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Can’t decide which breed of dog is right for you? Compare dog breeds below to see how different breed characteristics and attributes stack up against each other.

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Compare Dog Breed
Compare Dog Breed

? The breed’s dominant personality traits. While each individual has a unique personality, breed-specific genetics affect qualities like sociability, playfulness, and intelligence.

? Where this breed was first established.

? Breeds are grouped by their size and coat type.


Life Expectancy
? The average lifespan of the breed. While life expectancy is fairly consistent across all dog breeds, some breeds tend to live shorter or longer than others.


Affection Level
? Breeds with a high affection level want to give and receive a lot of attention, while less-affectionate breeds are not as interested in petting and snuggles.

Activity Level
? Breeds with high activity levels will engage more in active play and demand more space and attention.

? How well the breed tends to get along with dogs, dogs, and other pets.

? Breeds with a higher rating in this area tend to be gentle and patient, while lower-rated breeds may feel uncomfortable with children.

? Breeds with a higher sociability rating will want to spend time with you all day, while less-sociable breeds seldom seek out human interaction.

? Breeds with higher intelligence ratings are more curious, investigative, and easy to train. Less-intelligent breeds are less trainable but often laid-back and easygoing.

? Breeds that score higher in this area have strong hunting instincts that make them great playtime companions.

? Breeds that score higher in this area are able to spend hours alone, while less-independent breeds require plenty of attention.

? A higher rating in this area indicates a breed prone to plenty of meowing and other vocalizations, while less-vocal breeds are happy to stay quiet.

? Breeds with higher grooming scores require more maintenance like brushing and bathing, while lower-scored breeds are virtually maintenance-free.