175+ Awesome Names For Bengal Cats

Cats May 3, 2022
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175+ Awesome Names For Bengal Cats

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Our Top 101 Bengal Cat Names

The name you are giving your kitten will be with it forever, therefore you must ensure that it is something unique and suitable. It is always advisable that you spend some time with your feline friend before giving it a name. That’s because it helps you identify their behavior and temperament so that you pick the best name for it.

  1. Ladli – meaning loved one and the best choice
  2. Brand – meaning a mark or spot, name for spotted cats
  3. Gaangi – the name means sacred or pure
  4. Aghor – meaning earth
  5. Maalini – meaning fragrant
  6. Arthur – it means a strong rock
  7. Laashya – if your feline friend love that special dancing this is the name for your cat
  8. Maalibad – meaning swiftness
  9. Taz – originates from Arabic meaning word cup
  10. Tao – it means beautiful
  11. Gaganadipika – your cat may be glowing with brightness like the lamp of the sky hence this is the name for it
  12. Aadarshini – meaning idealistic
  13. Boggle – for cats that overwhelm you as the owner
  14. Blaze – if the cat breed has a striking color
  15. Ariela – for female cats that are like a lioness
  16. Laina – reflects the beauty of the sun rays
  17. Laghu – if your cat is quick then this is their name
  18. Noah – means comfort or rest
  19. Astras – Hindu powerful weapon
  20. Simba – meaning a lion, give it to a brave cat
  21. Millo – the name of a movie actor, Milo, and Otis
  22. Arun – it means sun, for bright cats
  23. Maadhav – it means as sweet as honey
  24. Bagheera – name for black cats
  25. Laalitya – if you have that beautiful cat that is graceful and love then this is the name for her
  26. Daisy – meaning beautiful and healthy
  27. Zeus – means a very expensive cat
  28. Baijayanti – meaning flag
  29. Daama – it means lightning to express brightness or fastness
  30. Bongo – meaning drums, if your cat is funny
  31. Rajah – means a tiger, if they look like a tiger
  32. Ali – it means a bee, give it to those cats that are busy
  33. Bengal – if she or he is of spotted breed
  34. Saber – attributed to saber-toothed cats
  35. Jasmine – it is a tropical plant that has fragrant flower
  36. Laasak – the name means a dancer
  37. Freckles – for darker spotted cats
  38. Aadhrika – it shows your cat is unshakable
  39. Bon-Hwa – for glorious cats
  40. Badal – means monsoon
  41. Nimbus – meaning a ring or halo usually appearing above divine head
  42. Maalika – let her be your queen
  43. Macchiato – it’s a name for the spotted cats
  44. Daakshi – your cat must be wise and ac-knowledgeable to give him this name
  45. Daakshya – it means brilliance
  46. Maalav – meaning musical raga or song
  47. Gaalav – meaning worship
  48. Shiva – give the name to the cat if you value and honor them highly
  49. Jot – the oldest cartoon program, if your cat is old
  50. Yi-yang – a renowned “Chinese philosopher”
  51. Butterscotch – a cat with golden far
  52. Mia – means mine, to show ownership
  53. Laavanya – this name means epitome beauty and grace
  54. Gaatha – this is another name for a cat
  55. Annika – if the cat is a goddess to you
  56. Garjra – meaning a garland of flowers expressing beauty
  57. Prada – meaning a high-end brand
  58. Maala – meaning garland
  59. Atul – meaning incomparable, if the cat is unique
  60. Abhoy – for fearless cats
  61. Garrey – meaning a spear
  62. Pollock – name for an “American artist known for his paintings”
  63. Anupama – for beautiful cats
  64. Maalavi – means your cat is a princess
  65. Tora – means tiger in Japanese
  66. Aabharana – it expresses an aspect of shining
  67. Daarshik – this is the name expressing perfection
  68. Ayanna – meaning innocent, for innocent cats
  69. Osiris – means a star in Arabic
  70. Puntito – meaning little point, for kittens
  71. Lichtenstein – if you are a lover of pop music
  72. Gami – meaning God in Japanese
  73. Maahi – it means a union of heaven and earth
  74. Dice – small squire used in gaming and gambling
  75. Amber – for those cats that are golden colored
  76. Banshari – means a flute
  77. Alas – for a cat that endures or suffers
  78. Ananya – for extraordinary cats
  79. Maahir – it means your cat is an expert or brave
  80. Geisha – cat breed from Asia origin
  81. Nala – the lion, for brave cats
  82. Panda – for cats that are nationally recognized
  83. Leopard – means strong and ambitious
  84. Harley – it is a renowned Bengal motorcycle, for excellent cats
  85. Scooter – meaning a crazy cool cat
  86. Ocelot – dwarf leopard, a cat that’s small
  87. Alex – if your cat is defending give her or him the name
  88. Lajita – means a modesty cat
  89. Laghun – means quick
  90. Gaganasindhu – it means sky
  91. Mowgli – means from the jungle
  92. Beth – meaning the house of the lord
  93. Farrar – for cats with fair looks
  94. Alisha – meaning kind or a cat of a noble sort
  95. Ayla – for huge cats
  96. Anjali – meaning attribute
  97. Daandam – meaning efficiency
  98. Gadadhara – meaning a warrior
  99. Laayak – shows that your cat is fit and capable
  100. Aabha – it means luster and also glow
  101. Geisha – cat breed from Asia origin

Male Bengal Cat Names

  1. Archie– Meaning true and bold
  2. Arnie: The protector of Linton Zoo’s newborn, Arnie the Cat
  3. Aslant– Suits a kind and virtuous Bengal cat
  4. Apollo– Mythological Roman god of music, poetry, dance, the sun and light
  5. Apu– Inspired by the Simpson character famous for the phrase ‘’ Thank you, come again”
  6. Atlas– Meaning one who endures
  7. Azrael– Refers to the angel of God in Hebrew
  8. Billy– Inspired by the famous American comedian, Billy Eichner
  9. Boomer-As in Boomer the Bengal cat, the skimboarding champion
  10. Boots – Inspired by the clever knight in Pussy in Boots
  11. Buttons – Suits a playful and cute cat
  12. Chad– Suits a guard cat
  13. Copper– Ideal for a wild Bengal cat with a soft heart
  14. Eddie– Meaning fortunate guardian
  15. Evan– Reminds you of how Yahweh is gracious
  16. Everest – The tallest mountain in the world, for a cat who pushes you to the peak of your dreams
  17. Einstein– Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist, suits a smart cat
  18. Elvis– Inspired by the musical Bengal cat by the same name
  19. Ernie– The famous orange Muppet in Sesame Street
  20. Felix– Suits a funny cat like the iconic Felix the cat
  21. Figaro– Inspired by the famous Spanish barber, for a cat with well-groomed hair
  22. Flynn– Ideal for your super-active cat
  23. Fleckie– Suits a cat with spots
  24. Harlequin– For a funny cat with lovely harlequin hair
  25. Hunter– For your big Bengal cat who likes to hunt for their prey
  26. Jasper– Perfect name for a gorgeous and intelligent cat
  27. Loki– For a mischievous Bengal cat
  28. Makalu– Inspired by the world fifth largest mountain
  29. Nicky– Suits a cat with a shiny coat
  30. Oli– Short form of Oliver, suits a peaceful cat
  31. Oscar– A prestigious name for a golden coated cat
  32. Paprika– For a cute cat with a reddish coat
  33. Pepper– For a tough cat with a dark spotted coat
  34. Rocky– Suits a tough and playful Bengal cat
  35. Sylvester– Inspired by the much-loved dark-spotted Looney Tunes character, Sylvester the Cat
  36. Sable-Suits a Bengal cat with a white patch on the throat
  37. Tango– For a social and friendly cat with moves
  38. Tawny– Perfect for a cat with an orange-brown coat
  39. Tigger– The playful character from Winnie the Pooh
  40. Wanda– Reminds you of the superhero and avenger in the Comic books with reddish hair

Female Bengal Cat Names:

  1. Belle– Inspired by the The Twilight Saga film, suits a cat with dark brown long hair
  2. Cayenne– For a feline friend with a reddish coat that resembles Cayenne pepper
  3. Cinnamon– For a cat who spices up your boring life
  4. Cherry– Suits a cat with a red coat
  5. Cheetah– Ideal for a swift Bengal cat
  6. Chocolate– For a sweet dark-coated Bengal cat
  7. Cotton– Suits a cat with soft white hair
  8. Cookie– This sweet biscuit makes a perfect name for a dark brown Bengal cat
  9. Darling– For An adorable and lovable Bengal cat
  10. Doritos– This brand of American tortilla chips suits a cat with a bright orange coat
  11. Fifi– Ideal for a playful and adventurous Bengal cat
  12. Ginger– This spice root makes a lovely name for a yellow-orange haired cat
  13. Glitter– Suits a cat with a beautiful bright coat
  14. Gracie– Beautiful name for a gracious cat
  15. Honey– Suits an adorable, sweet, and warm cat
  16. India– Suits a wild large Bengal cat
  17. Kiki– For a social and friendly cat
  18. Lotus– Name her after this lovely flower that symbolizes purity
  19. Lulu– Meaning pearl in Arabic
  20. Lunar– For a cat with a shiny silvery coat
  21. Lynx– For wild Bengal cat with a short tail and long whiskers
  22. Margay– Suits a small cat with black and brown spots
  23. Minnie– Suits a beautiful and playful cat
  24. Muffin-We all love this domed cake
  25. Oreo– Suits a cat with black and white spots
  26. Patches– A wonderful name for a cat with a unique patterned fur
  27. Peanut– This favorite groundnut makes a perfect name for a small cat with a light brown coat
  28. Peaches-This pinkish-yellowish juicy fruit makes a lovely name for cat with a soft tender heart
  29. Penny– Perfect name for a Bengal cat with a shiny reddish-brown coat
  30. Queenie– For a cat with royal bearing
  31. Ruby– An all-time favorite name for an orange-haired cat
  32. Saffron– An exotic name for a wild Bengal cat
  33. Shere Khan– The smart and sophisticated Bengal tiger in Jungle Book
  34. Sunset– Suits a warm and beautiful cat with an orange coat
  35. Willow– Suits a graceful cat
  36. Zelda– The beautiful princess in The Legend of Zelda

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to name your cat according to their color, size, looks, temperament, character or any other feature, the above names are great. Remember that the name should be simple for the cat to identify with. The list of the names as shown above are suggestions with a brief explanation of what it means. That is only to help your pick the right name for your pet.

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