Dog Massages – What Are The Benefits?

Dogs Sep 26, 2019
Written by Emma | Updated Apr 26, 2021
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Dog Massages – What Are The Benefits?

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Dog Massages

Dog massages bring health benefits to pooches just the way they do in the case of humans. Even if your dog is not suffering because of a health problem, you can still use the power of massages to calm them down and help them relax. We know you may find this idea rather strange, but results will be noticeable if you give it a try. If you have a dog suffering from anxiety, fear, nervousness, painful joints or muscles, and other types of issues, a dog massage is a cost-free method that will alleviate a wide range of unwanted symptoms.

Dogs can tell that you’re trying to help and, above all, they trust you the most. This is why it is recommended to be the one giving your dog a massage, rather than taking it to a specialist. Dogs that are suffering from stress and anxiety may not even enjoy being touched by a stranger, so you are the only person that could actually help them. So, continue reading and learn how to perform a massage on your dog and how this massage can improve the overall state of your beloved companion.

Why consider massaging your dog in the first place?

First of all, a massage is extremely relaxing and has calming properties even for a dog. It doesn’t matter what the reason behind the dog’s high-stress levels or anxiety, because a massage will soothe it down. When your dog gets startled by a thunderstorm, for instance, or is stressed, just massage it gently and you will see how its mood will begin to change into better.

Massages can also help with physical pain. If you have a dog recovering after an accident or strain, a massage will reduce tension and pressure in the muscles and will speed up recovery. But, do be aware that massages, in this case, will have to be performed with care and in a very gentle manner. There are special techniques recommended in the case of dogs during a recovery period. Also, don’t hesitate to talk about it with your vet as well, to make sure you’re employing the best methods.

It will improve the organism’s functioning. This is extremely important in the case of older dogs or dogs with various health conditions. A massage will help the blood and lymph travel better around the body, fuelling the tissues and cells with oxygen and nutrients. Besides circulation, a massage will also improve digestion, the immune system, liver, and kidneys.

Last, but not least, giving your dog a massage will definitely improve your relationship and strengthen your bond. There isn’t a better way to spend quality time with your best friend, even when the weather is bad than by giving it a massage. This way, the dog will be well both from a physical and mental point of view.

How to correctly massage your dog

You need to start by making the difference between massaging a person and massaging a dog. When it comes to humans, a massage can be quite rough and energetic. For a dog, this can be way too much, especially if we are talking about small breeds. So, bear this difference in mind and try not to overdo it, as it’s possible to make your dog feel uncomfortable or even cause pain. Start gently and work your way around the dog’s body while paying attention to its reactions, so you’ll know when it’s too much.

It’s important to choose an appropriate time for the massage. Thus, it’s highly recommended to do this when the dog is in a relaxed state. Don’t try to give your dog a massage if it is anxious or stressed, but wait until it calms down. A good moment to give your dog a massage would be after a nice, long walk.

Begin by massaging your dog’s neck. Remember to be gentle and apply pressure evenly, maintaining the dog’s state of comfort throughout the entire process. Continue the massage by going down on its shoulders. You should take a few extra minutes in this area because dogs can’t reach it, so they will certainly enjoy it. Go down on its chest and feet, but don’t insist on massaging the feet if the dog doesn’t like it. If it does, you can check to see if it enjoys the massage on its pads. Finish the massage by going up and down along the spine, by using circular motions. Do this a few times or until you notice that your dog is calm and relaxed, enjoying its time.

Every dog will love getting a massage from its owner

According to Petz, dogs love to get attention from their owners, especially when it involves petting and touching. As long as you will be gentle and avoid massaging areas that are sensitive to the dog, there won’t be any problems. You don’t have a dog just yet? Well, if you’re getting ready to welcome a puppy into your life, the information you just found out will definitely help you start your bond well.

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