The 140 Best Chameleon Names With Meanings

May 2, 2022


The 140 Best Chameleon Names With Meanings

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Adorable little chameleons might be tough for some people to name, but we have a list of male, female and unisex names for you to choose from here. Hopefully, you will find a suitable one.

Male Names

Consider one of these awesome make chameleon names:

  1. 007– A good name for the sneaky chameleon.
  2. Ajax– A tough name you might want to consider.
  3. Antonio– You could go with a cool Spanish name.
  4. Atlas– Or you could pick a strong-sounding name.
  5. Badrock– You could name your tough chameleon after the tough comic book character.
  6. Chameleo Estevez– Punny celebrity names are always good for a laugh.
  7. Charlie– This name starts with the same three letters as “chameleon”.
  8. Cobra– Snake names are a good way to make your chameleon seem intimidating.
  9. Dundee– You could name yours after the famous Aussie who was associated with alligators.
  10. Eddie Lizard– Here is another fun, punny celebrity name.
  11. Fidel– You might even want to name him after the Cuban dictator.
  12. Gecko– Or you could go with a similar smalllizard name.
  13. Godzilla– Some people like to name their chameleon after famous movie monsters.
  14. Julio– Latin names like this work well for any kind of lizard.
  15. King– Why not name your chameleon for royalty?
  16. Leon– “L” names are good for lizards.
  17. Leonardo DaVinci– You could go with a very famous historical “l” name.
  18. Leonidas– Or you could give your chameleon a strong, historical “l” name.
  19. Maximus– This Roman warrior is a good choice as well.
  20. Merlin– Add some mystery with this wizard’s name.
  21. Mohawk– For a veiled chameleon and its crest.
  22. Bean– You could go with a funny pop culture name.
  23. Napoleon– You may want to name your chameleon after the famously small leader.
  24. Ninja– A good pick for the sneaky chameleon.
  25. Oliver– A play on the word “olive”.
  26. Panther– For a panther chameleon.
  27. Pascal– This is the name of the chameleon form the movie Tangled.
  28. Pedro– Latin names work perfectly for lizards.
  29. Rango– You could go with the character from the animated film Rango.
  30. Rexy– You may want to give him a dinosaur name, like this fun version of T-Rex.
  31. Roscoe– Or you could choose a cool sending name like this that is similar to “rascal” and perfect for chameleon with troublesome behavior.
  32. Sam Fisher– You could name him after the sneaky video game spy.
  33. Shredder– An intimidating name is always a good choice.
  34. Sir Hides-a-lot- A fun and distinguished name is always an original choice.
  35. Solid Snake– The classic video game spy is a great choice for sneaky chameleons.
  36. Spike– This is a good one for crested chameleons.
  37. Taco– Mexican food names are always funny choices for lizards.
  38. Triceratops– For a Trioceros chameleon.
  39. Viper– We love snake names for how dangerous they sound.
  40. Yoshi– You could pick the video game dinosaur as a namesake.

Female Names

You could give your female chameleon one of these great names:

  1. Aqua– Why not pick a cool color name like this for your green chameleon?
  2. Azalea– You could choose something with some exotic flair.
  3. Bubbles– Ora fun name that’s full of energy and cuteness like this.
  4. Cameo– This is a fun play on the word “chameleon”.
  5. Camille– Another play on the word “chameleon”.
  6. Cammy– Any name that starts with “cam” is a good choice.
  7. Candy– Or you could go with a very sweet selection.
  8. Cassandra– You might want a normal human name that starts with “c” like the word “chameleon”.
  9. Chameleon Cabello– You could use a pun name that refers to the popular singer.
  10. Crissy– We love this cute name for the small lizard.
  11. Dippy– How can you not like a name that’s as fun and quirky as this?
  12. Dot– A good choice for smaller chameleon.
  13. Dusty– Chameleons like to play in the dirt and sand, so this is an appropriate name.
  14. Esther– After the Hebrew queen.
  15. Eve– This name always makes us think of nature and green- perfect for a lizard.
  16. Fern– You may want to go with a cool plant name like this.
  17. Fuzzy– Ironic names always get a laugh.
  18. Gabriella– A lovely human name is always a good pick.
  19. Haiku– This short Japanese poem is a good fit for the short lizard.
  20. Hecate– You could name your chameleon after the goddess of magic.
  21. Ivy– Green plant names are a good choice.
  22. Izabella– A play on the word “lizard”.
  23. June bug– This cutesy name is perfect for smaller chameleon.
  24. Karma– An exotic name like this works well for your chameleon.
  25. Latasha– We love “l” names for chameleons and any kind of lizard.
  26. Leondra– An exotic “l” name works well for lizards.
  27. Lizzy– This is a fun name for any lizard.
  28. Maleficent– You could name your lizard after the famous Disney sorceress.
  29. Mystique– You could choose this name for its mystery or because it’s the name of a shape-shifting marvel character.
  30. Olivia– A good female version of olive.
  31. Queen Anne– Why not choose a royal name like this?
  32. Queenie– Your chameleon is royalty to you, so why not name her so?
  33. Romanov– This royal Russian name is a good choice for your chameleon.
  34. Sally– Short for salamander.
  35. Salt– Chameleons are good at hiding, so why not name yours after the female spy?
  36. Sandra– For the sandy environment that chameleons sometimes live in.
  37. Skye– This lovely name is perfect for lizards with some blue on them.
  38. Sweet Pea– Green, sweet and small describes this veggie and your chameleon.
  39. Tiny– You may want to be very literal with this cute, small name.
  40. Zoe– Any “z” names work well for lizards because of the “z” in that word.

Unisex Names

You could use one of these names for male or female chameleons:

  1. Armor– For your lizard’s tough skin.
  2. Beanie– The green coloring and small size give this name double meaning.
  3. Biscuit– Cute food names work well.
  4. Charmander– A Pokémon name could be a great choice.
  5. Chuckles– A funny name for a funny little chameleon.
  6. Claws– Or you could use a more fearsome name.
  7. Cricket– This small animal is a good namesake.
  8. Derpy– You could go with a silly name like this to describe your chameleon’s antics.
  9. Dynamite– Possibly the most exciting name you could choose.
  10. Inky– You may want to use this name for a darker lizard or one who makes a mess.
  11. Jabberwock– You could go with this silly literary name.
  12. Kiwi– Any green food name works, but especially exotic ones like kiwis.
  13. Klumsy– A fun name for a silly chameleon.
  14. Lime– It’s a green just like your pet lizard.
  15. Mango– Exotic fruits make for good chameleon names.
  16. Marshmallow– A cutesy name that’s perfect for a colorful lizard.
  17. Melon– It has part of the word “chameleon” right in it.
  18. Newt– This is a name of a small lizard- perfect for your chameleon.
  19. Nugget– A good choice for smaller chameleon.
  20. Patches– A lovable, adorable name that’s suitable for your chameleon.
  21. Pebbles– Like the pebbly surface of your lizard’s skin.
  22. Pepper– Classic chameleon name that works for just about any animal.
  23. Pez– This small candy is a good namesake for a small chameleon.
  24. Prism– Ideal for colorful chameleon like the color-changing chameleon.
  25. Rainbow– Another good color-themed name.
  26. Seaweed– Because your chameleon is about the same color as seaweed.
  27. Skippy– A fun name that makes your chameleon seem fast.
  28. Skittles– This is a very good colorful name and a lot of fun too.
  29. Slytherin– You could go with a harry Potter-themed name.
  30. Smidge– This name means “small”.
  31. Sneaker– Chameleons can definitely be sneaky.
  32. Speck– A good choice for smaller chameleon.
  33. Splotches– Colorful animals like chameleons could use a name like this.
  34. Squirt– This name means very small in an adorable way.
  35. Squishy– You could go with a name that suggests how cuddly and cute your lizard is.
  36. Tabasco– Mexican food names work well for lizards.
  37. Tango– Or you could name your chameleon after a Latin dance.
  38. Twig– Why not use a small-meaning name like this?
  39. Zee– You can try a cutesy name with an exotic flair like this.
  40. Zipper– Does your lizard zip around? Try this one!

Chameleon Fruit and Vegetables Pet Names

  1. Fig – a delicate pear-shaped fruit.
  2. Carambola – a star-shaped golden-yellow juicy fruit.
  3. Pomegranate – a reddish berry that is about the measurement of an orange
  4. Tangerine – a fruit with dark orange skin.
  5. Cranberry – a tiny, round, red fruit with a sour punch
  6. Starfruit – a yellow colored tropical fruit.
  7. Mandy – a type of mandarin oranges. A name means Lovable.
  8. Jonagold – a type of apple. It’s large and the flesh is crispy.
  9. Passionfruit – a sweet, seedy fruit
  10. Navel – is a type of orange that is seedless.
  11. Kale – a hardy cabbage with curled often finely carved leaves.
  12. Romaine – a type of lettuce.
  13. Chanterelle – a fragrant tasty mushroom usually having a yellow to orange color.
  14. Lentil – a yearly plant known for its lens-shaped seeds
  15. Sprout – short for Brussels sprout.
  16. Chickpea – a round yellowish seed
  17. Okra – a fruit vegetable consisting of a green pod that is several inches long
  18. Turnip – a round root vegetable with cream-colored skin.
  19. Chili – a small pepper with a very hot flavor
  20. Olive – green when immature and brownish-black when ripe.

We hope you found a suitable name from this list. If one of these names fits your chameleon perfectly, then please tell us about it.

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