175+ Funny Cat Names

Cats May 13, 2022
Written by | Updated May 17, 2024
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175+ Funny Cat Names

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Are you looking for a comical name for your cat? Here are a bunch of great ones to pick from.

Male Funny Cat Names

  1. Bartholomeow– A punny name is always a good choice.
  2. Cat Damon– Like the actor Matt Damon
  3. Catticus– A pun on the name Atticus.
  4. Chewie– Like the fuzzy Star Wars character.
  5. Clawdius– Cat names are great opportunities for puns.
  6. Darth Vader– You could name your dark cat after this evil Star Wars character.
  7. Fidel Catstro– You might want to go with a Cuban dictator for a namesake.
  8. Garfield– Like the classic cartoon fat cat.
  9. Hairy Potter– The boy wizard makes for a good name pun.
  10. Heathcliff– This comic strip cat is good for any orange cats.
  11. Leonardo DiCatrio– The famous actor might not appreciate his name used as a cat name.
  12. Lucifurr– Your cat could be naughty and named after the prince of darkness.
  13. Luke Skywhisker– Good for any Star Wars fan with a cat who fancies he is a hero.
  14. Meowhammad Ali– Named after the great boxer.
  15. Biggles– A silly, distinguished name gives your cat an air of sophistication.
  16. Napawleon– Is your short cat a little bossy? Try this leader’s name.
  17. Nick Furry– This Marvel commander could be a good choice.
  18. Pawsanova– For a cat who is a lover not a fighter.
  19. Sir Fuzziwig– Silly but distinguished at the same time.
  20. Spike– You could give your cat a dangerous name.
  21. Warlock– Try this for an edgy name for your mysterious cat.
  22. Wolverine– Perfect for a cat that likes to scratch.
  23. Baloo– Lazy and fun-loving bear in The Jungle book
  24. Ballard-Meaning bald-headed for a hairless cat
  25. Bamber– Germanic name meaning short and fat
  26. Bassett– French word meaning short
  27. Bob-A cute name for your funny cat
  28. Bouncer– For a peace-loving, huge and strong cat
  29. Calvin– Suits a hairless kitten
  30. Cameron– Celtic name meaning crooked nose
  31. Camp– Scottish name meaning crooked mouth
  32. Catrick– For a mischievous cat
  33. Cortney-Meaning short nose
  34. Dopey– A perfect name for a lazy feline friend
  35. Dude– Modern name for your companion friend
  36. Frodo– For a cat who loves the luxurious lifestyle
  37. Goofy– A funny name just like the game itself
  38. Grumpy-A great name for a moody cat
  39. Hobbes– Suits a friendly and playful cat
  40. Hoppy– Suits a jumpy cat
  41. Kermit– Name you kind and funny cat after the Muppet, Kermit the frog
  42. Mickey– The all-time mischievous Mickey Mouse
  43. Mistofleas– Suits a naughty and troublesome cat
  44. Opie– Suits a trustworthy cat
  45. Pewee– A great name for small-bodied cat
  46. Pikachu– A perfect name for a smart and friendly kitten
  47. Porkchop– Ideal for a silly cat who loves pork
  48. Porky– Suits a fat cat
  49. Raca– Meaning a peaceful cat
  50. Rambo– Inspired by the action film series by Sylvester Stallion, ideal for a cat who is your hero
  51. Ricky Ticky Tabby– For a brave cat
  52. Scanlan-Irish name meaning scandal for a naughty cat who is always in trouble
  53. Seuss-Inspired by the American cartoonist, Dr Seuss
  54. Skimbleshanks– Suits an energetic cat who loves to be in control
  55. Sleepy– For a kitty who can’t keep his eyes open
  56. Sriracha– Commonly referred to as ‘sauce of glorious ruler,’ perfect for a very spicy kitty
  57. Stitch– Suits a naughty and cunning cat
  58. Tumbles– A cute name for a clumsy cat
  59. Turbo– For an energetic and lively cat
  60. Turpurr– Suits an obedient and loyal cat
  61. Quimby– Name your cat after cartoonist Fred Quimby

Female Funny Cat Names

  1. Abby Tabby– Taking a normal name and making it cat-like is always a fun time.
  2. Allie Cat– For a tough street cat.
  3. Buttercup– For a gentle, demure cat.
  4. Cameow– A pun on the word “cameo”.
  5. Catniss– Like the Hunger Games
  6. Catwoman– For a cat who is a superhero (or villain).
  7. Clawdia– A punny version of Claudia.
  8. Cupcake– A delicious, delightful name for your cat.
  9. Cutie Pie– Try this one if your cat is simply adorable.
  10. Dot– A short, cute name for a short, cute cat.
  11. Empurress– If your cat is a total diva, then this name might fit.
  12. KattyPurry– Named after the pop star.
  13. Lady Fluffers– You could try giving your cat a distinguished, but funny name.
  14. Miss Meow– This one is so much fun you will just love saying it because it is alliterative.
  15. Mocha– Try this for a coffee-colored cat.
  16. Mother Furreesa– For a cat who gives her all for others.
  17. Sillibumpkins– For the silliest cat you know.
  18. Muffin– You could name your cat after your favorite dessert.
  19. Sprinkles– This is a good name for any colorful cat.
  20. Tabbytha– Another normal name turned punny.
  21. Veronicat– Try this punny name for your pet.
  22. Xena– Like the warrior princess.
  23. Burrito– Great name if you love this Mexican dish of wrapped tortilla
  24. Chacha– Suits a cat with moves who loves to dance
  25. Cheddar-Inspired by the sharp taste of cheddar
  26. Cheerio – Good wishes that you tell a person before you part ways
  27. Cindy Clawford– Suits a cat that inspires and motivates you
  28. Clawy– For a funny yet shy cat
  29. Chatty– Suits a noisy and loud cat
  30. Drama– Suits your talented and creative feline friend
  31. Dusky– For a cat with a dark grey coat
  32. Empress– For a majestic and stylish cat
  33. Fishbait– For a cat who loves fish
  34. Hissy– Suits your moody feline
  35. Icat– modern cat who is famous on social media
  36. Isabellick– Unique name for your cat who is always licking her paws
  37. Kiki– Suits a happy and joyous cat
  38. Kitkat– After a delicious brand of a chocolate bar in UK
  39. Madam X-For a cat who enjoys music
  40. Meawise-A funny name just like the sound your cat makes to get your attention
  41. Kitney– For a cat who loves dancing and being the center of attention
  42. Lady Fishy– For your feline friend who loves fish treats
  43. Little Miss– Pretty name for a tiny kitten
  44. Meatball– For the love of this salivating dish
  45. Miss Match– For a cat with a beautiful coat
  46. Miss Magnificat– For a cat who makes heads turn
  47. Miss Piggy– Inspired by the determined character in The Muppet Show
  48. Moony– Ideal for a cat who is active at night
  49. Molecule– Perfect name for a cheerful small kitten
  50. Munchkin– For a small-bodied cat
  51. Puddy Tat– Name her after the all-time funny Looney tunes character
  52. Ramen-After your favorite Japanese noodle soup
  53. Samantail-For a cat who likes to swig her tail
  54. Sassy– For a cute and stylish cat
  55. Sushi– For a fish-loving feline
  56. Swiftie– Perfect name for a quick cat
  57. Tattletail– Suits a noisy cat
  58. Tink– Wonderful name for a cat who is always making noise
  59. Wasabi– Japanese spicy vegetable served with sushi

Unisex Names

  1. Americat– For a patriotic cat.
  2. Avalanche– Good name for any white cats.
  3. Bacon– Now you’re just being silly.
  4. Biscuit– Food names always get a good laugh.
  5. Blimpey– If your cat is a bit overweight, this might be appropriate.
  6. Bubbles– If your cat is very happy and positive, then consider this name.
  7. Catabunga– For a radical, awesome cat.
  8. Catacomb– For a dark and somber cat.
  9. Catapult– You could pick this for your cat if it likes to jump around a lot.
  10. Catastrophe– Perfect for a cat who always makes a mess.
  11. Caterpillar– Is your cat unbearably slow? This might be the perfect name.
  12. Catillac– For a fast and sporty cat.
  13. Catserole– Food names make for great puns.
  14. Catsup– Classic name for a red cat.
  15. Cattitude– For a cat who just does its own thing.
  16. Catzilla– You could use this for a big cat or as an ironic name for a small cat.
  17. Cinnamon– Good for any red, orange or brown cats.
  18. Clawsome– If your cat is awesome but likes to scratch.
  19. Cool Whip– A good choice for white cats.
  20. Doggie– You can’t get any sillier than this name!
  21. Ewok– These Star Wars aliens make for good names for fuzzy pets.
  22. Expresso– Coffee names work well for dark-colored cats.
  23. Flame– Try this for a red or orange cat.
  24. Fluffybottom– This affectionate name could be a winner.
  25. Furball– A true classic for any fuzzy friend.
  26. Furrari– Does your cat like to go, go go? Then this name could be perfect.
  27. Fuzzinator– For a serious cat with a not so serious name.
  28. Fuzzywuzzy– Any fuzzy name will do for your silly feline.
  29. Gigabite– This computer pun name is perfect for the digital age.
  30. Hairball– Does your cat cough up the occasional hairball? You might want to try this name.
  31. Hairbrain– For a cat that never quite get things right.
  32. Inky– A good name for dark cats.
  33. Itchy– If your cat itches a lot, why not use this name?
  34. Jellybean– A good choice for a colorful cat.
  35. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang– Like the classic film and book, Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang.
  36. Lemon Drop– A perfect name for a yellow cat.
  37. Lickers– Good for a cat that likes to be affectionate.
  38. Marshmallow– For cuddly cats or any white feline.
  39. Mexicat– A pun on the word Mexican.
  40. Octopuss– For a cat that seems have its paws all over things.
  41. Oreo– Good for a black and white cat.
  42. Pacatso– A cat with some painterly patterns could benefit from this name.
  43. Phantom– Ideal for dark grey or black cats.
  44. Pico de Gato– This fun Spanish name is a pun on some classic Mexican food.
  45. Purrito– Another punny Mexican food name.
  46. Puss in Boots– Like the classic character.
  47. Skittles– Candy names can be good for colorful cats.
  48. Snickers- A sweet name for your sweet cat.
  49. Snowball– Snow names are great for white cats.
  50. Snowflake– Good for any white cat.
  51. Splotchy– For cats with patches of color.
  52. Thundercat– You might choose this for a loud cat.
  53. Whispurr– And this could work for a quiet cat.
  54. Will Feral– Like the actor Will Farrell.
  55. Wookie– Named after the alien race from Star Wars that is fuzzy like your cat.
  56. Yeti– Speaking of fuzzy, try this name that comes from a mythical snow creature.

We hope you found a hilarious name for your cat from this list. If not, at least you might have had a few chuckles.

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