Dog‌ ‌Grooming‌ ‌Dos‌ ‌And‌ ‌Donts‌

May 5, 2022


Dog‌ ‌Grooming‌ ‌Dos‌ ‌And‌ ‌Donts‌

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Yes, professional grooming for our dog is so essential to keep them in tip-top shape, but there are times when dog owners need to take charge of the grooming job once in a while, right? For dog owners with a packed schedule, like me, I long not just to brush my dog’s hair but to give it a ‘do-it-yourself’ dog grooming. 

Well, lucky enough that I have a long weekend on my hand, I was able to flex my muscles and try my hand at dog grooming! I think the long hours I had spent watching Max being groomed at the grooming shop was enough “tutorial” for me. I could finally give him a close-to-professional treatment!. Oh, that’s what I thought! 

Grooming my dog was such a tiring experience, but, I can’t deny it, I really enjoyed it! I did commit some mistakes that I wished I had learned before I started grooming Max. I learned a lot from those mistakes, so it would be good that aside from the tips I’m going to share with you, I will also include those mistakes that I did so you can avoid them for good!

Are you itching to give a DIY grooming for your dog? Then you better read on.

The DO’s

1. Start grooming them at a young age

Ok, some dogs might not love this first thing on the list, but as soon as they grow up, I’m sure they will. 

Some dogs really hate to be groomed and may take a while before they can even love it. The secret to overcoming this is to start grooming them at a very young age, so they can adapt, accept and eventually, enjoy the experience as early as possible. 

By starting to groom your dog later in its years, you might be headed for some severe headaches because the chances are high that they would repel any ‘grooming thing’ being done to their body. Since they are not used to the feeling of being groomed, it will be really difficult to clean them thoroughly. 

2. Clean the overlooked body parts

Ears and anal glands are some of the most overlooked parts in our dog’s body that we tend to forget whenever we are doing DIY grooming. It may sound like ‘icky parts,’ but as dog owners, we need to take this responsibility of cleaning even the unwanted parts of our dog. I’ve seen how our local dog groomers painstakingly clean these parts and have sought their advice on how to properly clean these areas. 

I’ve learned from them that these areas are packed with so much bacteria, so it is really necessary not to forget these spots and clean them thoroughly. 

dog grooming

3. Be patient

It might happen, but never expect a “cuddly” experience with your dog when the grooming sessions start. There are times when controlling dog’s temper can be more exhausting than the whole process of grooming, and I am not joking. 

What you need to expect (so you can better prepare), is for your dog to be ‘truly unruly’ throughout the grooming session. 

What I highly recommend is hold your patience throughout the session, because this is supposed to be your bonding session, right? You wouldn’t want to ruin it, would you?

The DONT’s

1. Never use human shampoo on your dog

One of the common mistakes of dog owners when doing a DIY grooming is they use their shampoo for their dogs. It’s a big red waving flag when bathing your dog because human shampoos are not designed for their skin. Human shampoos, when used in dogs, may cause irritation on their skin until it becomes red, itchy and dry. Yikes! I’ve seen how it affected my dog, and I won’t repeat it again, ever! 

2… Or scented shampoo!

Finally, you’ve bought a ‘shampoo for dogs’, but wait, there’s one more problem, you’ve bought a scented one! Nooo! It would irritate your dog’s sensitive skin and nose and it might lead to other bigger problems. 

It’s still a question why scented shampoos for dogs are sold, given its effects on dogs, but what’s important is to not purchase and use the scented ones for your fur-baby.

3. Don’t rush the process

The point of grooming your dog is to make it feel comfortable after, and so it should take time. Also, it’s a quality time between you and your dog, and it would be a bad idea to rush the whole process. By rushing the process, you won’t provide the best cleaning for your dog’s body and it would result in countless bacteria remaining on your beloved baby. Eeew! Also, it’s also a disrespect for your dog and a clear sign of a lack of love.

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