Write For Us – Guest Posting

Hello! If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably an animal lover who is keen to
share their tips, tricks and advice on the animal kingdom.

Whether you want to write for us on cats, dogs, hamsters or other wonderful creatures, we accept submissions from experts in this niche on a range of pets and will happily provide a publishing platform for your articles!

Here’s which types of guest posts are the most welcomed:

  • Detailed guides. If you know all the challenges of treating a type of behavioural issue or
    problem, or if you can talk in depth about a subject, for example, lifestyle topics, guides
    on specific breeds etc, feel free to share them with us.
  • Professional pieces. Are you a veterinarian? Or maybe a dog trainer or nutritionist, or
    even a pet psychic? We want to hear from you! Whether you want to write about the ins
    and outs of nutrition, veterinary trends, or discuss a health issue and solution, we want
    to read it!
  • Opinion and lifestyle topics. Want to comment on new pet products or share your
    personal experience of dealing with animals or an inspiring pet story? Send your article

Note: We will review all submissions before publishing, and let you know within 10
days if your article has been accepted. We will only accept TOP QUALITY content, and
it goes without saying that we will not accept any links pointing to adult, pharmaceutical
or drug related content, or to any sales pages.

Content Requirements

Please follow the following requirements: All submissions should be sent
to writing [at] Cliverse.com .

Please include Guest Blog in the subject line.
1. Send us an email with topic suggestions of what you want to write about as well
as links to your previous work. Make your titles fun and catchy, but try to also focus
on including your main keyword. From there, we’ll choose one topic that will work bets
on our site. If you’ve already written the article, send it over, but know that we may
decline it.
2. Send us the link you’d like included within your guest blog. Again, we will not
accept spammy links, sorry. If you don’t want to include a link, feel free to send us your
social media links if you’d like those included instead.

Guest Blog Requirements

  • Word count — at least 1,000 words
  • Make sure your article is well-formatted
  • Attach two free, high res stock images with your article
  • Provide original content only. Your article should be unique, i.e. not published
    anywhere else on the web.We will check! Unfortunately, you cannot publish it elsewhere after we have published it either, not even your own website – sorry! You can however include a line or a para about your article and then include the link to the full piece on our site.

Double-check grammar and syntax. We won’t accept an article that has mistakes or is written poorly. Read it over before you send it to us and make sure it’s top quality content.


If you submit your facts and pet statistics based article to us, you acknowledge that if we publish it, it is owned by
We’re All About Pets. Thus, you are not permitted to publish it elsewhere, even on your
own website. We reserve the right to make edits if we need to, and to decline articles
without reason.

If you’ve sent a great piece of content but haven’t received a reply, check your spam
folder. If you can’t find it there, this means that your article wasn’t accepted this time.
Sorry – unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to publish all of the articles we receive,
just the amazing ones!

Thank you,

We’re All About Pets