100 Most Popular Dwarf Hamster Names

August 9, 2018


100 Most Popular Dwarf Hamster Names

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Dwarf hamsters are super cute and stay much smaller than the rest of the hamster breeds, usually around 4 to 12cm long. Although they sleep a good part of the day, they are much more active and energetic. They like an exercise wheel or a run-about ball. As a treat, they love a bit of unsalted, unflavored or unsweetened popcorn. Dwarf Hamsters are available in a variety of colors 

Take a good look at your hamster and make sure that you choose a name that fits your hamster’s looks as well as personality. If you are struggling to pick a name, we have compiled an incredible list of names for you to choose from below:

  • Acorn – for a brown hamster, meaning seed of a tree
  • Bambino – for an affectionate hamster
  • Bashful – this Snow White’s dwarf was the most shy
  • Bean – great name for a black or brown furred hamster
  • Beanie – cool meaning, small like a bean
  • Beano – silly name for a hamster that farts often
  • Beast – a tongue-in-cheek name for a dwarf hamster
  • Bebe – a French name, meaning small
  • Biggie Smalls – a Jamaican-American rapper’s name
  • Bilbo – a small character in the movie “The Hobbit”
  • Bing – a diminutive form of Bingham
  • Binky – simply means a small pacifier
  • Bitsy – an affectionate name meaning small one
  • Bo Peep – a character name in a nursery rhyme, meaning small
  • Bon Bon – for a small round hamster
  • Boo – means a little one
  • Bruiser – great name for a small aggressive hamster
  • Bubbles – a small happy hamster
  • Bugs – a name for a hamster that is always trying to catch your attention
  • Bumblebee – good name for a busy, yellow hamster
  • Bunny – an affectionate name for a small hamster
  • Buster – for a tough little hamster
  • Buttercup – appropriate name for a happy yellow or orange furred hamster
  • Buttons – simply because your hamster is as small as a button
  • Buzz – an American nickname of a famous astronaut, Buzz Aldrin
  • Caboose – a small orange furred hamster
  • Caesar – a Roman political leader
  • Capone – for an aggressive hamster, name him after the Italian gangster Al Capone
  • Cartman – great name for a small fat hamster
  • Champ – good name for an active hamster, short of champion
  • Chicklet – means a small chick
  • Chicko – a diminutive form of Francisco
  • Chickpea – cute name for a small, round, yellow hamster
  • Chip – a diminutive form of Charles
  • Chiquita – a Spanish endearing name for a dwarf girl hamster
  • Coda – for a small happy dwarf hamster
  • Cracker – for a small, talkative, white hamster
  • Crumpet – a small English muffin cake
  • Crusher – for a strong hamster
  • Cubby – a cool name meaning small
  • Cujo – a pretty name after a book by Stephen King
  • Cutie – an affectionate name meaning cute one
  • Dink – a silly name meaning small
  • Doc – this Snow White’s dwarf was the smartest
  • Dolly – simply means cute child for a cute hamster
  • Donut – for a small fat hamster
  • Dopy – this Snow White’s dwarf was simple minded
  • Fang – a Chinese name for small aggressive hamster
  • Felix – means happy
  • Fifi – a French diminutive form of Josephine
  • Fonzie – cool name for a mellow hamster
  • Freckles – for a hamster that has small spots on its fur
  • Furball – cute name for a hairy small hamster
  • Gadget – means small
  • Gidget – pretty name for a girl dwarf hamster
  • Gizmo – a small hairy hamster
  • Grumpy – this Snow White’s dwarf was the crankiest
  • Gumdrop – an affectionate name meaning small sweet candy
  • Gunner – means warrior
  • Hairball – a small hairy hamster
  • Happy – this Snow White’s dwarf was happy and fattest
  • Hobbit – a name depicting the novel and movie ‘The Hobbit’
  • Honey Boo Boo – an American name meaning goofy and small
  • Itsy Bitsy – simply means small
  • Java – a nick name for coffee
  • Jellybean – a happy affectionate name
  • Jujubee – cool name for a dwarf hamster meaning little chewy candy
  • Kazoo – a great name after a musical instrument
  • Kibbles – a brand name meaning small
  • Kilo – a Greek name describing unit of measurement
  • Lil’ Buddy – an affectionate name meaning a little pal
  • Lolly – short for lollipop
  • Mamacita – an American name meaning little mama
  • Munchkin – a character from the book ‘The Wizard of Oz’
  • Niblet – it means a little morsel or little nibble
  • Pea – means small
  • Pebbles – toddler daughter of animated TV show ‘The Flintstones’
  • Peewee – means small and goofy
  • Penny – a coin that is U.S, currency, also short of Penelope
  • Pomsky – a nick name for Pomeranian
  • Popcorn – for a white hamster meaning corn that is popped
  • Poppet – means small
  • Poquito – means small and tiny
  • Punk – a cool name for a hyper, small hamster
  • Roo – a character from the books ‘Winnie the Pooh’
  • Scrappy – for a hamster that is a little rough around the edges
  • Shortcake – an affectionate name meaning fluffy cake
  • Skids – for a goofy small hamster
  • Sleepy – Snow White’s dwarf that had a sleepy look
  • Sneezy – Snow White’s dwarf that was always on the verge of sneezing
  • Spike – an excellent pet name
  • Stewie – a baby from the cartoon ‘Family Guy’
  • Teeny – for a small hamster
  • Thimble – a small protective finger cover
  • Tink – it means small one
  • Tinkerbell – a fairy character and good name for a small yellow hamster
  • Tiny – for a very small hamster
  • Toto – means small, name of a dog from the book ‘Wizard of Oz’
  • Toy – means small
  • Trinket – a small showy ornament
  • Twiggy – means small and skinny
  • Winky – it means small one, or one who winks
  • Wookie – a small ‘Star Wars’ character


Final Thoughts

Hamsters have a high metabolism and require a lot of exercise. Be sure to give your pet hamster lots of play things to keep him busy throughout the day. Also, give them something to chew on because their teeth are continuously growing. Wood blocks are good for this purpose.








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