So Many Dogs, So Little Time? Get A Smart Feeder!

May 10, 2022


So Many Dogs, So Little Time? Get A Smart Feeder!

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If you think being a pet owner is easy, then I really dare you to get a pup or kitten for yourself. Owning a pet easily comes close to having a baby. They need love often, they get hungry often, and news flash – they also whine often.

But just like a baby, a cute little pet can light up your life being the adorable bundles of joy they are.  So, even if caring for a pet isn’t easy, it’s going to be totally worth it.

Plus there’s some tricks and devices you can use too which make things much easier – hint, a smart feeder…


Pet Care For The Busy Owner

I know that life can get pretty hectic. And when you’ve got a pet to feed, you really can’t say no to work – pet essentials are expensive too, you know!

In fact, if you have a pet in your household, that’s all the more reason to work extra hard. Like I said, it’s just like getting a new addition to the family.

This is especially true when you decided to adopt soft-hearted beasties like German Shepherds or Pit bulls. These doggies may look like war machines but they’re pretty soft – and they’d smother you with a whole lot of loving!

But it’s also good to note that these breeds like to eat a lot. So before you even think of adopting one, make sure that your wallet is going to handle it!

Anyway, for a busy pet owner, taking care of pet animals may prove to be a challenge – especially if you live alone. It can be hard to keep up with your pet’s maintenance when you spend most of your days in the office.

Aside from the loneliness these poor fellas may feel, there is also the issue of meeting their basic needs like food and water. Sure, hugs and cuddles are a BIG need to but I’m pretty sure you’re more than ready to compensate for your absence as soon as you get back from work.

So this leaves us with the more alarming concerns like food and water.

How To Feed Your Pet While You’re Away?

The most common practice for busy owners is to leave just enough food in their pet’s bowl while they go out. While this works in most cases, you still can’t deny the fact that your pet is growing bigger by the day.

This means that they can pack quite an appetite as months go by. Having to “guess” how much they can eat all the time can be very challenging – not to mention, cruel, if you don’t get the portions right.

There are also days when you have to stay out late because of work or social gatherings, right?

Unplanned and spontaneous events happen all the time when you’re a career person in your productive years. The boss may invite you to talk about a project over a drink.

Or, colleagues may have organized a group party on a whim and you really need to come for the sake of good employee relationships. Leaving your pet unattended like this with just enough food and water is pretty inconsiderate.

Those little guys are already lonely. Making them go hungry and thirsty too is just out of the question – which is where a smart feeder comes in…

Smart Feeders Are The Future

Domestic pets are smart – don’t you agree with me? And they easily adapt to new changes in their environment. When you show them a particular routine, they will eventually get the hand of it.

Smart feeders are automatic feeders that can be activated with a mere push of a button. There are even smart feeders that have a timed function which means that it releases food during certain times of the day – and in portions too!

Having one at home will definitely make you worry less about your pet and enjoy life a little more. If you want to know more about this, you can get more information here.

You can get a smart feeder that comes with automatic water dispensers as well. This way, you can leave your pets for longer hours (although I don’t think you can part with them for that long) without having to feel guilty.

A smart feeder works great with several pets too and even when you’re at home, feeding your pet becomes easier. It can really help you focus more on your personal time and activities. If you do have several pets, check out our blog on the best cat litter for multiple cats.


Final Thoughts

Anyway, caring for a pet has never been this easy. With this new technology, your heart can rest at ease knowing that your pet has 24/7 access to his or her basic necessities.

Make sure to give them some extra love when you get home though! After all, the love you’ll be receiving will be hefty; it’s going to be twice or thrice the effort you’ll ever put. And the best part of having a pet is that you’ll always have a friend with you whenever, wherever.

If you’ve ever felt so alone in your life that you start questioning whether everything is still worth it, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. Read this and you’ll get what I’m trying to say.

Pets are forever friends. And while they may just be a part of our lives, we are their whole world. Day in and day out all they will ever think about is you.

What are you doing right now? What time are you coming home? When can you go out to play again?

These little questions are what motivates your four-legged friend to patiently wait for your return – although sometimes, they do get bored and start chewing your best kicks.

But that’s no reason to fall out of love with them right? As they say “a dog may ruin your shoes but they will never ever break your heart.” Let’s all give them the love they need and we can start by making sure they live a good life with us.

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