175+ Great Korean Cat Names

Cats May 4, 2022
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175+ Great Korean Cat Names

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Did you know your cat reacts according to the name you have given it? That’s why you should select an outstanding name.

By doing so, it helps to do the following things:

  • Facilitates easier identification in the public
  • Reminds you of a certain event, person or occasion
  • Let the name produce a sound that the cat will understand fast

Korean Cat Names

In naming your friend, let your imagination flow. Try to think of something that would be relevant to its personality, appearance, and overall character.

While there is no need to take it super seriously, since it should be fun for you, it also shouldn’t be anything you simply loosely do.

Choose a name that will also be comfortable to your family members and easy for your cat to learn and identify with.

When it comes to finding an interesting cat name, referring to the Korean culture would be interesting. With the rise of k-pop, this might be relevant to the times.

  1. Ye-Jin – a great name for a cat that is precious
  2. Sung – meaning successor
  3. Yu-Na – for enduring cats
  4. So-Hui – a great name for splendid and glorious cats
  5. Kwan – for only strong cats
  6. Mee – for a cat that has outstanding beauty
  7. Nam-sun – a great name for honesty and purity
  8. Ji-a – for those cats that have wisdom and are knowledgeable
  9. Seok-yeong – meaning flower
  10. Eui – meaning righteous
  11. In-Na – for those cats that are graceful and delicate
  12. Hea – means grace
  13. Hae-Nun – meaning merciful
  14. Hae – the name means ocean
  15. Eun – for cats that are silver in color
  16. Danbi – it means welcome rain
  17. Bae – if he or she is a great inspiration to you, this is a great name
  18. Ae –Cha – an endearing expression
  19. Bo-mi – for cats that are very pretty
  20. Choon –hee – a female cat name meaning spring girl
  21. Bong –cha – a name for a female cat meaning ultimate girl
  22. Seo-Jin – it means omen
  23. Seulgi – means wisdom
  24. Seung – you can name them after your hobby in this case; swimming
  25. Suk – meaning rock
  26. Yu –Jin – for precious and valuable cats
  27. Yeo – for those cats that are mild
  28. U –Yeong – meaning glory and honor
  29. Tae –Hui – for only big and great cats
  30. Sun-won – meaning defend
  31. Min-ho – for those brave and heroic cats
  32. Kyu – he or she may not be big or small, but a name like this is uniquely awesome
  33. Jong-Seol – means eminent
  34. Ho-Seok – the name means heaven
  35. Hwan – for bright cats
  36. Jae-hee – it means shining
  37. Geon – for those cats that are strong
  38. U-Yeong – if you want to give him or her some glory and honor, give them this name
  39. Yeo – for mild cats
  40. Nam –sun – means pure and honest
  41. Dak-Ho – means deep lake
  42. Hei – meaning wisdom
  43. Cho – give them this name if they are beautiful or handsome
  44. Hee – means brightness
  45. Chung – meaning spring
  46. Haneul – the name means sky
  47. Dae – it expresses the greatness of your cat
  48. Gi – for brave cats only
  49. Dong – means east
  50. Ho – meaning goodness
  51. Myung – the name means brightness
  52. Hyun – if she is virtuous, give her the name.
  53. Moon – it means learned
  54. Iseul – meaning dew
  55. Min – the name means clever
  56. Ja – for attractive
  57. Ji – meaning wisdom
  58. Kyon – this name means brightness
  59. Jin – this name means jewel
  60. Jung – meaning righteousness
  61. Yong – for those brave cats
  62. Ryung – it means the light
  63. Yon – meaning blossom
  64. Sang – meaning forever
  65. Shin – if you have a certain belief, consider this name
  66. Soo – for excellent cats
  67. Woong – means magnificence
  68. Yoora – if your cat has enough silk and furry, this name could be best for him or her
  69. Kkulbbangi – it means seeming delicious
  70. Seoul – this is the capital city of South Korea
  71. Yue – means moon
  72. Mao – meaning cat
  73. Miso – if he or she makes you smile, consider this name
  74. Mongsil – for fluffy cats
  75. Dooman – meaning dumpling
  76. Baekdu – this is the name for the highest mountain in Korea
  77. Haru – the name means day
  78. Sarangah – means love, if you are in love with him or her
  79. Chin – for cats that are precious to you
  80. Haneul – meaning Great and vast
  81. Myeong – the names means bright and clear
  82. Bao – if he or she is very precious to you, give them the name
  83. Beom-Seok – means a model rock
  84. Bitgaram – the name means a light river
  85. Bong – he or she may look mythical to you, give them the name.
  86. Chin-Mae – if she looks truthful, this name suits them.
  87. Ghung-Ae – for only noble and lovable cats
  88. Duck-Hwan – meaning return of virtue
  89. Eui – meaning righteousness
  90. Eun-Kyung – is he or she is a graceful gem to you, this is her name
  91. Eun Ae – it is a name expressing grace and love
  92. Baek – some cats can be a bother and this a perfect name for them
  93. Dong – the name stands for the east in Korea
  94. Hyuk – some cats are very radiant and attractive, so this name is perfect
  95. Hyeon – for radiant cats
  96. Hyun Shik – for those feline friends that are very brilliant and smart
  97. Sagwa – meaning apple, which could be reference to the cat being the apple to your eye
  98. Yeo – for only brave cats
  99. Suwon – name for Korean metropolis
  100. Suk – meaning rock

Korean Male Cat Names

  1. Abeoji – Means father
  2. Amseog – Means rock for a steadfast tabby
  3. Bohoja – Meaning protector for a cat who guards you
  4. Bokshil – Perfect for a furry feline
  5. Busan – The second largest city in South Korea famous for beautiful beaches, temples and mountains
  6. Eodum – Ideal for a cat with a dark coat
  7. Ching-Hwa – For a healthy tabby who’s full of life
  8. Chingu – Consider this name for your feline friend
  9. Chul-Moo – Refers to iron weapon for a fierce cat
  10. Deulpan – Means field
  11. Dong-Yul – Refers to eastern passion
  12. Gachiissneun – Ideal for a valuable cat
  13. Goyohan – For a quiet and peaceful feline friend
  14. Haemeo – Means hammer for a strong and steadfast cat
  15. Haengboghan – For a cat who has brought happiness to your home
  16. Haenguni – Means lucky for a fortunate cat with good luck charm
  17. Him – Suits a strong cat
  18. Hui – Refers to the wind for a cat who likes to go with the flow
  19. Hugyeon-In – For a cat who acts as your guardian and accompanies you everywhere
  20. Hwaseong – Means Mars ideal for a cat with a reddish coat
  21. Jeonjaeng – Means war for a brave cat
  22. Kal – Refers to a sword for a powerful and fierce cat
  23. Keyowo – Suits a cute cat
  24. Mal – Refers to a horse, suits an athletic pussy cat
  25. Makki – Perfect name for a petite feline
  26. Ma Roo – Refers to the mountain top
  27. Mesdwaeji – Means wild boar
  28. Mi-Sun – Ideal for a kind tabby
  29. Mulyo – Ideal for a curious and free-spirited tabby
  30. Namja – Refers to a man
  31. Nongbu – Refers to a farmer, perfect for your industrious cat
  32. Saja – Refers to the lion just like your bold cat who likes to rule
  33. Sarangi – Means emperor for a cat who dominates their territory
  34. Seunglija – Perfect for a victorious cat
  35. Shiro – Suits a feline with a white coat
  36. Taeyang – Refers to the sun for a cat with a yellow coat
  37. Ulsan – Korean’s seventh-largest metropolitan city
  38. Yepee – Means happy like your jovial cat

Korean Female Cat Names

  1. Beullangka – For your white-furred cat
  2. Bich – Means light for a cat with big bright eyes
  3. Bul – Means fire for a powerful cat with an orange coat
  4. Byeol – Means a star for a lovely cat who stands out
  5. Chungsilhan – Perfect for your faithful feline
  6. Dalkomhan – A lovely name for a sweet cat
  7. Darangee – Darangee village located in southern part of South Korea that has beautiful rice terraces
  8. Eollug – Ideal for a cat with a flecked coat
  9. Ganglyeoghan – Consider giving your brave cat this unique name
  10. Geolchulhan – Means illustrious for a cat who you admire and respect
  11. Geum Ee – Suits an orange-haired feline
  12. Geu Rim Ja – Means shadow for a cat with a dark coat
  13. Guleum – Refers to cloud ideal for your cat with a silvery coat
  14. Insaeng – For a cat who’s full of life
  15. Jag-Eun – Refers to a star perfect for your feline with a bright coat
  16. Jeju – For a cat who is from the largest island in South Korea
  17. Joo – Refers to a jewel suits your precious cat
  18. Kawan – Suits a strong and powerful cat
  19. Keulaun – Means crowned for a victorious feline
  20. Kkoch – Means flower for your beautiful and gentle cat
  21. Kyung-Soon – Means gentle and honored
  22. Mi-cha – Perfect for a beautiful pussy
  23. Mi-Ok – Refers to a beautiful pearl
  24. Min-Ki – Beautiful name for your energetic cat with a bright coat
  25. Pyeonghwa – Suits a peaceful cat
  26. Sarangi – Perfect for a charming tabby
  27. Seoltang – Means sugar for an adorable and sweet cat
  28. Seungliui – Means victorious
  29. Sook – Means pure for an innocent cat with a white coat
  30. Sun-Hee – Ideal for a happy and kind cat
  31. Suni – For a kind and compassionate feline
  32. Taeyang – Means solar for a cheerful and energetic cat
  33. Uh Dum – Suits your dark haired cat
  34. UK – Means sunrise for a cheerful cat
  35. Yeoja – Refers to a woman
  36. Yeong – Ideal for a brave cat
  37. Yeosin – Means goddess for a beautiful feline
  38. Yoon – Means spoiled, ideal for a pampered tabby
  39. Young-mi – Means eternity for a cat that never leaves you side

The above names are just some suggestions for naming a cat with a Korean background.

This could be to pay tribute to your love for Korea or just to give a name that is unique and different.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of names you can give to your feline friends.

Consider their color, behavior, look, and temperament before giving them the name; after all, this is the name you will have for your cats for their entire life.

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