Protectapet Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance May 11, 2022
Written by | Updated May 14, 2024
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Protectapet Pet Insurance Review

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When you bring home your pet for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being a pet owner. As the novelty fades away, however, you come to understand the degree of responsibility involved. You are your pet’s caretaker and that includes making sure he has access to veterinary care.

As a pet owner, there are certain expenses you expect. You plan to have your pet spayed or neutered, you take him to the vet for his annual checkup, and you make sure he has a health diet all year-round. It’s the unexpected expenses for illnesses and injuries that hit your wallet the hardest.

Pet insurance is a great option for pet owners who want to have a backup plan in case their pet gets sick. These insurance policies help you cover the cost of unexpected vet bills, much in the same way your own health insurance does. Protectapet is one of the top pet insurance companies in Spain.

Read on to learn what you need to know about Protectapet to decide if it’s the right option for you.

Protectapet Pet Insurance
Overall Score
  • Online Claims. Submit claims easily through the website, get reimbursed quickly.
  • Fixed Premiums. Your monthly premium won’t go up over the life of your pet.
  • No Age Limits. Pets of any age can be enrolled with no added frees.
  • Fast Processing. Claims are generally processed within 5 business days.
  • 1-Year Commitment. Protectapet seems to require a 12-month commitment but then members are able to come and go as they please.
  • Little Info Available. The website doesn’t provide many details and it was hard to find them as an outsider.
  • Online Claims. Submit claims easily through the website, get reimbursed quickly.
  • Fixed Premiums. Your monthly premium won’t go up over the life of your pet.
  • No Age Limits. Pets of any age can be enrolled with no added frees.
  • Fast Processing. Claims are generally processed within 5 business days.
  • 1-Year Commitment. Protectapet seems to require a 12-month commitment but then members are able to come and go as they please.
  • Little Info Available. The website doesn’t provide many details and it was hard to find them as an outsider.
Waiting Period
Policy Options
Customer Support

About Protectapet Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance gives pet owners the peace of mind knowing they won’t have to make a difficult choice about their pet’s care based on finances. There are many different companies out there, but Protectapet aims to be a unique and practical option.

Protectapet was established in Spain in 1999 as the first company to offer healthcare plans for pets. The company was developed in response to a rising need for pet healthcare among Expats from the United Kingdom and elsewhere throughout Europe. Though veterinary care is more affordable in Spain than in many other European countries, costs are on the rise and Protectapet wants to help.

Here are some of the benefits Protectapet has to offer:

  • They are the only company specializing in pet healthcare in Spain and Europe
  • They’ve introduced new products in Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus
  • They are the leaders in Pet Healthcare Management in Europe
  • They are staffed and operated by animal lovers, well trained in pet care

What makes Protectapet a unique option is the fact that their premiums are fixed for the life of your pet. It never goes up regardless how many claims you file, and they don’t charge extra for pets that are over the age of 10 upon enrollment.

Here’s what Protectapet has to say about their services:

“Protectapet, the European Pet Healthcare Management Organization are the only company in Europe specializing in Pet Healthcare Plans. No other company offers the unique products that we can provide. As the only specialists in this field we can provide products and services that no other general insurance company, offering you pet insurance, can provide.”

In addition to offering their pet healthcare plans, Protectapet also acts as a resource for animal lovers and pet owners. Their website links to a wide variety of other sites including clubs and associations, groomers, kennels, trainers, and more.

Read on to learn the basics about Protectapet, their plans, and their coverage.

How Does Protectapet Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works in a similar way to health insurance for humans. With your own health insurance, you pay a monthly premium for coverage and then pay a copay or coinsurance for each service – the plan pays the rest directly to your provider. With pet insurance, you generally pay for the cost of service upfront and the plan reimburses you for covered costs up to a certain percentage.

Here are the details you need to know for Protectapet pet insurance:

  1. Pet Insurance Plans

Protectapet offers what they call “The Diamond Pet Healthcare Plan.” It is described as the ultimate in pet healthcare plans in Spain and Europe, delivered entirely online. This is the only pet health insurance plan Protectapet has to offer and it covers accidents, illnesses, and emergencies including home visits, hospitalization, and medications, This company also enables you to choose your own veterinarian.

Here’s a quick review of the coverage Protectapet pet insurance offers:

Diamond Plan
Accidents X
Illnesses X
Emergency Care X
Hereditary/Congenital Issues
Veterinary Fees X
Hospitalization X
Aftercare Medications X
Boarding/Kennel Fees X
Accidental Death X

Protectapet enables you to use the vet of your choice – they also offer a free vet locator service on their website. Whatever vet you feel comfortable using, you are free to do so.

  1. Pricing

Protectapet claims to be the most comprehensive pet insurance plan in Spain and they offer coverage for parts of Europe as well. They charge a fixed monthly premium that will never go up over the life of your pet, and there are no penalties for older pets (over the age of 10 years). The minimum age of enrollment seems to be 12 weeks of age.

Protectapet offers flexible payment options for your premiums, including monthly, quarterly, and annual payments. Members can pay via direct debit, Visa, or PayPal. If you’re not satisfied with Protectapet, they offer a 10-day money-back guarantee from the policy start date.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to obtain specific details about Protectapet insurance in terms of their pricing because it is only for members in Spain and Europe.

  1. Waiting Periods

Most pet insurance plans require a waiting period before members can submit their first claim. This is designed to prevent pet owners from purchasing a plan knowing their pet is sick just so they can have their vet bills paid by the insurance – it’s to prevent insurance fraud.

Protectapet only requires a 21-day waiting period for accidents, illnesses, and emergencies. Three weeks after you enroll, your policy will become active and you can start submitting claims.

Something else worth noting about Protectapet is that they effectively require a 12-month agreement. When you enroll, you’ll be expected to pay your premium for the first 12 months but after that point there are no fixed term requirements – you can “come and go as you please.” If you have an annual policy and you cancel or renew, you’ll be able to get a prorated refund.

  1. Claim Limits and Deductibles

Many pet insurance companies set a limit on the amount you can request reimbursement for per accident or illness. Though Protectapet says they don’t increase the amount of your pet’s premium throughout his life, we couldn’t find specific information about any annual or lifetime limits. Claims will be processed within 5 business days of submission.

A deductible is the amount you pay for covered services before the plan starts to offer reimbursement – deductibles are on top of your monthly premiums. Again, we couldn’t find any information about deductibles for Protectapet plans.

  1. Pre-Existing Conditions

No pet insurance company we’ve come across covers pre-existing conditions. These are generally defined as conditions that have been observed, diagnosed, or treated prior to enrollment or that happen during the waiting period.

Protectapet doesn’t provide specific information on their website about pre-existing conditions, but we imagine it to be the same. We do like that this company doesn’t charge more for older pets like many companies do under the assumption that older pets have existing health problems or are more likely to develop them.

  1. Additional Coverage

Not only does Protectapet offer comprehensive coverage to customers in Spain, but they offer the option to add coverage for Europe as well. For a small additional charge to your monthly plan, you can add European Coverage for travel to the UK and other parts of Europe. Protectapet may even offer coverage for members who move somewhere else in Europe.

On top of their pet healthcare coverage, Protectapet also offers Dangerous Dog Insurance. Passed in 2002, the Dangerous Dog Act states that owners of dogs over 20kg of weight or specified in the act by breed (or crossbred with a potentially dangerous breed) must obtain a license and follow certain restrictions. Protectapet’s dangerous dog insurance provides public liability coverage for dog owners.

  1. Pets Covered

Protectapet is primarily a pet insurance company for dogs and cats, but they also cover horses. This company also offers coverage for pet travel and public liability for dogs. Protectapet covers pets of any breed and any age, including so-called “dangerous breeds,” and your premiums are fixed for life.

Protectapet Customer Reviews

When shopping for pet products, it’s always a good idea to do your research. In addition to learning more about the company and their products, it helps to hear directly from their customers. With something like pet insurance, it never hurts to hear about customer experiences.

Here are some positive reviews and negative reviews from real customers:

Positive Reviews

“Since we moved to the Canary Islands 10 years ago, Protectapet have insured my Maine Coon cat, Casper. He has needed veterinary services several times during that time and I have always found the staff at Protectapet to be incredibly helpful and the cover very adequate. It paid for all the treatment, diagnosis and tests that Casper needed. Additionally, when Casper went missing once the staff advised me to take out advertisements and told me they would pay and also that I could offer a reward for his return that was covered in the insurance.”– Sue B. from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Negative Reviews

“Called them to say my dog may need surgery on his knee, told this was not covered. I took the policy out in 2005 and surgery would have been covered. But in 2010 they changed things, now not only are knee problems not covered, neither are the hips, and if your pet is over 10 years old, heart, kidney stomach and cancer are not covered either. Well let’s just say, they have a get out clause, and if your pet ever ingests poison on one of their walks, that’s not covered either. Read your policy’s carefully, and never think that they will not change things without informing you. One star given for nice staff.”– Suzanne N. from Rafol de Salem, Spain

How Do You Sign Up?

Like many pet insurance companies, Protectapet offers online enrollment. You simply provide some basic information about yourself and your pet to receive a quote. If you’re pleased with the quote, just go on to provide your billing and payment information. You can also call the company directly or provide your phone number to receive a call back. Because we are not Spanish residents, we were unable to test the online signup process or receive an accurate quote.

Is Protectapet Pet Insurance Worth It?

Overall, it’s difficult to say whether pet insurance is worth it because individual cases may vary. If your pet is young and healthy, it may not be worth the monthly premium to pay for coverage you may never end up using. You can never predict when an accident might happen, however, and some pet owners like having the peace of mind that comes with pet insurance.

Another factor to consider with Protectapet in particular is the fact that their premiums do not change over the life of your pet. They seem to require a 12-month commitment at first, but then you have the freedom to cancel and renew your policy as needed. If you’re concerned about health issues when your pet is older, it may be a good idea to get coverage while he is young to lock in that rate and then renew the policy again after your pet hits a certain age.

It’s up to you to get a quote for coverage from Protectapet and to determine whether it’s financially feasible and cost-effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Protectapet pet insurance?

Protectapet is a registered trading name of Plegasus Europe SL and is owned by The European Healthcare Management Organisation. Their public liability insurance for dangerous dogs is affiliated with an independent company.

How to cancel Protectapet pet insurance?

You can cancel Protectapet by contacting the company directly. Once you’ve completed 12 months of premium payments, you are free to cancel and renew any time you like throughout the life of your pet.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover cremation?

Protectapet offers coverage for accidental death, though it is unclear whether that includes the cost of cremation.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover hip dysplasia?

We weren’t able to find specific information about Protectapet’s coverage, but one review mentioned that they no longer cover knee and ligament issues.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover allergy testing?

Yes, Protectapet covers diagnostic testing which we assume includes allergy testing.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover blood work?

Yes, Protectapet covers diagnostic testing which we assume includes bloodwork.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover dental?

We weren’t able to find specific information about Protectapet’s coverage for dental issues.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover emergency visits?

Yes, Protectapet’s Diamond Plan policy covers emergency treatment for illness and injury. This includes medication, hospitalization, and aftercare medication.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover neutering?

No, Protectapet doesn’t cover preventive care including spaying and neutering.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover medication?

Yes, Protectapet’s Diamond Plan policy covers prescription medication related to covered services.

Does Protectapet pet insurance cover prescription food?

We weren’t able to find specific information about Protectapet’s coverage for prescription food.

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    They are not worth the money! We had a claim that included an MRI scan that saved our dog's life they refused to cover the cost leaving us €900 out of pocket, plus only covered the first €200 of hospital cover. Avoid

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      That sounds like terrible service Mark, thank you for for commenting

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