remember to do a little bit of research on each new food you consider, since guinea pigs can have only certain amounts, and since some foods that are great for you are not so good (or even toxic!) for your guinea pig.

Remember to make fresh Timothy hay and good quality guinea pig pellets the cornerstone of your pet’s diet and you’ll be setting them up for a happy, healthy future.

For now, try giving your guinea pig brussel sprouts (just a little!) and see if they like the flavor as much as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are brussel sprouts safe for guinea pigs?

Absolutely! So long as you stick to the recommended serving size and don’t overdo it, brussel sprouts are nice natural treats for guinea pigs.

Can brussel sprouts make my guinea pig sick?

Too many brussel sprouts can cause a painful case of gas and bloating. Since guinea pigs don’t self-regulate, it’s important to provide just enough of each food.
If eaten too often over time, brussel sprouts can contribute to the formation of kidney and bladder stones. The good news is that when enjoyed occasionally and in the right amount, brussels sprouts are a great source of the vitamin C your guinea pig needs for overall good health. You don’t need to be afraid to give your cavy brussel sprouts, but you do want to take a careful approach.

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