250 Names Ideas With Meanings for Pet Baby Birds – Funny, Cute & Cool

May 14, 2022


250 Names Ideas With Meanings for Pet Baby Birds – Funny, Cute & Cool

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So, you have a cute new baby bird and want an appropriate name for it? You have come to the right place.

We have hundreds of baby parrot, cockatiel, budgie and parakeet names to pick from for you, and we hope you can find the one you absolutely adore.

Male Bird Names

Photo by: Jenny Hill/

Here are some great boy names for your baby bird:

  1. Archimedes– You may want to name your bird after the wise historical figure.
  2. Balboa– You could name him after the fictional boxer.
  3. Batman– Or he could have a heroic name.
  4. Big Boy– This is a good one for larger baby birds.
  5. Buddy– For a bird who will be a great friend.
  6. Casper– A nice choice for a lighter colored bird, after the cartoon ghost.
  7. Chase– You can use this name for a fast bird.
  8. Chirpy– For a talkative bird.
  9. Claws– For a bird with some talons on him.
  10. Daffy– You could use the name of the cartoon duck.
  11. Dewey– Or this small duck from Duck Tales.
  12. Donald– You may want to pick the irritable Disney duck.
  13. Duke– This distinguished name is a good choice foryour bird.
  14. Einstein– A genius’ name is always a nice pick.
  15. Godfeather– We love pun names for animals.
  16. Goliath– Pick this for a strong, large bird.
  17. Hercules– Another good choice for larger, stronger birds.
  18. Hook– This pirate name is a good option as well.
  19. Huey– Cartoon duck names are always popular among bird owners.
  20. Hulk– Try this for a green bird’s name for a laugh.
  21. Indy– You could name the bird after the fictional archeologist.
  22. Iron Man– A red and yellow bird might be a good fit for this heroic name.
  23. James Bond– You could choose this spy’s name for a dapper, black and white bird.
  24. Jolly Roger– This pirate name is a nice choice for parrots.
  25. Juju– A fun, exotic name may be a good fit.
  26. King– You could name a regal-looking bird with this one.
  27. Leo– This is actually one of the most popular names for pet birds.
  28. Lightning– Use this for a fast bird.
  29. Link– You could name a green bird after the video game character.
  30. Loki– A mischievous bird might be a good fit for this name.
  31. Louie– This is yet another cartoon duck name from Duck Tales.
  32. Mach 10– For a very speedy bird.
  33. Mario– Try this video game character for a red and blue bird.
  34. Newton– Smart people make for good bird names since these are intelligent animals.
  35. Nigel– You could use this for a cockatiel after the bird from Rio.
  36. Paco– Thisis a great boy’s name for a South American bird.
  37. Petie– This version of Peter is popular for green birds like some parrots.
  38. Raptor– This fierce name may be a good fit for your talented friend.
  39. Rexy– This version T-Rex is good for green birds.
  40. Robbie– Give your bird a nice boy’s name like this.
  41. Rocky– The fictional boxer makes for a strong name.
  42. Romeo– You can use this for a lovebird.
  43. Rooster– This strong male name is perfect for birds.
  44. Scrapper– For a bird that likes to get into fights.
  45. Sinbad– For an adventurous bird.
  46. Sir Richard– Use this for a regal-looking bird.
  47. Skipper– This pirate name may work well for a parrot.
  48. Smee– Here is another pirate name that’s ideal for small birds.
  49. Sparky– This name speaks of adventure, speed and a hot temper.
  50. Spike– This is a good,intimidating name for your bird.
  51. Tango– Exotic names like this are ideal for tropical birds.
  52. Thor– You could go with the imposing name of the Norse god of thunder.
  53. Thunder– Or you could just go straight for the thunder.
  54. Titan– Give your big bird an imposing name.
  55. Tony Stork– A punny name like this might be good for a heron, egret or actual stork.
  56. Tweety– This cartoon bird is a common name for yellow birds.
  57. Warrior– Use this for a bird who likesto fight.
  58. Woody– You could name your pet after this famous cartoon character.
  59. Xander– A tough name like this has an air of danger to it.
  60. Zeus– The name of a god is always imposing.

Female Bird Names

Photo by: brabus biturbo/

You might find a lovely name for your baby bird among these girl names:

  1. Alexa– Why not choose the name of the artificial intelligence character?
  2. Amber– This is good for a golden or orange colored bird.
  3. Aqua– Try this one for a blue or green bird.
  4. Ariel– We like this for red, green or blue birds to match the colors of the little mermaid.
  5. Baby– Why not go with an affectionate name like this?
  6. Barbie– You could choose a chic, hip name like the famous doll.
  7. Beauty– The name could describe your bird’s appearance.
  8. Bella– This popular name is from the Twilight franchise.
  9. Belle– You could name your yellow bird after a Disney princessknown or her yellow dress.
  10. Beyoncé– Or you could choose the Queen Bee as a namesake.
  11. Blondie– You may want to pick this one for a yellow bird.
  12. Bonita– This word means “pretty” in Spanish.
  13. Bonny– This is a Scottish word for pretty.
  14. Bubbles– Cutesy names like this are great for female birds.
  15. Buffy– You could name your bird after the vampire slayer.
  16. Camille– This is a lovely female name for your pet.
  17. Chloe– Here is a popular one that could work for any bird.
  18. Crystal– Gemstone names are ideal for female birds.
  19. Darling– Affectionate names like this are good choices as well.
  20. Delilah– You could choose the historical temptress as a namesake.
  21. Desiree– Or you could go with an exotic name like this.
  22. Destiny– This kind of name gives your bird an air of mystery.
  23. Diamond– Gemstones names are absolutely perfect.
  24. Dixie– Good for a bird from the southern United States.
  25. Dolly– If you have a bird that looks lovely, why not give her a lovely name like this?
  26. Domino– Good for a black and white bird.
  27. Dora– For a bird that’s an explorer.
  28. Dove– For a sweet, gentle bird.
  29. Dumpling– An affectionate name that you might want to consider.
  30. Eve– Good for any bird, but works best with green birds, as the name is reminiscent of a garden.
  31. Fairy– This is good for a bird that is light on her feet.
  32. Faith– A solid, classic name that’s great for pet birds.
  33. Fluffy– For a cuddly, snuggly bird.
  34. Gabby– For a bird that doesn’t stop talking.
  35. Gem– Consider this lovely name for your pretty bird.
  36. Harley– Like the Batman character Harley Quinn.
  37. Hazel– You might choose this for a brown bird.
  38. Honey– Good for a brown or golden bird or just as an affectionate name.
  39. Iris– Flower names are lovely for female birds.
  40. Jade– We like this one for green birds.
  41. Jasmine– You can use this for a green bird as well.
  42. Jazzy– For colorful birds.
  43. Jennifer– A solid, classic like this is good for any female bird.
  44. Jewel– For a lovely bird.
  45. Juliet– The classic lover is an ideal bird’s name.
  46. Katniss– You could go with the popular fictional character.
  47. Kenya– Or you might want to consider the name of a country.
  48. Kiss-Kiss– For a bird who is affectionate.
  49. Lady Jay– You may want something distinguished like this.
  50. Lavender– Ideal for purple birds.
  51. Lizzie– Consider this lovely girl’s name.
  52. Luna– This unique name means “moon”.
  53. Madam– You could give you bird a classy name like this.
  54. Melody– For a sweet sounding bird.
  55. Moonbeam– For a light-colored bird.
  56. Mystique– You could go with a mysterious name like this.
  57. Natalya– An exoticRussian name may be the ticket.
  58. Nessie– You could go with the name of the famous European sea creature.
  59. Nocturne– This name has some edge and mystery to it.
  60. Olive– Good for a green bird.
  61. Pandora– You could choose the name of the Greek mythology character.
  62. Patience– A lovely name for a gentle bird.
  63. Pattie– This female version of Petey is good for parrots.
  64. Peaches– A simply adorable name.
  65. Pearl– For a lovely, shimmering bird.
  66. Penny– A good name for a small, cute bird or one that is copper colored.
  67. Peppermint– For red and white birds.
  68. Petunia– Flower names are always winners.
  69. Pocahontas– You could choose the name of the Native American princess.
  70. Precious– An apt name for a dear pet.
  71. Princess- For a bird who is practically royalty.
  72. Priscilla– This beautiful name is great for a beautiful bird.
  73. Purdie– A fun way of saying “pretty”.
  74. Queenie– For a bird with regal demeanor.
  75. Rapunzel– After the long-haired princess.
  76. Rose– For a sweet, lovely bird of any color.
  77. Ruby– Good for red birds.
  78. Sally– Why not choose a simple, classic name?
  79. Sassy– For a bird that likes to talk back.
  80. Siri– You could name your bird after the Apple assistant.
  81. Skye– For a lovely blue bird.
  82. Snow White– A good name for any white bird, after the famous fictional princess.
  83. Sparrow– Why not choose another bird name?
  84. Sugar– You could go the affectionate route.
  85. Sweetie– Endearing names like this are always good choices.
  86. Talia– We like the exotic flavor of this name.
  87. Tasha– This is a shortened form of Natasha.
  88. Taylor Swift– You could use the name of the famous musician.
  89. Trixie– We love how fun and carefree this name sounds.
  90. Violet– Good for a purple bird.
  91. Vixen– You may want a cool-sounding name like this that means female fox.
  92. Zelda– You could choose the name of the famous videogame character.
  93. Zoe– This name is very popular and has a bit of edge to it.

Unisex Bird Names

Photo by: Mohan Moolepetlu/

Try one of these for either boy or girl birds:

  1. Angel– Why not a lovely name like this?
  2. Apple– Good for green or red birds.
  3. Apricot– A nice name for an orange bird.
  4. Azul– This means “blue” in Spanish.
  5. Beaky– You could go with a fun name like this.
  6. Big Bird– Why not choose the name of the Sesame Street character?
  7. Big Red– A good choice for any red bird, obviously.
  8. Birdie– We love how fun literal names are.
  9. Biscuits– Food name can be fun and quirky
  10. Blueberry– You might choose this one for a blue-colored bird.
  11. Bobo– This one is just so silly sounding.
  12. Bombshell– Try this for a bird that looks amazing or sounds loud.
  13. Boomerang– For a bird that always comes when you call.
  14. Bubba– Good for a big, lumbering bird.
  15. Budgie– A nice name for any kind of small bird.
  16. Butter– This cute name works well for yellow birds.
  17. Buttons– You may want to name your cute bird this.
  18. Cackles– For a bird with a silly laugh.
  19. Cactus– For a green bird or one with a prickly personality.
  20. Chatterbox– For your bird who won’t stop talking.
  21. Chili– Good for red or brown birds.
  22. Chip– A cutesy name for a small, baby bird.
  23. Chirpy– Ideal for talkative birds.
  24. Clicky– Named after the sound your bird’s claws make on its perch.
  25. Coco– This fun name has a tropical vibe to it.
  26. Coconut– Can you get any more tropical than this one?
  27. Cookie– This just sounds so sweet.
  28. Crackers– Good for a bird who likes to eat and great for a parrot.
  29. Crow– For a dark bird.
  30. Cuddles– For an affectionate bird.
  31. Doodles– Consider this for a silly bird.
  32. Dragon– For a fierce bird.
  33. Feathers– You could go with a literal name for your pet.
  34. Firebird– A good choice for a brightly colored orange or red bird.
  35. Flappy– For a bird who loves to fly.
  36. Fowler– A funny name that’s a pun on “fowl”.
  37. Fruit Loop– This is good for a colorful bird.
  38. Giggles– Try this for a bird who laughs a lot.
  39. Hershey– You may want this name for a brown bird.
  40. Honkers– For a bird who always talks, particularly a duck.
  41. Hummer– For a hummingbird.
  42. Indigo– For a purple or blue bird.
  43. Jalapeno– A spicy name for your South American bird.
  44. Jamaica– A good tropical place name is always a safe bet.
  45. Jelly Bean– We enjoy silly bird names like this.
  46. Jet– For dark birds of any color but especially black birds.
  47. Kiwi– Might this be a good name for a green bird?
  48. Liberty– Give your bird a real patriotic sounding name if you like.
  49. Lime– Obviously, you would use this for a green bird.
  50. Lucky– A true classic that works for any pet.
  51. Mango– This tropical name is good for any colorful bird.
  52. Megabyte– A punny name for a pet bird.
  53. Nibbles– Try this for a bird who eats a lot.
  54. Ninja– For a stealthy bird.
  55. Noodles– Silly names like this are a good option.
  56. Ozzy– We love names with z’s in them for the edge they give the name.
  57. Paris– Try cool place names like this for your bird’s namesake.
  58. Pebbles– This cutesy name is a good fit for a small bird.
  59. Peeps– For birds that chirp often.
  60. Pepper– For a bird with a sassy attitude.
  61. Peppy– For a lively or happy bird.
  62. Phoenix-This fiery name is ideal for birds with red or orange coloring.
  63. Pickles– We like this for green birds.
  64. Pipsqueak– For a small, noisy bird.
  65. Plucky– For a bird with some spirit.
  66. Polly– This pirate name is good for a parrot.
  67. Preener– Try this for a bird that is always cleaning itself.
  68. Puffy– For a bird that puffs itself up.
  69. Pumpkin– Great for orange birds and good as an affectionate name.
  70. Quackers– Good for ducks and funny for any other birds.
  71. Rainbow– Welike this for colorful birds.
  72. Raven– You may want to consider this name for a dark bird.
  73. Robin– Good small bird name.
  74. Ruffles– For birds that are easily scared.
  75. Sable- For silver birds.
  76. Scooter– This is a good choice for birds who are always on the move.
  77. Scratchy– For a bird that is always itching or that scratches you sometimes.
  78. Scuttles– For a bird with a unique walk.
  79. Shadow– For dark birds.
  80. Shivers– Try this as a pirate name or for a bird who shakes often.
  81. Skittles– This is a good choice for any colorful bird.
  82. Smidgen– You can use this for any small birds as a funny name.
  83. Snickers– Food names can be adorable for pets.
  84. Snow– We like this as a cool name for a white bird.
  85. Snuggles– For your affectionate pet.
  86. Speedy– Is your bird fast? Then you can try this name.
  87. Squawker– Great for parrots or any kind of talkative bird.
  88. Starburst– We love how bright and cheery this name sounds.
  89. Starlight– This name has an awe-inspiring and mystical edge to it.
  90. Strawberry– Why not pick this for a red or pink bird?
  91. Strutter– For a bird who is full of itself.
  92. Sunshine– For a bird who lights up your day.
  93. Sweetpea– Good for small birds as well as green ones.
  94. Tabasco– A spicy name for a bird with a temper.
  95. Taco– This cool name is good for South American birds.
  96. Teale– For a blue or green bird.
  97. Teddie– For a cuddly bird or a brown one.

Unique Bird Names

The name you choose for your bird should reflect its unique qualities, and for that reason, it’s important to choose a unique name. Here are some examples.

  1. Adonis – A Greek myth: lover of Aphrodite.
  2. Ajax – A Greek name meaning “eagle”.
  3. Aldara – A Greek name meaning “winged gift”.
  4. Altaira – An Arabic name meaning “bird”.
  5. Aphrodite – A Greek goddess of love.
  6. Ariel – A mermaid from The Little Mermaid.
  7. Atlas – A Greek mythic name.
  8. Ava – The Latin word for “bird”.
  9. Buffy – Name in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  10. Calypso – A Greek myth: daughter of Atlas.
  11. Charis – A Greek name meaning “grace and beauty”.
  12. Corvina – Is like a raven in Latin.
  13. Cyra – Persian name meaning “moon”.
  14. Dasan – A son of bird clan leader (Native American).
  15. Diona – A Greek myth: Mother of Aphrodite.
  16. Drake – The meaning “dragon.”
  17. Efron – Hebrew name meaning “singing bird”.
  18. Eris – A Greek goddess of discord.
  19. Feeny – A little raven (Irish).
  20. Flavian – The Latin name meaning “yellow”.
  21. Fleur – A flower in French.
  22. Hula – An eagle (Native American).
  23. Jacy – Native American name meaning “moon”.
  24. Jax – Name from Mortal Kombat.
  25. Jetta – The meaning “jet-black”.
  26. Kanara – ​A little bird (Hebrew).
  27. Koko – The night (Native American).
  28. Lark – A playful songbird.
  29. Linette – A small songbird in Welsh.
  30. Manu – A bird in Maori.
  31. Mavis – A songbird in French.
  32. Meena – A blue semiprecious stone, bird (Hindi).
  33. Melena – The meaning “yellow as a canary”.
  34. Midas – A Greek mythic name.
  35. Morgan – A sea defender.
  36. Nelia – Spanish name meaning “yellow”.
  37. Neo – Name from The Matrix.
  38. Paco – An eagle (Native American).
  39. Selena – A Greek name meaning “moon”.
  40. Susan – lily (Hebrew).
  41. Sweetie – A bird in Tiny Toon Adventures.
  42. Talon – A name meaning the claw of a bird of prey.
  43. Tori – Means bird (Japanese).
  44. Tyro – A Greek mythic name.
  45. Yara – A white flower (Arabic).
  46. Zeus – A well known Greek god.

Creative Parrot Name Ideas

Naming a parrot is a big, big deal. Parrots often live for decades, so the name you pick is one you and your pet should both like.

  1. Argento– Try this tropical-sounding name for your male parrot.
  2. Bandito– This is a more daring name you could give an adventurous bird.
  3. Baron– This one has tones of elegance and daring to it.
  4. Berri– A good name that reminds you of the bird’s colorful look similar to that
    of a blueberry or strawberry.
  5. Blue– Named after the bird from the movie Rio.
  6. Buddy– Good for s bird who is a great friend to you.
  7. Buttersworth– Elegant names like this can sound funny or distinguished.
  8. Chico– A cool, exotic name for your bird.
  9. Crackerjack– This fun play on the work “cracker” is a great choice.
  10. Elvis– Some parrots look a bit like the singer, if you squint really hard.
  11. Fancy Dan– For well-dressed parrots.
  12. Greenie– You could choose one that describes your bird’s color.
  13. Hulk– You could go with a silly pop culture name.
  14. Jackson– This is a strong name that is good for any parrot.
  15. Joey– You could give your parrot a really cool name like this.
  16. Jolly– Or you could give your bird a happy name.
  17. Long John Silver– This is another great pirate choice.
  18. Lord Bobo– This funny mix of distinguished and silly is a great choice.
  19. Lucky– You might want a simple, fun name like this.
  20. Marvin– Or you could choose a normal human one for your bird.
  21. Mowgli– Or you could use this jungle character.
  22. T– Or you could go with this strong celebrity name.
  23. Pan– Like Peter Pan, the literary character, who wears green.
  24. Paulie– This is another very popular parrot name.
  25. Peg Leg– Pirate names work well for parrots.
  26. Peter– Names that start with “P” are very common for parrots.
  27. Petey– Let’s start with this classic parrot name.
  28. Petrie– This is another common and fun “P” name for a parrot.
  29. Pirate Pete– This is one of our favorite pirate names.
  30. Raptor– For his sharp claws.
  31. Rio– Like the cartoon that features a bird.
  32. Rooster– You could name your bird after a male chicken for a laugh.
  33. Shades– For a cool, suave parrot.
  34. Sir Lancelot– You could go with something very distinguished sounding.
  35. Spike– Or you could choose a very dangerous name for your parrot.
  36. Squawky– For the parrot that will never quiet down.
  37. Tarzan– A famous jungle name for a famous jungle bird.
  38. Toby– This simple name works well too.
  39. Wobbles– For the way your bird walks across his perch.
  40. Zorro– Or you could give your bird an exotic hero’s name.

Did you find a name from this list that works for your bird? We certainly hope so!

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