175+ Names For Cats With Green Eyes

Cats May 12, 2022
Written by | Updated May 5, 2024
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175+ Names For Cats With Green Eyes

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It can be tough to choose the right name for your cat, especially if they have a distinctive feature like green eyes. Here are some suggestions for naming your green-eyed feline.

Male Names For Cats With Green Eyes

  1. Denver– This strong name actually means green.
  2. Woody– Ut evokes the idea of a woody forest while actually being a common name.
  3. Patrick– This name reminds us of St Patrick’s Day.
  4. Elmer– A fun play on the tree elm.
  5. Clover– Here is a lucky name for your green-eyed cat.
  6. Mossy– We like how this name reminds us green grassy, plants.
  7. Elf– This is a good one for smaller cats with green eyes.
  8. Marine– Perfect for the tougher cats.
  9. Green Beret– Or you can use this for the really tough cats.
  10. Leo– This is short for the ninja turtle Leonardo.
  11. Mikey– Save this ninja turtle name for cats the love to have fun.
  12. Raph– or you can try this one for more serious cats.
  13. Donnie– The ninja turtle name is good for green-eyed cats.
  14. Herb– This is a pun name that doubles as a common made and a green plant.
  15. Jolly– Named after the Green Giant food brand.
  16. Li Shou– This is the name of a Chinese cat god.
  17. Ovinnick– This is a Polish cat god.
  18. Leonidas– You could give your cat a regal Greek name.
  19. Tiger– A strong animal name works very well.
  20. Panther– Save this one for black cats.
  21. Jafar– This is perfect if your cat’s eyes make him look mysterious.
  22. Jayden– A play on the name Jade.
  23. Hunter– You could name your cat something strong.
  24. Wolf– Strong animal names work well for some cats.
  25. Khan– This name recalls a classic literary tiger character.
  26. Tom– You could try an old standby.
  27. Silver– Great for grey cats.
  28. Midnight– A classic name for black cats.
  29. Hercules– Perfect for a larger cat.
  30. Tarzan– This is what you might want to name an adventurous cat.
  31. Zabu– You could name your cat after the Marvel sabretooth tiger.
  32. Sabretooth– You could also opt for a straight up ferocious name.
  33. Han– You could name your cat after the famous Star Wars loner.
  34. Vader– Or try this one for darker cats.
  35. Spock– The Star trek character does have green blood.
  36. Alvern– Meaning spring if he reminds you of the green spring meadows
  37. Bredbeddle– Means the green knight in Scotland
  38. Celadon– Reminds you of the greenish Chinese ceramics
  39. Cypress– This evergreen tree makes a perfect name for your green-eyed cat
  40. Fir– This evergreen coniferous tree makes a lovely name for a green-furred cat
  41. Forest– Perfect name for an outdoor cat who loves to hunt
  42. Glaisne– Means green in Irish
  43. Hulk– Name him after this Marvel superhero with green skin
  44. Jungle– The jungle is always green, suits an outdoor cat
  45. Legolas– Meaning green leaves
  46. Irvine– Means green in Welsh
  47. Kale– After your favorite rich green vegetable
  48. Kadir– Of Arabic origin meaning green
  49. Malachite-Reminds you of the bright green stone
  50. Mantis– Suits a cat who likes to jump
  51. Neon– A vibrant bright green
  52. Odran– Means pale green
  53. Oleander– This small green flowering plant will make a mystical name for your cat
  54. Ozzy– Inspired by the Emerald City of Oz
  55. Peridot– A yellowish-green gemstone, suits a beautiful cat with shining green eyes
  56. Saguaro– The saturated cactus looks green
  57. Seafoam– This reminds you of the pale green bubbles of sea surf
  58. Seaweed– Inspired by the underwater green plant
  59. Tale– Egyptian name meaning green
  60. Teal– A shade of greenish-blue
  61. Tawnya/Tawnee– Irish name meaning Greenfield
  62. Uaithne– Means green in Irish
  63. Vardam– Means from the green hill in French
  64. Verde– Italian name meaning green
  65. Vermont– Means Green Mountain
  66. Vernell – A French word meaning green
  67. Virid– A bright shade of green
  68. Yarkona– Hebrew name meaning green
  69. Yaxha – A name of Spanish origin meaning blue-green water
  70. Zeleny– Means green in Ukrainian

Female Names For Cats With Green Eyes

  1. Chloe– A classic name that actually means green.
  2. Jade– We have to include this classic green name.
  3. Jada– You could try this more feminine form.
  4. Emmy– This is a common name that can also be short for emerald.
  5. Esmeralda– This exotic name sound similar to emerald.
  6. Wanda– We think magic-sounding names are great for cats with green eyes.
  7. Maggie– This is short for “magical”.
  8. Glenda– This is a good one for Wizard of Oz fans.
  9. Elphaba– This uncommon name is actually the real name of the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz.
  10. Verdi– A great name for green-eyed cats.
  11. Fairy– Forest and magical names work very well for green-eyed cats.
  12. Hazel– This is named after the green-leafed tree.
  13. Mya– This feminine names means “green”.
  14. Midori– This is a Japanese name meaning green.
  15. Lotus– You could name your cat after the lovely flower.
  16. Holly– This name makes us think of Christmas.
  17. Christmas– Of course, you can give your cat a very festive name.
  18. Belladonna– This one reminds us of the green Louisiana bayous.
  19. Cookie– You could just give your cat a cute name.
  20. Hecates– This mythological cat name works well too.
  21. Bastet– Here is another mythological cat.
  22. Freyja– A Norse cat goddess.
  23. Caridwen– This was a Welsh cat goddess.
  24. Iris– This is another classic cat name.
  25. Izzy– We love cute, common names for felines.
  26. Lex– This is a common favorite name for green-eyed cats.
  27. Rose– Try this for your sweet cat.
  28. Jewel– Skip Jade and Emerald and go straight to this name.
  29. Siren– We love how mysterious this name sounds.
  30. Ursula– We love the mythological connotations of this name.
  31. Vixen– A perfect name for a sleek, slender cat.
  32. Foxy– try this one for your feline friend.
  33. Cheetah– Jungle cat names work well for any feline.
  34. Xena– Name your cat after the warrior princess.
  35. Violet– A good name for darker cats.
  36. Princess– This name is great when your cat thinks it is royalty.
  37. Shanna– Try this name for cats with the jungle in their blood.
  38. Aileen/Aileana– A lovely name for a green meadow
  39. Abeytu– Refers to green leaf
  40. Aquamarine– A shade of greenish-blue
  41. Blerta – Albanian name meaning green
  42. Chartreuse– Inspired by pale green liqueur made from aromatic herbs
  43. Chufa– After the pale green tuber-like grass
  44. Cyan– A shade of greenish-blue
  45. Emma– Emerald, a precious green gemstone
  46. Esme– A lovely French green gemstone
  47. Fahey– Means from the green field in Irish
  48. Fern– This evergreen plant reminds you of the lovely forest
  49. Fey– Meaning dwelling in the beech tree
  50. Flora– Like the green grass
  51. Haritha– Hindu name meaning green
  52. Heather– This small green shrub grows in rocky grounds, suits a determined cat
  53. Ivy– The name reminds you of the evergreen creeping plant
  54. Jadzia-A version of a green gemstone, jade
  55. Juniper– Inspired by the lovely evergreen shrub
  56. Kelly– A strong shade of yellowish-green
  57. Laurel– Suits a victorious cat
  58. Meadow– A perfect name for an outdoor cat
  59. Midori– Means green in Japanese
  60. Mikaia– Means God’s green earth
  61. Nana– Means green vegetables in Japanese
  62. Ntasuab– Meaning green
  63. Obharnait – Irish name meaning the color of olive
  64. Okra– A tasty vegetable with edible green pods common in Southern America
  65. Orna/Odran– Irish name meaning little pale green
  66. Parakeet– This small parrot has green plumage
  67. Patty– Inspired by the green-themed holiday of St Patrick’s Day
  68. Pilisi– Refers to a green branch
  69. Philis-An old fashioned name meaning green dough
  70. Phyliss– Meaning green leaf
  71. Ruellia– Reminds you of the lovely perennial evergreen flowering plant
  72. Sura– A cool name meaning green leaf
  73. Tea– This pale green beverage always calms you down
  74. Verna– Refers to springtime characterized with green grass and leaves after winter
  75. Willow– This green tree makes a perfect name for a strong green-eyed cat
  76. Zarqa– Suits a cat with bluish-green eyes
  77. Zelenka– Means the little green one

Unisex Names For Cats With Green Eyes

  1. Sage– We love how mysterious this name sounds.
  2. Eco-Warrior- This fun name keeps the green theme going.
  3. Oz– The name is perfect for Wizard of Oz fans who think of the Emerald City when they see their cat’s green eyes.
  4. Pine– Tree names work really well for green-eyed cats.
  5. Mint Leaf– This cute name is original and lovely.
  6. Pea– This cutesy name comes from the legume.
  7. Beryl– This is the name of a light green stone.
  8. Algae– If you want something different, then this name is for you.
  9. Whiskers– This classic name is always a winner.
  10. Buttons– Good for cats with spots on their fur.
  11. Parsley– Green herbs are great names for this kind of cat.
  12. Dewdrop– This one definitely has natural, forest vibes to it.
  13. Vegetable– Another silly name.
  14. Celery– It’s so silly it might work.
  15. Fluffy– The classics are always good ones.
  16. Francis– A sweet unisex name for any cat.
  17. Grape– Why not name your cat after a fruit?
  18. Watermelon– This fruit works just as well.
  19. Cabbage Patch– You could choose the popular doll brand for your cat’s name.
  20. Jaguar– save this for fierce cats.
  21. Puma– This is another strong cat name.
  22. Raptor– Give this name to a fierce cat.
  23. Pouncer– Try this one for cat that likes to jump.
  24. Pebbles– Classic cat names often work well.
  25. Phantom– This name has an air of mystery.
  26. Catastrophe– This is good for clumsy cats.
  27. Winter– This name is ideal for lighter-colored cats.
  28. Vanilla– Another good name for light-furred cats
  29. Snowflake– Here is a classic for lighter cats.
  30. Furball– Go with this one for fuzzy cats.
  31. Fizzy– Try this if your cat is furry and prone to run and jump all over the place.
  32. Peach– Save this name for a very sweet cat.
  33. Pumpkin– This is another very sweet name for your cat.


Did one of these names stand out to you? We certainly hope so, and we hope you enjoy many years of fun and friendship with your jade-eyed pet.

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