Cat Person Cat Food Review

Cats May 13, 2022
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Cat Person Cat Food Review

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Shopping for cat food can be overwhelming, especially with so many different options out there. Each brand has its own take on flavors – sometimes the names have nothing to do with the ingredients, making it even more difficult to decipher them. Cat Person is different.

Cat Persons follows the tagline, “Real cat food made simple.”

Their recipes are made with high-quality ingredients including real animal proteins and their names are simple and accurate. Cat Person cat food contains at least 50% more protein than the industry standard and every recipe is clear, straightforward, and full of real meat flavor your cat will love.

We tested a wide variety of Cat Person’s dry food and wet food products as well as their digestive supplements to bring you this comprehensive brand review. Keep reading to see what we thought!

Overview Of The Cat Person Brand

Cat Person
Overall Score
  • High-quality cat food made with real, straightforward ingredients
  • At least 50% more protein than the industry standard
  • Real animal proteins, no grains, and low in carbohydrates
  • Dry foods contain some plant protein concentrates
  • May be more expensive than some cat foods of similar quality
  • High-quality cat food made with real, straightforward ingredients
  • At least 50% more protein than the industry standard
  • Real animal proteins, no grains, and low in carbohydrates
  • Dry foods contain some plant protein concentrates
  • May be more expensive than some cat foods of similar quality
Variety of Recipes
Ingredient Quality
Price Per Pound
Recall History
Customer Reviews

Every pet food brand makes lofty promises about the quality of their products, but Cat Person is true to their word. This company claims “cats are our thing” which is why everything they do is done with the health and wellness of your cat in mind.

Here’s what Cat Person has to say about their approach to pet nutrition:

“We consider everything about a cat’s body and mind in order to create solutions that improve the quality of their life and therefore, your co-existence.”

Cat Person began shortly after the co-founder Lambert started fostering kittens for a local shelter. Lambert found himself wondering why cat products were always hidden away at the back of the pet store and why cat food labels were so hard to decipher.

Lambert teamed up with co-founder Jimmy, a fellow cat lover, to create a new experience for cats and cat owners. They started with the essentials: high-quality wet and dry foods, wellness treats, bowls, beds, and irresistible cat toys.

Here are some of the promises Cat Person makes about their products:

  • At least 50% more protein than the industry standard
  • Grain-free and low in carbohydrates
  • Clear, straightforward, and healthy ingredients
  • Full of real meat flavor your cat will love
  • Convenient monthly deliveries and custom meal plans

Today, Cat Person is a small team of cat lovers working to make every cat owner’s life with their feline friend more awesome than it already is.

Cat Person is dedicated to transparency. Their products are kept simple (as are their product labels) and what you see is what you get. Cat Person recipes are made with at least 50% more animal protein than AAFCO industry standards and each formula contains just 1 or 2 animal proteins. This brand offers high-quality nutrition for cats, plain and simple.

Cat Person offers a wide variety of wet and dry cat food products made with 1 to 2 quality animal proteins.

Where Are The Products Made?

The Cat Person brand was launched by the startup incubator Harry’s Labs as a direct-to-consumer brand. This company was designed as an e-commerce site, so the brand doesn’t technically have a brick-and-mortar home. That being said, the company headquarters are listed in New York City.

When it comes to the manufacture of their products, Cat Person does what many pet food brands do: they outsource. Rather than manufacturing their own products, Cat Person relies on co-packers in the United State and Thailand. Their wet foods are manufactured in Thailand and their dry foods in the United States.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We’re proud to say that we searched the world to find the best manufacturers for our high-quality, environmentally responsible, cat-first products. That’s why our wet food and dry food are actually made in different places.”

Cat Person wet food is manufactured by a company in Thailand that functions primarily as a human food supplier. This means that Cat Person food is held to high standards for quality. The manufacturer cares greatly about sustainable ingredient sourcing, and all of their seafood is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified.

Cat Person dry food is made in the United States by a food ingredient provider who follows high standards for both pet food and human food. Their dehydrated meat and fish ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced and their facility uses solar powdered energy.

What Cat Products Do They Offer?

What makes Cat Person different from other cat food brands is that they offer more than just food. This brand offers a wide variety of wet cat foods and a small selection of dry foods as well as treats. They also have an extensive lineup of cat beds, bowls, toys, and other accessories.

Cat Person wet food can be divided into two categories: shreds in broth and pate.

All Cat Person wet cat foods are sold in 2.75-ounce cups, typically in packs of 5. Each recipe features one or two premium animal proteins like poultry or fish.

Here’s a list of the wet food recipes Cat Person has to offer:

  • Chicken Shreds in Broth
  • Tuna Shreds in Broth
  • Mackerel & Bream Shreds in Broth
  • Salmon & Tuna Shreds in Broth
  • Turkey & Chicken Shreds in Broth
  • Duck & Chicken Shreds in Broth
  • Duck Shreds in Broth
  • Beef Shreds in Broth
  • Salmon & Tuna Pate
  • Chicken Pate
  • Tuna Pate
  • Turkey & Chicken Pate
  • Mackerel & Bream Pate
  • Duck & Chicken Pate
  • Duck Pate
  • Beef Pate

Cat Person’s dry cat food features high concentrations of premium-quality animal protein. These recipes are made with dehydrated proteins like duck, turkey, chicken, and fish. Cat Person dry food is sold in 2-pound bags to ensure optimal freshness.

Here are the three dry food recipes Cat Person has to offer:

  • Duck & Turkey Kibble
  • Salmon & Tuna Kibble
  • Chicken & Turkey Kibble

In addition to these dry and wet cat food products, Cat Person offers five different nutrient-rich purees marketed as treats, though they can also be used as meal toppers or mixers. Cat Person Goodness Blends come in the following five formulas: Digestive Support, Skin & Coat, Bone & Joint, Immune Support, and Cognitive Health.

Cat Person wet cat food, available in shreds and pate, are packaged in 2.75-ounce cups and sold in packages of 5 cups

How Much Does It Cost?

When shopping for cat food, it’s important to consider the cost. No one wants to spend a fortune to feed their cat, but it’s not wise to shop by price alone. A high price tag is not a guarantee of quality.

Cat Persons is a very affordable brand of cat food that comes with the added bonus of being a subscription service. Not only do you have a wide variety of options to choose from, but they are sent right to your door in regular deliveries for an affordable price.

Cat Person wet food is sold in 5-packs of 2.75-ounce cups priced at $7.25 – this averages out to about $0.53 per ounce. Their dry food costs $11 for a 2-pound bag, which comes to about $5.50 per pound.

Check below to see how Cat Person stacks up against other cat food brands for cost:

Premium Cat Food Price Comparison

Food Type Brand Average Price Price Per Pound/Oz.
Dry Food Canidae PURE Grain-Free $29.99 for 10 pounds $2.99/pound
Wet Food Castor & Pollux Organic $53.76 for 24 (5.5oz) cans $0.41/ounce
Freeze-Dried Raw Stella & Chewy’s $39.99 for 18 oz. $2.22/ounce
Dehydrated The Honest Kitchen $45.99 for 4 pounds $11.50/pound
Fresh Food Smalls* $108 for 4 weeks $27.00/week
Fresh Food Nom Nom* $62.71 for 2 weeks $31.36/week
Wet Food Cat Person $7.25 for 5 (2.75oz.) cups $0.53/ounce

* Cost varies depending on subscription

What Did Our Test Cat Think?

To review Cat Person, we ordered a selection of their wet and dry cat food products. We ordered several different recipes of both their Shreds in Broth and Pate wet foods as well as their Duck & Turkey recipe dry food and Digestive Support Goodness Blends.

Our order arrived in a branded cardboard box with minimal padding, which we appreciated. What we really found unique, however, is that the box itself was more than just a shipping container – it also doubled as a cat toy. Cat Person boxes are designed to be reused for play. It came with simple instructions to fit the two longer flaps together to create a cardboard cat house.

In terms of the cat food itself, we found Cat Person held true to their claims of keeping things simple. The packaging was all-white with a clear picture of the primary proteins in each recipe along with a detailed ingredients list, guaranteed analysis, and feeding guidelines.

When testing Cat Person food, we found our test cats Bagel and Munchkin enjoyed it thoroughly. These two tend to prefer wet foods that come with some sort of sauce or gravy, but even Munchkin was happily chowing down on a cup of Mackerel & Bream Pate.

Overall, we were pleased with Cat Person and our test cats were too. We appreciated the variety of flavors, particularly the fact that most were made with a single source of animal protein.

Choose from a variety of single-source and multi-protein wet foods in traditional pate style or shreds in gravy.

Cat Person Cat Food Recalls

Before choosing a cat food brand, it’s always a good idea to do some research into the brand’s history. Product recalls are common, but especially among low-quality manufacturers and companies that outsource production. Fortunately, we didn’t find any evidence that Cat Person has been involved in any recalls, as of January 2021.

Is Cat Person Really Worth the Cost?

When shopping for cat food, many cat owners are concerned about price. While it’s important to choose a product you can consistently afford, you have to understand that it may be well worth it to spend a little bit more on a product that offers quality nutrition.

The quality of your cat’s diet is extremely important for his long-term health and wellness. Your cat has specific nutritional needs and if they aren’t met, he could be at risk for developing nutritional deficiencies and other chronic health problems.

In other words, feeding your cat cheap food may save you money in the short-term but could lead to expensive vet bills down the line.

Here are some additional benefits of feeding your cat premium cat food:

  • Improved and regulated digestion, less gas and diarrhea
  • Reduced stool volume and odor
  • Healthier coat with less shedding
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Healthy weight loss (when needed for overweight cats)
  • Improved dental health and oral hygiene
  • Better urinary health, reduced risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs)

To keep your cat happy and healthy for as long as possible, we always recommend feeding him the highest quality diet you can consistently afford. There are plenty of options out there, but if you’re looking for a nutritious cat food to improve your cat’s diet, Cat Person is a brand you should consider.

Keep reading to learn more about our experience with the Cat Person brand.

Order Cat Person cat food as a one-time purchase or subscribe for monthly deliveries.

How Do You Order It?

Cat Person is a cat food brand that gives you two options for purchase. You can either purchase wet and/or dry cat food in amounts of your choosing or you can complete a quiz with your cat’s information to have Cat Person create a custom meal plan for you.

If you’re curious to see what Cat Person is like, you can place a one-time order for a select number of products. If you want to customize your cat’s diet according to his unique nutritional needs, a Cat Person meal plan might be the way to go. Even if you choose the meal plan, you’ll receive a 2-week Starter Box before your first monthly order just to make sure you love it.

Here’s how you start a subscription online:

  1. Select the “Meal Plan” option at the top of the home page
  2. Click “Get Started” to begin the quiz
  3. Indicate how many cats you have (1, 2, 3, or 4+)
  4. Provide your cat’s name and describe his current diet
  5. Indicate your cat’s protein preferences
  6. Indicate how much you feed your cat daily
  7. Provide your email address
  8. Review your Starter Box and Meal Plan
  9. Provide your shipping and payment information to check out

To purchase Cat Person without creating a subscription, simply click on the “Shop” button on the homepage menu. From there you can select Wet Food or Dry Food and brose the options, adding products to your cart. When you’re finished, simply check out to complete your order.

Customer Service

When you order Cat Person, you’ll find the process quick and easy. Even so, you’ll be glad to know Cat Person has plenty of options available to contact customer service with questions or concerns.

You can always contact Cat Person by phone or text at (855) 918-2287. Their customer service team is also available via email at [email protected]. They do not have a chat function at this time.

Your Cat Person order will arrive in a branded cardboard box that can be reused as a cat house.

Tips For Making The Transition

Many cats have sensitive stomachs, so switching your cat’s diet too quickly could result in digestive upset. To help prevent that from happening, Cat Person offers Starter Boxes.

The Starter Box from Cat Person is designed to help your cat transition onto the new food over a period of two weeks before your first meal plan is shipped out. It includes two sleeves (10 cups) of wet food along with one 2-pound bag of dry food. The flavors will be determined by your quiz responses.

When you receive your Starter Box, you’ll also receive a paper insert that includes step-by-step instructions to transition your cat onto the food.

Here’s what Cat Person recommends for transitioning your cat:

  • Days 1: Add a small scoop of Cat Person to your cat’s normal diet
  • Days 2 thru 5: Slowly increase the proportion to 50% Cat Person food
  • Days 5+: Mix the foods together, gradually increasing to 100% Cat Person food

Every cat is different, so yours might the transition more quickly. On the other hand, he might need to spend an extra day or two adjusting. If your cat develops loose stools, go back to the previous step for another day or two before moving on to the next one.

Pros and Cons

Before switching your cat’s diet, it’s a good idea to consider all of the options and to compare the pros and cons for each. Every brand has its pluses and minuses, so it’s up to you to decide whether the good things outweigh the bad things. Cat Person offers a number of benefits to their customers, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when making your decision.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Cat Person:

Pros for Cat Person:

  • High-quality cat food made with real, straightforward ingredients
  • At least 50% more protein than the industry standard
  • Real animal proteins, no grains, and low in carbohydrates
  • Make a one-time purchase or subscribe for monthly deliveries
  • Simple packaging, easy to decipher ingredients lists
  • No low-quality grains or fillers, free from artificial additives

Cons for Cat Person:

  • Dry foods contain some plant protein concentrates
  • May be more expensive than some cat foods of similar quality
  • Meal plans don’t include custom-portioned meals

As you’re well aware, every pet food brand has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s your job as a responsible cat owner to weigh them and decide whether Cat Person is the right option for you.

Cat Person cat foods are made with premium animal proteins and other simple, straightforward ingredients.

The Final Word

Overall, we were pleased with our Cat Person experience. We found the website very easy to navigate and appreciated having the option to make a one-time purchase versus signing up for a subscription. The pricing was very clear and all of the information you’d want about the products is readily available on the website without having to create a profile.

Our Cat Person order shipped quickly and arrived with no wasted packaging. We appreciated that the box was designed for reuse as a cat toy and we appreciated the additional information that came with our order explaining the transition process.

When testing Cat Person products, we weren’t surprised that our cats seemed to enjoy it. We found it interesting that our cats, normally fans of shredded food or morsels in gravy, even enjoyed the pate recipes. We were particularly pleased that Cat Person offered so many single-source protein recipes. Our primary criticism about the ingredients relates to the use of plant protein concentrates in their dry food. The carbohydrate content of the dry food was higher than for the wet food as well.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, protein-rich diet for your cat, we can recommend Cat Person in good faith. It may not be the cheapest brand out there, but you get what you pay for: high-quality animal protein and other simple ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has Cat Person Cat Food ever been recalled?

No. To our knowledge, Cat Person has never been recalled.

Is Cat Person Cat Food grain-free?

Yes, all of Cat Person’s recipes are free from grains and low in carbohydrates.

Is Cat Person Cat Food organic?

No, Cat Person does not use organic ingredients.

Is Cat Person Cat Food raw?

No, Cat Person offers conventional dry food or kibble and wet food in pate and shreds.

How many calories per cup for Cat Person Cat Food?

The calorie content of Cat Person food varies depending on the recipe. Their dry foods average about 465 calories per cup and their wet foods around 100 calories per 2.75-ounce cup.

Can I cancel my Cat Person Cat Food subscription?

Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time by logging onto your account.

Where can I buy Cat Person Cat Food?

The only place to purchase Cat Person food is online through the company’s website.

Can you heat up Cat Person Cat Food?

Cat Person food is designed to be served at room temperature but you can warm it up by adding warm water or broth, if desired.

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  1. Shirlie LaPatta

    I order Cat Person a few weeks ago and am pleased, so I'm ready to order again.

    • Doron Wolffberg

      Thanks for sharing Shirlie!

  2. Janet Boze

    I was happy to find your site, but quite Agitated with the Inconsistency of reviews! Namely having someone other than yourself review the cat food- specifically the Smalls review. That review the ratings were extremely high, but incredibly Inconsistent and Didn't Match the Facts or the Comments Mallory made. Giving an Inaccurate picture and frankly an Unfairly harsh review by you regarding Cat Person. Some examples: you rated Cat Person Variety as 70%, but they offer 16 Different wet food recipes!! HELLO, I don't know of ANY premium company that offers that big a choice! Mallory rated Smalls Variety at 90% for only 3 varieties. Wow, Really? You give Cat Person 90% on Recall, but they've had ZERO recalls- what's up with that? That my dear is 100%. You list Price per Pound, but their majority is wet food- so why list per pound? Especially since pricing is broken down per day. Actually Cat Person price for wet food is Very Affordable!! Their dry food is a bit high, but shouldn't be dinged at 40% given the quality is so high. You rate Quality Ingredients at 80% yet state they use 50% More Meat (and 75% more protein) than industry standard (and no gains or fillers). It's processed in Thailand which has much higher/stricter standards than US, thus Better Quality ingredients! Therfore your rating is much too low. Especially given Mallory allows high vegetable protein, high carbs and vegetable oil instead of animal fat to Still rate 100%. Seriously? You don't mention ANYTHING about customer comments yet add that category, then only give them 60%. What's that about?? And for some reason availability is 70% for a company that only sells online- Just Like Smalls. But Cat Persons let's you order as a monthly subscription with FREE shipping OR a la carte! Not to mention treats, beds, bowls, toys.... Hmm, that's an awful lot of choices available. So Come On, how about being fair!?! REVIEWS DON'T DO ANYONE ANY GOOD with the AMOUNT of VARIATION to STANDARDS and INCONSISTENCIES I Pointed Out! I don't have any ties or loyalty to Cat Person brand. I've only visited their website and have an order pending. Actually I thought I'd check a couple reviews before finalizing and found yours. Which Didn't Match my Impression or even remotely seem fair. In fact I'd be more inclined to Believe You Were PAID to Give a Bad Review! Sure, this is my opinion, but I've backed up every comment with Examples of Discrepancies. So how about incorporating some Standards, please. Folks, just visit Cat Person website and form your OWN opinion. I'm impressed and can't wait to give them a try. BTW 5 stars is for Cat Person Not you or your review.

    • Kate Barrington

      Hi Janet, thanks for your comments. When it comes to these brand reviews, we try to enforce some consistency in the way we choose our ratings but things can get tricky sometimes when we're reviewing a primarily wet food brand versus a brand that offers a wider variety of products. You can find a detailed breakdown of how we assign ratings on All About Cats here. To give you a little insight, our recall rating of 90% doesn't just consider that the brand hasn't had a recall - we give higher ratings to companies that have been around for a while AND don't have a recall. It's a little less impressive for a brand new company to have no recalls. As for the quality of ingredients, we took into account that Cat Person uses more plant-based ingredients than we like to see in cat food, including plant protein concentrates (like pea protein). There might not be anything inherently wrong with these ingredients for human consumption, but they aren't appropriate for a cat food diet. You do make some fair points about areas where we could beef up this review and go into a little more depth about the reason for certain ratings. I'll recommend it for an update so we can revisit these concerns! Thanks again!

  3. Sonja Brown-Clarke

    After reading the ingredients on my current brand (Friskies), I have decided to try your product for my two cats (7 and 11 years old). They don't usually have issues with the variety of my current brand but I have to admit that your ad is very informative and convincing. I have ordered today (#317478) and I hope my cats agree with my choice for their health and happiness.

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