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100 Popular Sugar Glider Names

May 12, 2022


100 Popular Sugar Glider Names

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Sugar gliders are very cute marsupials that make for great pets. We hope you can use one of these names for your own.

Male Sugar Glider Names

Image Credit: depositphotos.com

Here are a few names for boy sugar gliders that you might be able to use:

  1. Batman– The way this animal glidesmay remind you of Batman.
  2. Chewie– Fuzzy animals can be named after the fuzzy Star Wars alien.
  3. Claws– These clawed animal will need a suitable name.
  4. Crocket– Like the famous raccoon skin-wearing frontiersman, Davy Crockett, since sugar gliders look similar to racoons.
  5. Dante– You could give your animal an intimidating name.
  6. Dash– For a very fast sugar glider.
  7. Diablo– Another intimidating name thatyou might want to consider for this small animal.
  8. Dodger– A name that denotes how fast they can be.
  9. Ezzy– Kind of like “fuzzy”, which makes it feel appropriate.
  10. Felix– This is the kind of common name that just feels like it should belong to a furry animal.
  11. Ferrari– You could go with a speedy, sporty name for your gliding pet.
  12. Fuzziwig– This funny, fuzz-themed name is a good choice.
  13. Goliath– We love intimidating names like this for small animals.
  14. Jeepers– For a spooky-looking pet, like this masked animal.
  15. Joey– A fitting name for any marsupial, like kangaroos, koalas and sugar gliders.
  16. Maverick– You could go with a cool, suave name like this one.
  17. Paddington– Why not name your pet after the famous, fuzzy bear?
  18. Papi– A sweet, exotic name could be a good fit as well for this exotic pet.
  19. Roo– Short for kangaroo, since sugar gliders are marsupials.
  20. Ryder– A play on “glider”.
  21. Scrat– Like the famous cartoon squirrel, which sugar gliders kind of resemble.
  22. Splinter– Named after the Ninja Turtle rat character.
  23. Stitch– After the cute, fuzzy alienfrom the Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch.
  24. Sugar Ray– A play on the “sugar” in your pets name that refers to the famous singer.
  25. Tattoo– Another tough name you might want to consider and one that is ideal thanks to the interestingmarkings these pets have.
  26. Turbo– For your fast, flying pet.
  27. Wolverine– You could go with a super name for your clawed animal.
  28. Yoda– Sugar gliders are short and fuzzy, just like this small Star Wars character.

Female Sugar Glider Names

Image Credit: depositphotos.com

Now for some female names you might want to check out:

  1. Buttons– If your pet is as cute as a button.
  2. Cleo– A mysterious name that is associated with magic.
  3. Cookie– A cute, adorable name for your pet.
  4. Gladys Knight– A play on the “glider” in your pet’s name and named after the famous singer.
  5. Izzy– This name sounds kind of like “fuzzy”.
  6. Kanga– Another kangaroo-type name to consider.
  7. Kaylee– A sweet, feminine name like this might be perfect.
  8. Koko– Or you could go with this feminine version of a name that reminds you of the animal’s cocoa coloring.
  9. Mocha– This coffee coloring name is a good choice too.
  10. Mystique– Why not choose a mysterious name?
  11. Pepper– A good choice for pets with some black in their fur.
  12. Pipsqueak– For the squeaky sound your pet makes.
  13. Pixie– A sweet, feminine and magical-sounding name is a good fit.
  14. Precious– For the sweet sugar part of the sugar glider’s name.
  15. Prettypaws-A cutesy name might be more your style.
  16. Princess– Lovely, feminine names like this might be good for a female sugar glider.
  17. Raven– A good choice for any dark-colored gliders.
  18. Ripley– Named after the tough female character from the movie Alien.
  19. Sable– For any silver-colored sugar gliders.
  20. Sugar– Why not just go for a sweet, literal name?
  21. Sweetie– Any sweet names work well for sugar gliders.
  22. Sydney– You could choose an Australian name, since this is a marsupial.

Unisex Sugar Glider Names

Image Credit:depositphotos.com

These names work whether your sugar glider is a boy or a girl:

  1. Aussie– Here is another Australian name to consider.
  2. Bandit– This can be great because the glider has a mask-like face.
  3. Chatters– For the talkative glider.
  4. Checkers– Named after the black and grey pattern on the glider.
  5. Chippy– Because gliders look kind of like chipmunks.
  6. Chunkymonkey– You could just use a ridiculously silly name like this.
  7. Coffee– For the coffee-like coloring of your glider.
  8. Comet– Good for any flying animal, really.
  9. Cuddles– For your adorable, livable pet.
  10. Doodle– A lovable name like this is good for any cute, fuzzy pets.
  11. Ewok– This fuzzy Star Wars character is a good namesake as well.
  12. Frisbee– You might laugh at a name like this for your flying marsupial.
  13. Furry– Here is a classic for any small mammal.
  14. Fuzzball– We just love fuzzy names for these creatures.
  15. Fuzzywuzzy– A funny, fuzzy name you might want to consider.
  16. Gadget– This is more of a cutesy name and may make your think of the Rescue Rangers
  17. Giblet– This funny name feels appropriate for a small pet.
  18. Gizmo– named after the fuzzy, friendly Gremlins
  19. Glidey– A fun take on the glider in your pet’s name.
  20. Gremlin– Why not name your pet after the title characters of Gremlins?
  21. Grizzly– A fuzzy and intimidating name could be a good choice.
  22. Inky– For a darker glider.
  23. Jet– Another good name for a dark glider, plus it could also double as a fighter jet reference.
  24. Journey– For pets who move around a lot like your gliding friend.
  25. Jumparoo– A funny name to remind you that this pet shares the same family as the kangaroo.
  26. Meteor– Good for any flying pet, we think.
  27. Molasses– Sweet and brown, just like your pet.
  28. Monkey– An appropriate namesake for this small mammal.
  29. Nibbler– Your pet probably likes to nibble on all sorts of things.
  30. Nightowl– Because these gliders are nocturnal animals.
  31. Ninja– For the stealthy way the glider moves through the night.
  32. Pockets– A good namesake for one belonging to the marsupial family.
  33. Prowler– For your sneaky, nighttime pet.
  34. Pudgy– Good for a glider with a bit of extra weight.
  35. Rocket– Like Rocket Raccoon or just describing the way your pet flies.
  36. Scatter– A funny name for a silly-acting pet.
  37. Scratchy– Named after your pet’s tendency to scratch with its claws.
  38. Sleepy– Ideal for any nocturnal pet that always seems to sleep during he daytime.
  39. Spaz– For pets with a crazy attitude.
  40. Squirrelly– Your glider looks a bit like a squirrel, after all.
  41. Stalker– For pets that move quietly and at night.
  42. Storm– Named after the dark, intense coloring of your pet.
  43. Streaky– For the fast movement or unique markings of your pet.
  44. Taz– Named after the Australian state of Tasmania or the popular cartoon character.
  45. Velvet– Like the dark markings on your pet.
  46. Wicket– This fun name fits with one of Australia’s favorite sports- cricket.
  47. Wiggles– Your cuddly animal deserves an appropriate namesake.
  48. Wookie– A perfectly fuzzy Star Wars name for your fuzzy pet.
  49. Ziggie– A fun name for any small mammal.
  50. Zippy– For the way your pet moves quickly through the air.

Did you find a name that you liked from our list? We certainly hope so. Every sugar glider deserves a great name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should i name my Sugar Glider

You can name your Sugar Glider after a famous movie star or find cool names ideas on our list of most popular Sugar Glider names

What is a good name for a Sugar Glider

A good Sugar Glider name is one that is easy to remember and to pronounce

Can Sugar Glider learn their name

Yes, Sugar Glider can learn their name and acknowledge being called.

Do Sugar Glider respond to names

Yes with time, your Sugar Glider may be able to respond to names

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