100 Ferret Girl Names

May 6, 2022


100 Ferret Girl Names

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Who would have thought that ferrets would become so popular that people would start keeping them as pets?

Ferrets used to be kept around to scare away rats and rabbits, but soon these cuddly creatures developed a soft corner for humans and now they are one of the popular choices as a pet. If you are completely new to the whole “keeping the pet” world then you are at the right place to start.

The foremost thing to do when you bring a cute ferret home is to name him. Naming is an important task because a unique identity is every being’s right and besides a pet with a cool name is always trendy.

Top 100 Female Ferret Names

ferret names
  • Skeeter – A very groovy and speculative name
  • Skatty – A stylish and fashionable name
  • Maggie – A very cute and simple choice for a pet ferret
  • Sofia – A touch of softness and innocence
  • Lola – A pretty monosyllabic name for your female pet ferret
  • Trixie – For the naughty types
  • Stella – For your ferret with a drama queen in her
  • Roxy – A badass name for a badass female ferret
  • Tink – For your tinkling little pet
  • Heather – A soft spoken name
  • Frita – A British style name for your princess
  • Bell – A pretty, simple and a sleek name
  • Sandy – A down to earth name
  • Susy – For your posy ferret
  • Francesca – A perfect name for a nice obedient pet ferret
  • Kiki – A cute and an adorable choice for name
  • Daisy – As cute and as simple as the daisy itself
  • Penelope – A popular ferret name
  • Minnie – From popular kid`s cartoon
  • Mikey – A tomboyish name for your pet ferret
  • Ferry – A shorter version of ferret if you want to stick to the original
  • Doodle – Fits perfectly the artistic nature of your pet
  • Poppy – A colorful and a vibrant name
  • Brownie – Because they all look scrumptious
  • Dappy – A popular name for all kinds of pet
  • Snickers – Because they are sneaky and jumpy
  • Cindy – A perfect name with a chic touch
  • Rosy – A delicate and beautiful name
  • Rosseta – For your Spanish descent girl ferret
  • Bean – A sleek name
  • Wobbles – for your clumsy and tipsy ferret
  • Bubbles – For your funny and energetic pet
  • Goofy – Fits perfectly for your bubbly ferret
  • Bobby – A perfectly befitting tomboyish name
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy – Complements their physical uniqueness
  • Fur ball – Because they are cuddly fur balls
  • Twinkle eye – An original and witty name
  • Ashlyne – A very rare and unique name
  • Garry – A unisex pet ferret name
  • Benny – An intellectual choice for a name
  • Chico – A mischievous name for your pet
  • Ivy – For a serious natured pet
  • Klaus – Perfectly fit for your lazy pet
  • Latte – Complement their skin color well

Cute Girl Ferret Names

Cute Girl Ferret Names
  • Matrix – Perfect name for a ferret with moves like that
  • Lenny – An easy-going name
  • Ozzy – Name from a popular children’s cartoon
  • Dodo – A made-up funny name
  • Giggles – Because your pet makes you giggle all the time
  • Hella – A very feminine name
  • Monty – For your tough pet
  • Nickle – She is worth way more than that, but it is a cool name
  • Oscar – An extremely popular name for pet ferrets
  • Ray – Incorporates physical beautiful
  • Sonny – For your sunshine like energetic pet
  • Zorro – A nice name for your athletic ferret
  • Ada – A simple, innocent and obedient name
  • Bonny – Derived from a popular cartoon character
  • Grace – Incorporates innocence very well
  • Holly – Also a popular pet name for children
  • Jane – An easy on the ears kind of a name
  • Kara – For your naughty and badass ferret
  • Magpie – A sweet little delicious name
  • Lizzy – A popular and simple name for a pet ferret
  • Peggy – Taken from famous cartoon character
  • Tina – For your fashionista kind of pet
  • Twiggie – A witty name for your pet
  • Wendie – An appealing and an attractive name
  • Willow – For your noisy and wheezy pet ferret
  • Marshmallow – Because they are soft and extremely huggable
  • Cutie pie – Yes! They absolutely are
  • Nicky – A small, monosyllabic and catchy name
  • Sasha – A very groovy and cool name for a shady character
  • Ava – A promising and nurturing name for your pet ferret
  • Anny – An easy going and friendly name
  • Eddie – A name which represents mischievousness and liveliness
  • Juno – No relation to the movie whatsoever
  • Pou – A completely new and unique name

Unique Female Ferret Names

Unique Female Ferret Names
  • Vinnie – Complements a vibrant and sunny character
  • Janet – A starry kind of name with a nice ring to it
  • Tobi – A name that represents tough and tomboyish habits
  • Kaitlene – An extremely feminine and moody name
  • Aldona – A very rare kind of name with a nice catchiness to it
  • Carmon – A very chic and trendy name for your female pet ferret
  • Alden – A name that can fit either a boy or a girl ferret with a nice ring to it
  • Courtlene – A blend of popular female names, perfectly fitting for your pet
  • Teddy – A perfect name to capture the cuteness of your pet
  • Lyndsey – For a perfectly well drama queen personality like pet
  • Barney – A famous cartoon character`s name with a friendly touch
  • Elvia – A cleverly perfect pretty-little name for your pet
  • Josephine – An angelic name perfectly fitting your innocent pet
  • Jessy – For your jumpy and trickster like pet female ferret
  • Sizzy – A perfect name for your short-tempered lady pet
  • Camila – An extremely vibrant ring to it which will suit your pet perfectly
  • Ellie – A common but appealing name for your pet
  • Cassadee – A very feminine and innocent sounding name
  • Kristena – A perfectly well fitted name for a girl ferret
  • Sully – Perfect name if she is sulking in the corner all the time
  • Liliana – A gorgeous name with a holy ring to it
  • Alicia – Gorgeous, beautiful and a catchy name

How To Name Your Pet Ferret?

Picking out a name for your adorable pet may seem like an easy task but it is not.  A name is a one-time thing, so you need to get it done perfectly. What do you need to keep in mind for name your pet ferret especially if it is a “she”?

Females, no matter what species, are sensitive when it comes to their appearance and identities so when naming a girl ferret you have to be extra careful that you capture her personality and appearance perfectly in her name.

Final Thoughts

Your female pet ferret may have more needs than a typical male ferret, because females are sensitive and delicate. Even if that female is an animal, she still feels everything strongly. So, we suggest that while choosing a name for your mushy pet ferret you should be completely attentive to her personality. Choose a name which will reflect liveliness, energy and cuddliness into her personality and habits.

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  1. Randeena Dowling

    I'm getting a female ferret soon. I already have one female and her name is Summer. My new baby ferret name will be Bunny, also female. I also have a male and his name is Maximus (Max) for short.

    • Ron Harris

      LOL those are great names! My favourite name for a boy Shifu

      • amie

        it means master in spanish

  2. kira

    I am getting a ferret and her little name im not sure on yet but I do have four choices Tink Willow lovely or clover I already have one boy his name is vinnie we can him fin or vin for short

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