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257 Cool Pet Snake Names

May 3, 2022


257 Cool Pet Snake Names

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You want an animal as cool as a snake to have an equally cool-sounding name. Here are some that are dangerous, deadly and downright awesome for your pet snake.

Male Snake Names

Male Snake Names

These are really edgy names for any male snake:

  • Alpha- This name tells everyone who the boss is.
  • Apollo- This cosmic name comes from the Greek god of archery.
  • Balthazar- The name of a legendary Indian magus.
  • Basilisk- From mythology, this was the name of a serpent king.
  • Beast- Why not give your snake a real tough name?
  • Blade- This sharp name is good for a fanged pet.
  • Bowser- Named for the large dinosaur baddie from the Super Mario games.
  • Brutus- This tough-sounding guy is the traitor who killed Julius Caesar.
  • Bullet- A dangerous animal needs a dangerous-sounding title.
  • Bullseye- This supervillain is known for his unerring aim.
  • Cobra Commander- Like the villain from G. I. Joe.
  • Deadpool- Named after the superhero who carries deadly swords.
  • Deathstroke- Another comic book character known for being deadly.
  • Diablo- This name literally means “devil”.
  • Diesel- For a powerful, fast snake, you can’t do any better than this name.
  • Dracula- This fanged villain is a good namesake for a fanged snake.
  • Executioner- Why not choose an utterly dangerous name like this?
  • Fang- You could choose a name that tells everyone your snake is a serious predator.
  • Flint- The stone is often sharp and used for weapons.
  • Godzilla- The giant lizard monster of movie fame.
  • Hades- The ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology.
  • Hercules- For a strong snake, like a boa.
  • Hulk- Good for any green or powerful snake.
  • Hunter- You can use this name for a snake who likes to do some hunting.
  • Jafaar- Named after the sorcerer from Aladdin who had a snake staff.
  • Jormungand- A great beast from Norse mythology.
  • King Ghidorah- The three-headed, snake-like movie monster.
  • Loki- The Norse god of mischief might be an appropriate namesake.
  • Magnum- Like the long barrel of a powerful handgun, your snake could be lengthy and dangerous.
  • Mars- A Roman god of war.
  • Ramses- Named after the ancient Egyptian ruler who had his sorcerers turn their staves into snakes.
  • Ranger- A fine name for a snake who likes to hunt.
  • Rocky- You could name your pet after the tough movie boxer.
  • Scar- For a snake with some facial detail or an actual scar.
  • Set- A snake god from mythology.
  • Severus- An evil character from Harry Potter.
  • Slytherin- A snake house from Harry Potter.
  • Smaug- A giant dragon from the Hobbit movies.
  • Spartan- Named after the Greek city and its warriors who were very fierce in battle.
  • Vasuki- Means “king of the serpents”.

Female Snake Names

Female Snake Names

Try one of these for a truly dangerous-sounding female name:

  • Amazon- This location is famous for its tales of warrior women.
  • Andromeda- A mythological Greek character who was known for her beauty.
  • Athena- This was the goddess of war.
  • Battle Princess- You could go with a simple yet powerful name for your female snake.
  • Bellatrix- The name means “warrior”.
  • Calypso- The name is used in Cajun music and rituals and is often associated with magic and snakes.
  • Cassandra- This Greek mythological character was known for her many prophecies.
  • Cleo- Short for Cleopatra or the name of a famous astrologist.
  • Coral- Named after a deadly breed of snake.
  • Destiny- This name has some mystery to it and is perfect for a pet snake.
  • Elektra- A famous character from a Greek tragedy who was known to be very deadly.
  • Hera- A Greek goddess who made snakes raise her child.
  • Jade Dragon- This is a good choice for green snakes.
  • Maleficent- A wicked queen who could turn into a dragon, from the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Medusa- This mythological creature has snakes as hair and her gaze could turn men into stone.
  • Minerva- A goddess often depicted as a snake who represented war.
  • Morgana- A wicked sorceress from Arthurian legend.
  • Nagini- A magical snake from Harry Potter.
  • Poison Ivy- This poisonous plant makes for a good namesake for green snakes.
  • Rogue- Someone who plays by their own rules.
  • Sorceress- Mysterious and magical and perfect as a snake name.
  • Tigerlily- This beautiful flower is at once feminine and tinged with a note of danger, thanks to the “tiger” in its name.
  • Venus- This is the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • Xena- A warrior princess from television.

Unisex Names

Pet Snake

Give your snake an awesome name whether it is male or female:

  • Banshee- This supernatural Irish creature scared its victims before killing them.
  • Carnage- A forceful, violent name gives your pet some edge to its reputation.
  • Chimera- This mythological creature guarded the gates of the underworld.
  • Domino- A cool name that is ideal for black and white pets.
  • Dragon- The close relative of the snake, but only more dangerous.
  • Excalibur- The legendary sword of King Arthur.
  • Flicker- Like the tongue of a snake, this name denotes movement and speed.
  • Gargoyle- Why not name your snake after a scary, supernatural creature?
  • Hurricane- You could give your snake a name that shows it is a force of nature.
  • Hydra- This mythological reptile is a good namesake as well.
  • Killer- You could go with a very dangerous name.
  • Midnight- The time of night that is at its darkest and scariest.
  • Mortale- Italian for deadly
  • Ninja- For a dark, sneaky snake.
  • Pendragon- This name means king of the dragons.
  • Quicksilver- For a snake that is as fast as lightning.
  • Rager- Good for a snake with some fight in it.
  • Rebel- You could give your snake a name to show that it plays by its own rules.
  • Riddle- A mysterious name is great for snakes
  • Scimitar- Weapon names, especially sharp weapons, work well for snakes.
  • Silver- This metal has mystical connotations and is a good namesake for white or grey snakes.
  • Soldier- A strong name like this is good for any snakes that are always on the hunt.
  • Spider- You could name your snake after another deadly, scary animal.
  • Steel- This strong name shows a sense of invulnerability for your pet.
  • Stone- This tough name can show your snake’s power.
  • Stormy- A good choice for any dark, black or grey snakes.
  • Tank- For any snake that is powerfully built, like a boa.
  • Thrasher- A good fighting name for your dangerous pet.
  • Thunder- A booming, uncontrollable sound is an appropriate name for a pet that is a force of nature.
  • Titan- For a snake with some power to its build.
  • Vampire- Snakes and vampires both share sharp fangs.
  • Vector- Denotes speed in your pet’s movement.
  • Venom- Named after a snake’s poison.
  • Viper- The name of a deadly snake type.
  • Wizard- You could give your snake a magical name to denote a sense of mystery.
  • Wolf- Why not name your snake after another fanged predator?

Pet Snake Names By Color

Pet Snake Names

Names for Green Pet Snakes

  • Buddy- A good name for your new best friend.
  • Charlie- This popular snake name is a great choice for your pet.
  • Donald- You could use the name of the famous cartoon duck.
  • Duke- You might want to go with a distinguished, regal name.
  • Jonah- Why not use the name of the man who was swallowed by a whale for a green snake?
  • King- You could go very regal with your snake’s name.
  • Max- This is a common ae for pet snakes of any color.
  • Noah- The name associated with heavy rain is a good choice for a green pet.
  • Prince- Royal titles make for good pet names.
  • Romeo- You could choose the name of the famous lover.
  • Sir Squawky- This one has a distinguished and funny air about it.
  • Sonic- The green hedgehog is a good namesake.
  • Spike- You could pick a name with some danger in it.

Names for Black Pet Snakes

  • Batman- Why not go with this dark superhero name for your snake?
  • Berry- Short for blackberry.
  • Blackbeard- A pirate name might be a good fit.
  • Blackfoot- This Native American name could be a good choice as well.
  • Blackie- Literal color names can work well.
  • Blackjack- Like the weapon or the card game.
  • Blake- A version of “black” in some languages.
  • Darth Vader- This dark Star Wars character might be right for your snake’s name.
  • Dracula- You could go with this supernatural creature.
  • Flint- The stone flint is very dark.
  • Genghis Khan- You can’t get much darker than this historical conqueror.
  • Ghost Rider- You could use a supernatural hero’s name for your snake.
  • Ichabod- A character from the dark tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Johnny Cash- The singer was known as the man in black.
  • Kylo Ren- You could use a different dark Star Wars character.
  • Lord Voldemort- Wizards make for good namesakes for black pets.

Names for Yellow Pet Snakes

  • Bowie- Means “yellow hair”.
  • Buddy- A good name for your yellow friend.
  • Dwight- Means blonde in Dutch.
  • Fireball- Try this for a snake with some orange or red in its coloring.
  • Flame- Fire names are a good choice for yellow snakes.
  • Harry- Means yellow in Sanskrit.
  • Homer- After the yellow Simpsons character.
  • Lava- This fiery name might be a good fit.
  • Midas- Like the king with the golden touch from literature.
  • Prince- A royal name could be a good choice.
  • Scotch- The yellowish drink may be an inspired option.
  • Simba- The golden lion from The Lion King is a great name.
  • Sunny- Your snake may be golden yellow like the sun.
  • Tex- The bright, sunshine-y state of Texas makes for a good namesake.
  • Tweety- You could use the name of the classic, yellow cartoon snake.

Funny Snake Names

Pet Snake Names funny
  • Alejandro– You could give you snake a suave, Latin name.
  • Alfred Pennyworth– Or you might want to name him after the distinguished butler from the Batman comics.
  • Armageddon– You could give your snake a very fierce name.
  • Barney– Or name any purple snake after the television dinosaur character.
  • Batman– You might want to go with an iconic superhero name for your snake.
  • Beaker– Or choose a fun play on the word “beak”.
  • Loudmouth– You could choose a silly name that describes your snake’s talkative nature.
  • Lucky– A classic that’s still a fun name.
  • Megabyte– This technological themed name has a great beak pun to it.
  • Mockingsnake– use this for a mocking parrot.
  • Muffin– This cutesy name just makes your snake sound adorable.
  • Nat– A nice choice for a just about any snake, but it sounds like the small insect gnat, making it a good pick for small snakes.
  • Nibbles– Why not name your snake after its favorite activity, eating?
  • Noodle– A good choice for a long, slender snake.
  • Nugget– A nice pick for a small, cute snake.
  • One-Eye– A funny pirate name to consider.

Badass Pet Snake Names

  • Shell Shock– A badass name that you might want to consider for either male or female snake.
  • Slimy– Some snakes are definitely badass and messy.
  • Slowpoke– Describes your badass pet’s pace perfectly.
  • Snapper– Try this one for a fierce snapping snake.
  • Snippy– A good choice for snapping snakes.
  • Speedy– Another ironic name for your badass pet.
  • Stinky– If you have a snake for very long, you will see that this name is appropriate.
  • Stone– A tough, strong name for your snake.
  • Tamale– A fun, “t” themed name for your pet.
  • Tiny– Definitely good for smaller snakes, but it works as an ironic name for large turtles too.
  • Tipsy– This fun “t” name will get some laughs.
  • Tokyo– “T” place names are a good choice too.
  • Tortellini– Another good tortoise name that’s a fun pun.
  • Torti– A short form of badass tortoise you might want to use.
  • Tortuga– This tropical name is ideal for tortoises.
  • Tropicana– An exotic tropical name can be a lot of fun.
  • Truffle– You may want to go with a funny name like this that is good for any kind of snakes.

After you have looked through this list, we hope you were able to find a good name from it for your pet. If you did, please let us know.

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