Star War Cat Names

Cats May 12, 2022
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Star War Cat Names

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Now that you own a cat, the next serious business is giving your furry friend a name. From the various concerns raised by cat owners, you can tell this is not a simple task but it is an activity that you should invest time into.

It is very important to learn the personality of your family companion which may vary depending on their heritage and breed. Some cats may be calm at first simply because they are not familiar with your home that’s why you need to give them some time before giving them a name.

The name of your cat. It should be something that is special to you, that has some meaning behind it. The name is also important in describing the behavior and traits of your cat. That’s why you should never choose a name beforehand, since you never know whether or not it will be suitable for your cat.

Most Popular Star War Cat Names

With the emerging trends in the entertainment industry, Star Wars is responsible for the vast recent influence on pop culture. It is the one of the few entertainment properties that have become a culture entity across the world.

Star Wars has stood the test of time across decades. To pay tribute to them, we have provided the following Star War cat names that will be great for your furry friend and consequently make you feel part of the Star War culture.

  1. Hux – For ruthless cats
  2. Jawa – For cats that are scavengers
  3. Jedi – For cats that can learn and master the training very fast especially their names
  4. Chewie – For cats that are warriors
  5. Chopper – For cats that’s are quick and light when jumping
  6. Ackbar – For the love of the military commander
  7. Admiral – A title for cats that are leaders
  8. Ahsoka – A cat name after Ahsoka
  9. Amilyn – For strong cats
  10. Anakin – For the love of Jedi
  11. Biggs – For dark furred and light cats
  12. Droid – For cats that are rebels
  13. Boda – Named after Boda
  14. Bodhie – For cats that can lead others
  15. Cody – For the love of marshal commanders
  16. Darth – For the love of Skywalker father
  17. Dooku – A cat name after Count Dooku
  18. Ewok – A cat got from The End of a city or town
  19. Ezra – A cat name after Ezra Bridger
  20. Falcon – For cats that you have personally owned
  21. Finn – For cats that are survivors
  22. Han solo – For cheeky cats
  23. Hera – A female cat name after the pilot in the rebel series
  24. Kenobi – A cat name after Obi-wan Kenobi
  25. Kylo – A great name after Kylo Ben
  26. Lando – For the love of Lando Calrissian
  27. Poe – A cat name after Poe Dameron
  28. Porg – For cute cats
  29. Phasma – Cats that are leaders/captains
  30. Padme – After Padme Amidala
  31. Maz – For the honor of Maz Kanata who is a business lady
  32. Maul – A cat name after Darth Maul
  33. Luke – After Luke Skywalker
  34. Leia – For cats that are like princesses
  35. Rebel – For cats that are fighters
  36. Trooper – For the love of soldiers
  37. Rey – Cat name after force prodigy
  38. Rose – Cat name after Rose Tico Vader
  39. Thrawn – For cats that are leaders
  40. Sabine – Cat name after Sabine Wren
  41. Scion – After Darth Scion
  42. Skywalker – For the love of this famous family
  43. Zeb – For rebel cats
  44. Yoda – For master cats
  45. Wookie – For cats that are furry
  46. Wicket – For cats that are warriors
  47. Wedge – After Wedge Antilles
  48. Alfonzo – For cats that are warriors and are noble
  49. Alistair – For famous cats
  50. Ares – For strong cats
  51. Anwar – For bright white cats
  52. Alistair – For brave cats
  53. Schwarzenegger – After that famous man
  54. Bluestar – A great cat name for a talented cat
  55. Astarte – For cats that rekindles some love in you
  56. Celestina – After Celestina Warbeck
  57. Custard – For the love of this dessert
  58. Edward – For cats that are great guardians
  59. Ewart – For brave cats
  60. Howard – For cat that are excellent guardians of home
  61. Luna – After Luna Star, the actor
  62. Midnight star – For home guard cats that rarely sleep
  63. Movie Star – A name that always reminds you of your favorite movie star
  64. Seward – For cats got around the sea
  65. Mustard seed – For kittens that have a potential of becoming huge
  66. Salem – After Salem Warlock
  67. Star – For cats that are brightly furred
  68. Starbuck – For cats that follow each other
  69. Starlight – For cats that seem bright even at night
  70. Starfire – Cats that are lightly furred
  71. Starla – For cats that have shiny fur
  72. Starlet – Female cat name meaning star
  73. Stary Eyes – For cats that have brave and amazing eyes
  74. Starshine – For cats that are bright and brilliant in appearance
  75. Ward – After Ward Bard
  76. Stewart Akerly – For the love of Ravenclaw student series
  77. Ultimate warrior – For powerful and brave cats
  78. Valko – After Vladko the warlord
  79. Warrior – For cats that are experienced in battle
  80. Warren – For cats that rarely sleep over the night
  81. Warthog – For those dangerous cats
  82. Ziggy Stardust – For the love of David Bowie film
  83. Xena – Female cat name for war princess
  84. Warui – For bad cats
  85. Warrington – For cats that are experienced in battles
  86. Warden – For cats that like keeping guard
  87. Brenda – After Brenda Starr
  88. Bleach – After Blaze Starr Bleach
  89. Edwardo – For cats that are excellent in guarding
  90. Stern – A cat name after Howard Stern who is a famous movie actor
  91. Lady Wesley Star – A female cat name for famous cats
  92. Lone Star – A cat name after this movie actor
  93. Max – A cat name expressing the love of Road warrior
  94. Movie Star Cat – A cat name that will always remind you of brilliant and brave movies stars
  95. Mustard – A cat name expressing the love of this spice
  96. Neddy – A cat name after Neddy Edward
  97. Ringo – A cat name for Ringo Star
  98. Morningstar – A name given to early rising and beautiful cats
  99. Crookshanks – A cat name
  100. Meowth – A name referring to a cat that will protect the world from devastation

 Final Thoughts

Remember your cat will react according to the name you give them. After getting your favorite names which may be 5 or less, remember to try them out on your feline. Of course, he or she cannot speak, but by calling them out, you may be able to see what is favored through their reaction. This may be expressed in a purr or eyes.

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