Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus?

Hamster May 3, 2022
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Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus?

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Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus?

If you’re anything like we are, shopping for your own veggies often means shopping for items that you can share with your pets. Asparagus is a lovely addition to a variety of your own meals but the question is, is it OK to give a hamster asparagus?

And, if hamsters can eat asparagus, how much should they have at a time?

Great news for your hamster: It’s OK for you to share your asparagus with them. There’s more you should know before you give this food to your hammy.

Keep reading: Our quick guide to asparagus for hamsters has all the answers!

Asparagus Nutrition Stats

Asparagus is really good for you: It’s high in fiber, very low in calories, and brimming with antioxidants!

A satisfying, delicious one-cup serving of asparagus offers:

  • 27 calories
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • 3 g fiber
  • 3 g protein

Asparagus Nutritional Facts

Just like you, hamsters need lots of vitamins and minerals to thrive, and because there are so many different micronutrients (way too many to list!) in various fruits and vegetables, it’s best to offer your pet a variety of natural foods.

That same one-cup serving of asparagus provides approximately:

  • 5 mg vitamin C
  • 1013 iu vitamin A
  • 271 mg potassium
  • 32 mg calcium
  • 8 mg magnesium
  • 9 mg iron
  • 7 mcg folate
  • 5 mg vitamin E
  • 7 mcg vitamin K

Can Hamsters Have Asparagus?

Yes – in fact, it’s a very good choice.

Are Asparagus Good For Hamsters?

Since it is such a great source of nutrition, asparagus is one of the best veggies to give a hamster. If your hamster is new to the family and you’re unsure about whether they’ve had fresh food in the past, you’ll want to be careful about introducing fruit and vegetables.

Rapid dietary changes – even though you’re adding healthy food – can cause diarrhea. Once your hamster is accustomed to asparagus, though, you might want to make it part of their weekly diet!

Do Hamsters Like Asparagus?

Whether you’ve got a robo hamster, a dwarf hamster, or another breed, your little hammy will probably go crazy for the fresh, subtly sweet flavor of asparagus. Of course, these little fuzzies are individuals with unique taste and it’s possible that some hamsters don’t like asparagus as much as others.

How Much Asparagus Can A Hamster Eat?

Is there such a thing as too much asparagus? Unfortunately, yes.

Here’s how much asparagus a to feed your hamster:

Age Amount
Baby hamster None
Adult hamster 1 to 2 inch section of asparagus cut into smaller 1 cm pieces

Larger hamsters can have more asparagus than small ones so be sure to gauge serving size according to the size of your pet. If your hamster already eats fresh food, go ahead and give them the full serving size and monitor them for the next 12 hours or so to ensure that they haven’t gotten diarrhea.

If your hamster is new to fresh food, asparagus is a good choice for introducing veggies. Offer only half the recommended portion and don’t be surprised if your hamster doesn’t eat it right away; if they’ve just come from the pet store they might not be accustomed to anything other than the hamster pellets they were eating there.

How often can a hamster eat asparagus?

If you and your hammy both like asparagus and you tend to purchase it often, you can feed your hamster asparagus three or four times per week. Just make sure that it’s really fresh and be sure to give it a good wash, just like you do for yourself.

  • If your hamster is a new addition to the family and this is their first introduction to fresh food, you’ll want to offer the small portion of asparagus every other day, but not offer any other fresh fruits or vegetables. After your hamster has had a full week to adjust to the asparagus, you can offer a different food. Eventually, you’ll want to give your hamster a variety of vegetables every day.

The Correct Diet is Important

Lots of people assume that hamsters are herbivores, but the truth is, these little guys have a fierce side:

In the wild, hamsters hunt for animal protein, usually in the form of crickets, beetles, and worms. They’ll go crazy for a few dried mealworms if you offer them.

Don’t worry if these items bug you, though: Your little friend would love to have them but a high-quality hamster food contains all the nutrients your pet needs.

Besides a daily serving of hamster pellets and optional protein treats, here’s what to feed your hamster:

  • Unlimited amount of fresh Timothy hay for nibbling. Your hamster will use it in tunneling and nesting projects, too.
  • About a teaspoon of bird seed per week.
  • Very small amounts of vegetables and fruit – just enough for your hamster to eat quickly
  • Constant supply of clean, fresh water; be sure to rinse and refill your hamster’s drinking bottle every day.

Last but just as important, be sure that your hamster has 24/7 access to chewable items. Hamster toys, hay cubes, coconut shell, untreated softwood branches, or unbleached loofah are ideal for keeping your hamster’s teeth in good shape.

What Are Other Healthy Alternatives To Asparagus In a Hamster’s Diet?

We briefly touched on the fact that hamsters eat all kinds of things in the wild. Pet hamsters enjoy a wide variety of fruits and veggies too, so you have lots of options.

This list includes some of the veggies hamsters like most:

  • baby corn
  • sweet corn
  • artichoke
  • beets
  • beet tops
  • green beans
  • summer squash
  • winter squash
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • pumpkin
  • bell pepper
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • cabbage
  • basil
  • mint
  • parsley
  • carrot
  • carrot tops
  • sweet potato
  • cilantro
  • romaine
  • potato (cooked only)
  • sprouts
  • arugula
  • swiss chard
  • spinach
  • endive
  • escarole
  • butter lettuce
  • bibb lettuce
  • rocket
  • buttercrunch lettuce
  • parsnip
  • broccoli
  • broccolini
  • cauliflower
  • okra
  • bok choy
  • yu choy
  • watercress

Many veggies that are good for you are  just as good for your hamster!

At the same time, some foods that are toxic to hamsters. The best way to keep your hamster safe while offering an interesting variety of foods is to research every new addition to their menu.

This way, you’ll find out if certain items are safe, plus you’ll learn how much to offer.

Giving your hamster asparagus is just one way to make life more interesting – and more flavorful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is asparagus safe for hamsters?

Yes! So long as you wash it well, it’s OK to give asparagus to a hamster.

Can asparagus make my hamster sick?

Yes, but it isn’t likely. Asparagus can cause diarrhea in hamsters that aren’t yet accustomed to fresh foods, so keep this in mind and take a very careful approach when introducing it (or any other new food!)

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